With your tackle box fool, best fishing rod-reel combination, the necessary fishing apparel and pretty much everything else you need to go out fishing, you couldn’t be more prepared than this. The truth of the matter, however, is that you need to be sure of where you’ll be doing your fishing.

In the USA, there are a lot of fishing grounds one could choose from and whereas some of these actually yield results, some, on the other hand, could be quite disappointing. This could then take away all the fun out of your fishing trip and probably result to you quitting on that fishing season.

But what if I told you that you could get to choose from 15 of the best?

Yes, that’s right, we’ve got 15 most exciting fishing places in the USA that you could check out. These are pretty much distributed all over and either of them is bound to give you a different fishing experience and you could try more than just one out to get the most out of the fishing season.

Of all the different fishing hotspots all over the world, the USA boasts to harbour most of the best and it’s time we take a look at the best of the best.

Here goes…

  1. Cape Cod in Massachusetts

Cape Cod in MassachusettsMassachusetts is renowned for being home to some of the most amazing fishing destinations and it also boasts to be one of the best angling destinations in the USA. In my opinion, one of the best of these is cape cod and there is a really good reason as to why this is so.

Well, it’s quite simple as a matter of fact; Cape Cod just so happens to offer not only different species of fish but you can also venture into different types of fishing which makes it the perfect site to check out if it’s your very first-time going fishing.

For the fish species, you can catch pretty much anything from the Atlantic cod to the black sea bass and don’t be surprised if you just so happen to strike a Wolffish or the Bluefin Tuna.

Yet another destination you could check out yet still in Massachusetts is the Martha’s vineyards. There is more to this spot besides just it’s breathtakingly beautiful scenery.

As a matter of fact, if you’ll be taking your family along with you, I’d recommend that you do try it out since it’s also packed with hotels and restaurants for accommodation and you could always choose to spend the night out in your tent for a camping experience.

For the fish species, you’ll get the False Albacore, the bonito, and mackerel. If you happen to need any tackle of gear, there are lots of shops you could always shop at which are packed with more than enough of all these.

  1. Green River in Utah

Green River in UtahThis is one of the most popular fishing destinations of most fly fishermen and you could definitely check it out if this is the case for you as well. Don’t get me wrong here, you can also use rapalas and spinners for fishing but for optimal fishing in these emerald waters, I’d really recommend that you consider sticking to fly fishing or try it out if you haven’t given it a shot already.

The overall terrain in Green River is rugged and this may restrict your mobility to some degree but there’ll be just enough access to find your way to below the dam, the Browns park or Little hole.

The emerald waters are quite ravishing and resourceful as far as fishing goes and you could be tempted to spend a few nights around them which is why there are some really awesome fishing lodges all of which are at affordable prices.

You can also always seek the help of a guide the first few times you’ll be fishing here to get a layout of this fishing hotspot.

As for the fish species, these waters boast to nest quite a huge amount of trout with the dominant species being the rainbow trout. Besides the recommended fishing techniques, you could try any other you have in mind; who knows, you could get pretty lucky.

  1. The thousand islands, New York

The thousand islands, New YorkThere’s plenty of things that make New York city as popular as it is and I’m guessing that fishing was the last thing you were thinking about, right? Well, as it turns out, the big apple qualifies as one for the best fishing destinations in the USA.

The name thousand islands itself should be a good enough reason to convince you that this is indeed a good fishing destination but let’ put some weight to this.

What makes the Thousand Islands worthy of our reviews is the huge amount of diversity you’ll get from it. hosting lots of different species, some of the most common ones you could target include the Muskies that can grow to a length of as much as 60 inches, the northern Pike and if you’re lucky, you could land a really largemouth bass.

There are basically lots of opportunities in these waters and probably more than you can exhaust so it would be a good idea to grab the best fishing gear you can get your hands on.

Besides fishing in the St Laurence seaway to Lake Ontario, you could also go ahead and try out the tributary river where the fish tend to hide out sometimes. It is also worth pointing out that as much as these waters can give you quite a challenge, it’s a good idea to check in with the authorities for a fishing license from either the Ontario province or the New York state.

4.Kobuk river & Bristol Bay, Alaska

Kobuk river & Bristol Bay, AlaskaFrom my personal experience as a fisherman, and I believe that logic has it as well, fish will tend to thrive better where there is less human interference.

Most people tend to avoid going up north to explore the fishing grounds there but as it turns out, the fishing grounds here are quite rewarding and you are almost sure that you’ll be done fishing earlier than you expected.

The Kobuk river in Alaska stretches for over 200 miles long and it will give you a run for your money, unlike other freshwater fishing grounds we are used to. The river is home to quite a lot of fish species sine of which include the lake trout, Sheefish, the northern pike, salmon, the arctic char and more.

Either of the above-named species is both strong and large so you’d want to get your hands on the best fishing gear that will be strong enough to put up a fight between these agile creatures.

Just in case the Kobuk river does not work out for you, which is quite unlikely, you could go ahead and try to have better odds in Bristol Bay which is a renowned fishing hotspot for the red-eye salmon, the rainbow trout, arctic char, and many more species. If you are just visiting, you could try out some fishing retreats in the area with all a fishing enthusiast could ask for.

  1. Florida Keys & Charlotte Harbour, Florida

Florida Keys & Charlotte Harbour, FloridaNot only is Florida considered one of the best fishing destinations in the USA but also in the whole world. The Florida Keys is a long 125-mile stretch of long arc islands which is the home to fish almost throughout the year.

These islands are also home to lots of different fish species some of which are tarpon, snook, permit, and redfish. If you have some really good fishing gear, you could try your luck with a swordfish as well as the blue and white marlins.

Your first time at the keys? Well, no need to worry, you can always get a fishing guide come along with you and if you are just visiting, go ahead and hire a charter boat since the more you explore the waters, the better your chances of striking a catch.

Boasting to be Florida’s second largest open water estuary, Charlotte Harbour contains a rather unique mixture of saltwater from the Gulf of Mexico and the fresh waters from the Caloosahatchee and Peace Myakka rivers.

This convergence provides a suitable location for the breeding of fish with the dominant species here being Barracuda, Snook, Cobia, redfish and much more.

As far as getting flexible with your fishing style is concerned, Charlotte Harbour is where you should be at since you could go fly fishing, deep sea fishing, freshwater and saltwater fishing. As much as you’ll be fishing, you could also learn kayaking while at it for a more thrilling fishing experience.

  1. Devils Lake, North Dakota

Devils Lake, North DakotaOkay, don’t let the name scare you away and the truth of the matter is that this fishing site is actually located in one of the most beautiful spots you can get to in North Dakota so, besides fishing, you can always enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Being one of the few fishing destinations that offer saltwater fishing, what makes the Devils lake unique is that it has got different variations of salinity which allows different fish to thrive at a time and once you know which part has which species, you could make your work much easier.

Other than the variation in salinity, yet another distinguishing feature about this lake is that it also has different water depth variations throughout the year.

The depth of the waters in the shallow section can actually increase to as much as 60 depth. This is normally due to the area taking in as much as 86% of the water in the region and there is limited natural drainage. Also, with the change in water levels, the salinity changes as well.

Most of the fish species in the lake include perch and it has actually been declared as USA’s Perch Capital. In addition to having perch, you could also get some Northern Pike, Walleye, White bass, and Crappie.

The game fish in the Devil’s Lake is, however, diminishing due to the presence of Crappie which is known to upset the natural ecosystem. This being the case, I’d recommend that you give the lake a shot as soon as you can.

  1. California Delta, California

California Delta, CaliforniaAs it turns out, we have better odds of catching our favorite fish species in the summer and it’s what everybody wants but not really what everyone gets, right?

Well, in the case of the California Delta, you can actually land your favorite species in the summer. Don’t get me wrong, this fishing location is viable all-year round and it is also equally as good for beginners just as it for experts.

It is also the preferred fishing destination as far as perfecting your fishing skills is concerned since the climate is warm and mild throughout the year. The best fishing locations are along the riverbanks and it would be a good idea that you rent a boat or a pier to help navigate these areas and try your chances in landing the different fish species.

The weather here, however, might get a little too hot for some anglers and you should consider dressing for the weather rather than the waters. Probably start off with a fishing hat and a pair of fishing sunglasses

As for the fish species, you can land a salmon, catfish, a black bass, a sturgeon, and striped bass. What makes this are more interesting is that there are some good trophy fish for all the species and with the hotspots being easy to find, it’s highly likely that you get a really big catch.

  1. Lake of the woods, Minnesota

Lake of the woods, MinnesotaUnlike the California Delta, the northern side of Minnesota is quite literally the opposite and is actually one of the cold fishing destinations in the USA. But then, good things don’t really come easy, do they?

As it turns out, ice fishing is quite demanding and most people tend to shy away from it. So, for starters, you could get the best ice fishing suit and a warm pair of gloves before heading out. You’ll be needing plenty more than just the proper dressing code and I’d recommend that you do thorough research on all the gear you’ll be needing.

Due to most people shying away from this part of Minnesota as far as fishing goes, there are personal fishing guides that should help you familiarize with the area. Get to know the fishing hotspots and you’ll be good to go. Alternatively, you could visit the area when it’s a little bit warm if the ice is too much for you.

Once you wrap your head around things and the cold is not a problem, the lake is quite rewarding as it’s home to some really popular fish species which include the walleye and it’s actually referred to as the capital of Walleye. Other species include the yellow perch, the bass, the crappie, the largemouth bass and the northern pike which is the target species of most anglers.

Despite the cold, it’s definitely a fishing destination worth trying out.

  1. The outer banks, North Carolina

The outer banks, North CarolinaIf you are just starting out on fishing and are looking forward to probably your first fishing trip or you’re simply a jack of all trades, the Outer Banks is definitely meant for you.

It is the preferred fishing destination for most not only because it is home to a wide variety of fish species but also because it allows you to try almost any style of fishing that comes to mind. You could go for pier fishing, braking fishing, fly fishing and also try out a little bit of head boat fishing.

Alternatively, you could chart a boat which is what I’d also recommend and head out into the waters to better your odds in landing either of the different species here. Speaking of which, the fish species here include the sea bass, trout, flounder and much more.

As far as necessities go, this is good enough a fishing destination for your visit with your family and settle for head boat fishing. This way, you’ll get enough necessities and there will be enough room for your fishing equipment and other accessories so you can stay in the water for hours and the best part about it is that you won’t have to go through the hassle of securing a license.

There are also lots of local restaurants where you could grab a quick snack before you head out and try your luck in the waters.

That’s not all…

Alongside the outer banks in North Carolina is also the Cape Hatteras. As you have probably guessed, it is indeed a portion of the outer banks and similarly resourceful as it is home to lots of different species of fish for both offshore and inshore fishing.

For the latter, you can target the speckled trout, the striped bass, the flounder and the red drum. Deeper into the waters, you’ll be able to get plenty of marlin, wahoo, sailfish and much more.

Cape Hatteras, though resourceful is quite unpredictable land there have been accidents in the past so you’d want to hire a guide if you have to visit the area or keep close to the shores and only venture inshore if you’re really good at navigating unfriendly waters.

  1. The gulf shores and orange beach, Alabama

The gulf shores and orange beach, AlabamaAs compared to the Gulf of Mexico, the Gulf shores are a much better destination for anyone just getting into fishing and also those who have been fishing for years. Well, don’t get me wrong, the Gulf of Mexico is amazing but the Gulf shores is the preferred choice of most due to its versatile nature.

Here’s what makes it stand out…

The location of the Gulf shores is one of the few destinations where you could get lots of different species of fish and there is also a protected state parkland that’s exclusively set aside for fishermen and anglers.

If you are just starting out with fishing, you could stick to fishing at the beach and pier as there is plenty of these and for better odds and a challenger, venture into the deeper waters to try your luck.

For the fish species, there are the flounder, the redfish and the writing which can be found in the shallow waters and if you go in deeper, there are the grouper, tuna, marlin, king mackerel, wahoo, and the amberjack.

Upon landing your catch, you could choose to cook it up yourself or alternatively take it to a nearby restaurant and have the personnel cook it for you. There are plenty of these.

All in all, the waters are rewarding, plenty of fish species and utmost versatility with the presence of many restaurants and fishing spots- there’s no way you could go wrong.

  1. Lake Mead, Nevada

Lake Mead, NevadaGetting a fishing destination that you could count on all year round is worthwhile and no one searching for a fishing hotspot should give up such a chance. Boasting to be one of the largest lakes in Nevada and the also with the maximum water capacity in the United States is the lake, Mead.

The surface area of the lake is 150, 000 square feet and it has got a maximum depth of an outstanding 465 feet which makes it the home form a wide species of fish.

The reservoir’s primary source of water is from the Rocky Mountains’ melting snow. As much as it is open for fishing all year round, the peak months that you have a better chance of getting the biggest catch is in July all the way to December.

You could fish at any time of the day or you could opt to have a more relaxed time fishing during the nighttime as most people do.

As mentioned, there are quite a lot of fish species that one could target but the dominant one is the striped bass which could weigh as much as 40 pounds so you might want to get some really strong reel-rod combination. Alongside the striped bass are the crappie, the trout, green sunfish, the bluegill and the catfish.

Here’s more…

In the border of California and Nevada is North America’s largest freshwater alpine lake, Lake Tahoe and it also happens to be the second deepest one.

The dominant fish species here is the brown trout and the Salmon alongside which there are the Mackinaw and the rainbow trout. Even with the different species, you’re only allowed to catch a maximum of five fish.

  1. Kona, Hawaii

Kona, HawaiiIt’s not in vain that Hawaii is one of the most attractive tourist destinations and if you are thinking of getting the most out of your vacation and in the process enjoy your fishing, I’d recommend that you go ahead and check out this fishing hotspot.

Besides its breath-taking beautiful sceneries, Kona boasts to be one of the best fishing spots in all of Hawaii and is really popular with tourists. Situated in the western shore of Hawaii, the waters here are extremely calm which makes it the best spot for angling.

The waters, however, go to a depth of 6000 feet which is one of the deepest you could get in the USA and you’ll be forced to stick to deep sea fishing.

It is immediately after a huge ocean drop off which results to the great depth of the waters and it would be a good idea that you hire a charter fishing boat that would help you get through the waters without posing any risks

As for the fish species, you’ll be fishing mostly the Tuna and the mahi-mahi and if you’d like to step things up a little bit, you could as well go for the sharks. There is also the Blue Marlin which is also one of the target sportfish targeted by most of the tourists in the area.

  1. Lake fork & lake Austin in Texas

Lake fork & lake Austin in TexasIf you have ever been to Texas, I’m pretty sure you’ll agree that it was hard to miss a large number of lakes here. We’ve done some research and elimination ad this two qualify as the best fishing destinations in Texas. Let’s first take a look at why it qualifies to be among the 15 most exciting fishing places in the US.

Lake Fork was initially constructed to be mainly a bass fishing destination and it is situated about 90 miles to the west of Dallas. For the measurements, you can fish anywhere on the 315-mile shoreline or if you prefer to go to the deeper waters, you’ll have an outstanding 27,690 acres to explore.

The waters in this lake are clear and so choosing a bait should be pretty easy. Speaking of which, the fish species present are both the white and black crappies, the sunfish, bluegill, catfish and the bass.

In the top 50 list of the largemouth bass ever caught in Texas, this lake produced an amazing 34 and who knows, you might get lucky and add one to this list too.

Ever since the lake Austin reservoir was formed in the year 1939, it’s been the preferred fishing destination for most. Similar to Lake Fork, lake Austin also does have bass as the dominant fish species and the largemouth bass here can weigh as much as 20 pounds.

If you are looking for a cool fishing destination, you can count on lake Austin but I’d recommend that you do your fishing during the night since it’s mainly filled with recreational boaters in the day time.

  1. Lake Shelbyville, Illinois

Lake Shelbyville, IllinoisWe’re almost through with our list and we’ve got one for the summer anglers. It is a man-made reservoir that covers about 11000 acres of land and fishing in the summer season would be quite rewarding

The Lake Shelbyville reservoir boasts to have some really rare fish species which include the freshwater drum, the flathead catfish, bigmouth buffalo, crappie, bass, walleye and with lots of carp present you could try out bow fishing as well.

There are also plenty of resorts by and you can sleep in either. Alternatively, you could resort to camping since there are lots of campgrounds as well. You can actually kill two birds with one stone if you know the basics of camping and take your family with you.

Surrounding the reservoir are two state parks that you can visit in your time there to take a break for a while from all the fishing.

  1. Columbia River, Oregon, and Washington

Columbia River, Oregon, and WashingtonThe Pacific North West has got lots of rivers but the Columbia river stands out since it is one of the largest and it would be a really good fishing destination if you prefer to fish during either the early summer or late spring.

You can fish on the seaside and try your luck here or alternatively if you prefer to explore the waters, there are lots of charter fishing boats you could hire.

As much as navigating the waters in a boat is a much better option, I’d you should be really careful since they could be quite unpredictable and could be difficult or dangerous to get through while fishing at the same time. the fish species to be expected in this river include the salmon, steelhead, the mouth bass and much more

Final verdict

It sure has been a good review and regardless of whether you are a beginner or have had years of experience in fishing, you’ll definitely learn something from this review.

If you’re targeting a specific fish species or are planning a visit to an unfamiliar region, you now know of the closest fishing destination you could check out to get the most out of your fishing.

All in all, like most outdoors, it is always best to plan ahead even with fishing. Get all your gear and tackle ready, dress for the waters, check the weather forecast and you’ll be set to go. Most importantly, don’t forget to have fun.