It’s all about performance when it comes to riflescopes- amazing low light performance, durable enough for the outdoors and easy to use at the same time plus plenty more.

As such, whereas choosing the best hunting rifle could be easy, the same cannot be said about the accessories that go along with your rifle which then brings us to the best riflescope under 500.

In this section, we’ll be taking a look at the top 15 riflescopes you could get for the money in all of which are from the top brands in the market. Without further ado, let’s find out which are the best possible options you could match with your rifle and you can check out the ultimate buyer’s guide here as well.

Comparison chart

Before we go ahead and have a look at the individual product reviews, how about you first have a look at the side by side comparison of our very best. Here goes…

Picture Name Tube size Product link
Viper HS 4-16x44 Dead-Hold BDC Riflescope (VHS-4305) 30mm Pricing
Mueller Target Rifle Scope, Black, 8-32 x 44mm 30mm Pricing
Crossfire II 6-18x44 AO V-Brite (MOA) Riflescope (CF2-31029) 1 inch Pricing

Top 15 riflescopes of 2019 Under 500 USD

best rifle scope under 500

On to the main agenda, here are the top hunting riflescopes under 500 you could get for your money in 2019. Top of the line performance, durability, and ease of use all in one. You deserve the best.

1. Viper HS 4-16×44 Dead-Hold BDC Riflescope (VHS-4305)

Vortex Optics Viper HS Second Focal Plane RiflescopesConsidering it is indeed from one of the best riflescope brands on the market, you should be looking forward to both an amazing build quality and the same can be said for the performance. Let’s take a look at what it packs under the hood.

Get sharp and clear images with the XD glass

Starting off with what’s most important when it comes to riflescopes, this one features an advanced optical system. First off, it has got the XD glass which ensures that both sharp and clear images are rendered from edge to edge. This way, you get high-quality images throughout the field of view.

In addition to the XD glass, it also features XR multi-coated lenses which make it possible for the lenses to channel as much light as possible. This, in turn, allows you to hunt even in the low light hours such as at dawn or at dusk.

Yet another feature you’re bound to enjoy on this riflescope is the 4x zoom. As it turns out, this much zoom will give you magnification versatility for long distant shots. It also does have a 44mm objective lens that lets in enough light for bright and clear images.

It’s also worth mentioning that the eye box, being 4 inches is quite forgiving and as such, your eyebrows will be quite safe from the high recoils

Utmost durability is achieved by the scratch resistant coating

On to the construction, the scope features a 30mm tube that increases the amount of elevation and windage travel for optimal adjustments. In addition to this, it should also be compatible with most rifles while at the same time allow you to get consistent accuracy levels

Yet another feature that makes this the best riflescope under 500 is the presence of an Ultra-hard and scratch resistant Armortek coating. This makes it ideal for use in the outdoors since it protects the exterior lenses of the scope from damages which could otherwise interfere with the clarity of your images.

Easy to use design with the capped turrets

For both convenience and ease of use, it does have capped and quick reset turrets which allow you to quickly reindex your zero once the image is sighted in.

With the inclusion of precision-force spring system, the erector spring system is designed in such a way that you get maximum repeatability and ease of adjustment. The zoom lens mechanism also does have premium components which ensure the magnification is smooth and adjustable even in the harshest conditions.

  • Has got a high-quality aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Includes quick reset turrets to re-index your zero after sighting in
  • Features XR multi-coated lenses for bright and clear images in low light
  • There is a slight light falloff at maximum magnification

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2. Vortex Optics Strike Eagle Second Focal Plane Riflescopes

Vortex Optics Strike Eagle Second Focal Plane Riflescopes with 30mm Sport Cantilever MountYet another one from Vortex is the strike eagle which is available in either of two options. Now, from the high illumination levels and bright images on to the high-quality build, you’ll be getting a bang for your buck on this one. Let’s take a closer look.

Get clarity at its best with the fully multi-coated lenses

Since the image quality is what’s most important when it comes to riflescopes for hunting, this one includes multi-coated lenses. With these, blended with the 24mm objective lens ensure that you get both bright and clear images which in turn get you the best performance even in low light conditions.

To add on to the amazing performance in low light, it does include a BDC2 reticle which features 11 illumination settings that ensure you’re able to use it conveniently for changing light conditions. You can also store an extra battery in the windage cap that can be easily released.

Designed to keep out moisture for all-around usage

On to the performance outdoors, it does have a nitrogen purging which ensures fog proof performance is at its best. In addition to this, it also does have an O-ring seal that ensures waterproofing is at its best. Something else you’ll appreciate on the build quality is the shockproof design that protects the scope against recoils and other impacts.

Features a second focal plane reticle that’s perfect for hunting

With the presence of the SFP reticle near the scope’s eyepiece behind the image erecting and magnifying lenses, the reticle size will be consistent even when magnification is altered. This way, you’ll get a consistent image quality throughout your hunts.

  • The eye relieve is 3.5 inches for safety during recoils
  • Has got a shockproof design for durability
  • Includes fully multi-coated lenses for clear and crisp pictures
  • The flip caps are a little fragile

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3. Viper 6.5-20×50 Mil Dot Riflescope (VPR-M-06MD)

Viper 6.5-20x50 Mil Dot Riflescope (VPR-M-06MD)Well, you can’t really get enough of Vortex Optics when it comes to riflescopes. With yet another amazing product, this one promises not only amazing optics but also a build quality that’s good enough for the outdoors. Here’s what it packs under the hood.

Easy to use with the capped reset turrets

Included in the design are the capped reset turrets that allow for a quick re-indexing of the turret to zero after sighting in the riflescope. To add icing to the cake, there is a side knob for parallax adjustment which makes it easy for you to adjust the parallax with range numbers visible while in the shooting position.

Also included in the riflescope is a fast focus eyepiece which allows for a quick and easy reticle focusing. In addition to this, there is a MAG bar which allows for both rapid and easy changes in the magnification.

Get the brightest images with fully multi-coated optics

For an outstanding resolution and color fidelity, the Vortex Optics Viper PA has got fully multi-coated optics with extra low dispersion. To add on to this, there is an XR coating which provides an enhanced light gathering capability alongside which is an armored coating that protects the lenses. At the end of the day, all these ensure that you get consistent performance from the lens.

Longevity is guaranteed with the high-quality construction

So as to make this an all-around scope for your rifle, the build quality is quite amazing. It does have a single-piece tube construction that maximizes alignment for better accuracy and optimal visual performance.

Also, in addition to the one-piece tube contributing to the waterproofing, it does have an O-ring seal and argon purging both of which keep out moisture.For strength and rigidity, it does have aircraft-grade aluminum and it also features rugged construction that’s designed to withstand both recoils and impact.

There’s more…

Something else you’ll greatly appreciate is the premium components in the erector-spring system which gives you maximum repeatability and ease of adjustment. So as to ensure a smooth magnification, premium components have been used in the zoom to make it dependable even in the harshest conditions.

  • Includes a single piece tube aluminum construction
  • Features XR fully multi-coated lenses for maximum light transmission
  • Has got capped reset turrets for quick re-indexing
  • The field of view at higher magnification levels is small

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4. Nikon Monarch 3 SF FFP M BDC Rifle Scopes

Nikon Monarch 3 SF FFP M BDC Rifle ScopesYou can be able to get this in either of 3 different options. Now regardless of whichever one you do settle with;you’re guaranteed to have a great experience at the end of the day. How about we dig deeper and see what this one has to offer?

Get utmost accuracy with the spot-on ballistic tech

With the inclusion of the Spot-On ballistic match technology on the Monarch 3, you’re bound to get the exact aiming points on the BDC reticle at a specific range. Something else you’ll appreciate regarding the accuracy is the spring-loaded instant zero-reset turrets and a smooth zoom control that make taking your shots much easier.

Designed to be strong enough for the outdoors

On to the build quality and design, it is nitrogen purged as well as O-ring sealed. With both of these, waterproofing and fog proofing will at its best hence making this a dependable riflescope for different hunting situations. It also does have a shockproof performance to protect it in case of accidental drops or high recoils.

Guaranteed image clarity from dusk till dawn

As far as the image quality is concerned, the 4:1 zoom ratio, for starters, should make it easy to take the long distant shots. Besides this, however, it boasts to have multiple layers of anti-reflective compounds on every glass surface which ensures that you get vivid sight pictures and optimum light transmission at all times.

Speaking of the image quality, it’s worth mentioning that there is a BDC distant lock function that keeps everything in the first focal plane. This way, the aiming points provided by the Spot On will be the same regardless of the magnification at which the riflescope is set at.

  • Features spring-loaded instant zero-reset turrets
  • The fully multi-coated optical system ensures high-quality images
  • High levels of accuracy are achieved by the spot-on ballistic match technology
  • The BDC reticle is hardly visible in low light

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5. SWFA SS 10x42M Tactical Riflescope

SWFA SS 10x42M Tactical RiflescopeDesigned to hold up perfectly well even in the most extreme hunting conditions, the SWFA SS does promise to have you be the best hunter you can be. Let’s dive in and see what makes this as good a riflescope as it is, shall we?

Enjoy light transmission at its best with the amazing optics

Starting off with the optics, this bad boy features superior multi-coated optics that ensure the light transmission is at its best. As such, you can always count on this scope to get you some of the best shots early in the morning or late in the evening.

Designed to work in the most extreme weather conditions.

In addition to being usable at any time of the day, it also is usable in different weather conditions. It’s engineered to perform well in temperatures that are as low as -50 degrees Fahrenheit to as high as 130 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition to this, you can also use it at altitudes as high as 30,000 feet and it also does have a water-resistant rating of 15 feet in saltwater.

Boasts a lightweight and heavy-duty design

Last but not least, the build quality is also quite amazing. It features a lightweight aluminum exterior that is, at the same time as strong as steel. On the outside, it also does have a matte black finish which makes it the best riflescope for hunting.

In addition to these, it also comes with exposed finger adjustable turrets for quick adjustments and there is also a side parallax adjustment for more accurate shots.

  • Features a shockproof aluminum exterior
  • Has got multicoated optics for maximum light transmission
  • Designed to work in extreme temperature conditions
  • The reticles could be better

6. Bushnell Engage Riflescope, Matte Black

Bushnell Engage Riflescope, Matte BlackAvailable in 4 different options, the 6-24x50mm variant is specifically designed for anyone looking to get the most out of their hunting trip. Regardless of the simple design, it packs quite a lot under the hood. Let’s go ahead and see what there is to look forward to.

Features durable and high-performance optics

Starting off with what’s most important on any riflescope, this one comes with a premier protective lens coating. This functions to repel water, oil, dust, and debris. This being the case, the Bushnell Engage, can, as a matter of fact, be depended on in any hunting situation. As for fog proofing, it does have a nitrogen purging that ensures consistency in any conditions.

More on the optics…

Yet another thing you’ll highly appreciate regarding the optics is the presence of an anti-reflection coating which functions to keep the brightness and true color at their best for amazing image qualities.

Comesin an easy to use design

To make it equally as good for a first-time user as it should be for an expert, the design is quite friendly. First off, there is an easy parallax adjustment with a side-mounted dial with which you’ll be able to get accuracy at its best. As for the turrets, it includes tool-less zero-reset turrets. These, as it turns out, makes the scope quite reliable to use out in the hunting grounds.

Has got a durable design for dependable usage

Last but not least, it does come with locking turrets which are guaranteed to be consistent even in the event of accidental drops or heavy recoils. Also built into the riflescope are flip open objective and eyepiece covers

  • Comes in an easy to use design
  • Has got toolless zero reset and lockable turrets
  • Features a premier protective lens coating for all-around usage
  • The reticles may give in under heavy recoil

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7. SWFA SS 12×42 Tactical 30mm Riflescope

SWFA SS 12x42 Tactical 30mm RiflescopeYet another one from SWFA SS is one that doeshave a simple design while at the same time promises quite an amazing performance. Form the exterior construction to the optics, you’ll definitely be getting a bang for your buck on this one. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

Enjoy a superior image quality with fully multi-coated optics

Considering the image quality is what’s most important when it comes to riflescopes, you should expect to have a really clear look at your target with this scope. Now, to ensure that this is achieved in the best way possible, it does have fully multi-coated optics.

With these, light transmission will be at its best and considering the objective diameter is 42mm, the light intake will be optimized. With the two of these features working hand in hand, it’s going to be good enough to hunt at any time of the day.

It’s designed to have the best integrity in any hunting situation

For a consistent performance under any hunting situation, the build quality is just as good as the optics on this bad boy. With the shockproof design, it should be able to withstand any accidental drops and the same goes for the recoil which makes it dependable for hunting or target shooting.

Besides the shockproof design, it also does have waterproofing and fog proofing added to it and as such can be counted on in any outdoor situation

To make it perfect for use in the outdoors, it does have a matte finish which will aid in keeping you hidden as you hunt.

There’s more…

As far as the adjustments are concerned, you can adjust the windage and elevation. In addition to these, there is also a side parallax adjustment from 10 meters to infinity. As for the eye relief, it’s got 3.9 inches which are quite generous especially if you are just getting started with using a rifle.

  • Comes in a shockproof design for drop protection
  • It’s got fully multi-coated optics for optimal light transmission
  • The waterproof and fog proof features make it usable in any weather
  • The eye relief and sightbox are a little sensitive

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8. Crossfire II 6-18×44 AO V-Brite (MOA) Riflescope (CF2-31029)

Crossfire II 6-18x44 AO V-Brite (MOA) Riflescope (CF2-31029)You can be able to get this in either of 5 different options. Even so, the V-Brite illuminated MOA variant will hold up quite well when it comes to accuracy in low light. Besides this, however, there’s plenty more that you’ll enjoy on this bad boy.

Includes easy to use finger adjustable turrets

The last thing you want is to fumble around with your rifle when in the field. Now, in order for you to get an easy enough experience out of this rifle, the turrets are finger adjustable. This way, you won’t be needing any tools to sightin your target. To make them scope ideal for hunting, it does have caps on the turrets which ensures that your settings are maintained throughout your hunt.

Something else that qualifies this as the best riflescope under 500 is that the adjustable MOA clicks can easily be reset to zero after sighting in. As such, you’ll find it quite easy to use the rifle.

There’s more…

Since it’s all about getting the best possible shots, there is a fast focus eyepiece which allows for both a quick and easy reticle focusing. It also does have an ultra-forgiving eye box built into it and the eye relief is conveniently long to keep your eyebrows safe during the recoil.

Enjoy high-quality images with the anti-reflective lenses

On to the optics, you sure are going to get some of the best at this price range. First off, it features anti-reflective and multi-coated lenses. With both of these, you’re guaranteed to get both bright and clear views of your target even in low light situations.

Speaking of low light performance, it also does include a V-brite reticle which uses battery-powered electronics to illuminate the center dot for utmost reliability.It also does have an adjustable objective for image focusing and parallax removal to the shooter.

With the presence of the second focal plane reticle, the size of the retile will be consistent even when you change the magnification. By maintaining the same size, the SFP reticle will allow you to get more accurate shots even at a high magnification power.

Has got a high-quality single-piece tube construction

Considering the build quality should just be as good as the image quality, let’s go ahead and see how this one holds up when used for hunting.

First off, it does come with a 1-inch tube design which mounts at a low profile and can easily be set up on most rifles. Owing to the fact that it does have a one-piece tube design, it should be firm strong for outdoor usage.

To add on to the strength of the scope, it’s worth mentioning that it is made of aircraft grade aluminum which ensures utmost strength and shockproof performance as well. This allows it to hold up quite well against accidental drops and heavy recoils.

For protection against the elements, it doeshave an O-ring seal which prevents the entry of water. To add icing to the cake, it also doe shave a nitrogen purging which gives it an amazing fog proof performance

  • Includes the SFP reticle for consistent accuracy
  • Features anti-reflective and fully multi-coated lenses
  • Has got easy to use finger adjustable turrets
  • The red center dot gets washed out quite fast.

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9. Mueller Target Rifle Scope, Black, 8-32 x 44mm

Mueller Target Rifle Scope, Black, 8-32 x 44mmFrom the eye relief on to the build quality, the Mueller Target Rifle Scope will be giving you a kick for your buck. How about we go ahead and have a look at what this bad boy packs under the hood?

Includes a fast focus eyepiece

As compared to other riflescopes in its class, the images you’ll be able to achieve form this bad boy with the aid fo the fast focus eyepiece are quite amazing. This basically allows you to achieve edge to edge clarity much faster. Speaking of clarity, it also does have fully multi-coated optics.

With the fully multi-coated optics, the scope will be able to take in enough light which makes it eligible for use even in low light conditions. To add on to the brightness, it does have a 44mm objective lens diameter that’s going to let in enough light.

Designed to withstand harsh outdoor hunting conditions

As much as it’s able to get you some of the clearest images, it won’t be any good if the build quality does not match up, right?

So, to make it good enough for the outdoors, it includes a 30mm tube size which should be able to hold up well enough in the outdoors. To make it easier and reliable enough for you to use in a hunt, it’s got a matte finish added to it as well. It’s also worth pointing out that it boasts a shockproof design which allows it to hold up quite well in the event of recoil or any accidental drops.

Something else that you’ll highly appreciate is the waterproof and fog proof design that ensures your images are as clear as possible at all times.

Includes a side focus parallax adjustment

Last but not least, you’ll also be enjoying the convenience of the side parallax adjustment knob that’s rated at 10 yards to infinity. Also, with the inclusion of a 1/8 M.O.A fully exposed windage and elevation adjustment turrets, you’re bound to get the most accurate shots in different hunting situations

  • Has got fully multi-coated optics for utmost clarity
  • Features a fast focus eyepiece
  • Has got a waterproof, shockproof and fog proof design
  • The images may cloud up at high magnification power

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10. Crossfire II 6-18×44 AO Dead-Hold BDC (MOA) Riflescope (CF2-31033)

Crossfire II 6-18x44 AO Dead-Hold BDC (MOA) Riflescope (CF2-31033)We’ve already established that this is one of the best brands as far as riflescopes are concerned. Now, does the CF2-31033 live up to its brand name? Well, there is only one way to find out, let’s have a closer look and see what it’s got.

Durability is guaranteed with the single-piece tube

Since the build quality should be just as good as the optics, the CF2-31033 has got a single tube design which maximizes the alignment for improved accuracy and optimal visual performance. At the same time, it adds on to the overall strength of the riflescope and improves the waterproofing as well.

To add on to the waterproofing, it does have an O-ring seal which prevents the entry of water in the scope. Alongside the O-ring seal is also the nitrogen purging which prevents the scope from fogging up and as such makes it usable in different situations.

The last thing you’ll highly appreciate the construction is the shockproof design and the rugged build. Both of these make it quite amazing when it comes to holding up against both recoils and impacts

Increased light transmission is enabled by the multi-coated lenses

Nothing blows a hunter’s mind like getting a clear shot at their target at any time of the day. To ensure that you’ll have this at its best, the CF2-31033 comes with fully multi-coated optics. With this, you’ll experience both high contrast and bright images.

Adding on the fact that the 50mm objective lens optimizes the light intake for maximum brightness, there’s no way you could go wrong on this one.

As far as ease of use is concerned, it’s worth mentioning that the scope comes with capped turrets that are finger adjustable and as such easy to use in the field. To give you a friendlier experience, the MOA clicks can be reset to zero after sighting in

Second focal plane reticle for better performance while hunting

Last but not least, the scope features second focal plane reticles. Since these do not change in size visually even at a high magnification power, it should be amazing for pinpoint accuracy on short and long distant shots.

There is also a customized hashmark design that aids in eliminating guesswork on both holdover and windage corrections. This way, you’ll find the scope quite versatile when hunting in varying ranges and also where holdover is a concern

  • The finger adjustable turrets are easy to use on a hunt
  • Includes a fast focus eyepiece for easy reticle focusing
  • The optics are multi-coated and anti-reflective for superior image quality
  • It’s a little too powerful for close shooting

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11. Diamondback Tactical 6-24×50 FFP Riflescope – EBR-2C (MOA) (DBK-10028)

Diamondback Tactical 6-24x50 FFP Riflescope - EBR-2C (MOA) (DBK-10028)If you are looking for something amazing that won’t have you breaking the bank, this is definitely it. The smooth magnification is suitable for any situation, it’s got a single piece and high-quality tube design, the images are clear and bright plus plenty more. Here’s what makes it the best.

Features toolless turrets for utmost reliability

Whether you’ll want to be using this for hunting or target shooting, the ease of adjustment when it comes to using the reticles makes it a really good riflescope. Sine the tactical turrets are exposed, windage and elevation adjustment will be quite easy.

It also includes a side parallax knob which functions to give you amazing precision on long distance shooting. To add on to the accuracy is the fast focus eyepiece that allows for an easy reticle focusing

Longevity is guaranteed by the high-qualityexterior

Though it’s not really the smallest tube diameter you can get on a riflescope, I’m quite positive that you’ll appreciate the sturdy 30mm tube. This is ruggedly designed to withstand any shock from both impacts and recoil both of which happen when using your rifle.

To ensure the optics are clear to use at all times, the scope does have an O-ring seal that prevents moisture entry. Alongside this is also a nitrogen purging that keeps it from fogging up. This way, you’ll find it quite versatile for use in different hunting situations.

Low light performance is made better with the multi-coated optics

In addition to being protected against accidental drops and heavy recoil, the scope also does deliver some of the best images you could get from scope at this price range.

This is achieved with the presence of extra-low dispersion glass as well as a full multi-coating on the lenses which then allows the transmission of crisp and bright pictures.

Maximize long distance shooting with the EBR-2C MOA reticle

Though it is a first focal plane reticle, you should be able to maximize long distance shooting and ranging abilities with this reticle. As you change the magnification, the reticle size changes and as such, it comes in handy when using the scope for ranging, holdover and wind drift correction since it ensures they are all consistent at all magnifications.

  • Ease of adjustments is achieved with the precision-force spring system
  • The XD lens element increases both resolution and color fidelity
  • Features a single piece aluminum tube design for high durability
  • There’s no zero stop on the elevation turret

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12. Monstrum G3 6-24×50 First Focal Plane FFP Rifle Scope

Monstrum G3 6-24x50 First Focal Plane FFP Rifle ScopeThough it has got one of the simplest designs you can get on a riflescope, the Monstrum G3 comes along with a high profile Picatinny ring, a detachable sunshade and more not to mention the amazing build quality and outstanding optics. Here’s why you should give it a shot.

Has got an illumination control knob

Included in the riflescope is an inline dial-controlled reticle illumination. This comes with multiple brightness intensities which in turn allows for better visibility in low light situations or in the night time.

For faster range estimation, you’ll be getting the first focal plane reticle and you won’t have to worry about the fully functional MOA markings getting in the way of your target.

What makes things even more interesting when using this scope is the multi-layer coating on the lenses. Not only does this allow for better light transmission but it also functions to reduce glare and loss of light. This way, you get to have sharper control and as a plus, the coating also functions to prevent scratches on the lenses.

Boasts a high quality 6061 aircraft grade aluminum

For the build quality, it does have a body that’s crafted from heavy-duty and lightweight aluminum. As such, it shouldn’t be too heavy to handle and at the same time, you’ll get durability at its best with this bad boy.

With the fully sealed and nitrogen filled tube, waterproofing and fog proofing are both at their best. This basically makes it suitable for use in lots of different hunting situations.

Also included in the Monstrum G3 scope package are heavy duty scope rings and flip-up lens covers which provide maximum lockdown and performance in the outdoors.

Boasts all brass mechanics for smooth functionality

For ease of use, it does have all the assemblies exclusively made of metal. This ensures that the adjustments are easy and smooth. With the MIL-STD 8625 Type III Hard-Anodized Finish, it is nearly impervious to scratches and the metal is harder hence more durable than what you’re bound to get on most scopes in the market.

Here’s more…

The scope also does have ¼ MOA windage and elevation adjustments with zero resets and turret lock to prevent slippage.

  • The multi-coated optics function to reduce glare and light loss
  • The FFP reticle ensures you get a faster range estimation
  • Has got a reticle illumination control for low light performance
  • The scope edges are a little hazy at full power

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13. Burris Fullfield E1 4.5-14x42mm Riflescope

Burris Fullfield E1 4.5-14x42mm RiflescopeEngineered for anyone who’s looking for an upgrade to their current scope or want a good riflescope for target shooting or hunting, the Fullfield E1 from Burris Optics has got the power, durability, and functionality it takes to give you the best time. Check out what it has in store.

Extend long range capabilities with the high magnification

To give you the best shots on the long-range shots, it comes with an amazing 4.5-14x magnification power. As such, whether you are looking for an ideal riflescope for target shooting or one for hunting, you’ll be getting equally as good a performance.

Achieve a better accuracy with the trajectory compensating tech

Included in the optics are cascading dots which function to compensate for wind drift. As compared to using the riflescope with the trajectory compensation feature absent, you’ll basically be able to use the Fullfield E1 in any hunting situation for the desired results.

It’s worth mentioning that the included reticle is the Ballistic Plax E1 which allows for quick, simple and accurate reticle focusing.

Easy to use parallax adjustment

Last but not least, something else that makes this a good riflescope for you us the side focusparallax adjustment that is easy to reach and ranges from 50 yards to infinity.

  • The magnification is conveniently high for long range shooting
  • The trajectory compensating tech and cascading dots compensate for wind drift
  • Features an easy to reach and use side parallax adjustment
  • The finish has got more to be desired

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14. Monstrum Tactical 6-24×50 Rifle Scope with First Focal Plane (FFP)

Monstrum Tactical 6-24x50 Rifle Scope with First Focal Plane (FFP)Designed for anyone looking to get a sharp focusing, this bad boy is designed to give you the best time even in low light conditions plus it comes with additional accessories right out of the box which makes it quite convenient even for a first-time user.

Includes a touch button-controlled reticle illumination

in order to optimize on the light intake into the scope, it comes with a 50mm objective lens that should let in enough light even in low light situations. In addition to this, it also does have a reticle illumination which can easily be controlled by the touch of a button.

Still, on the illumination, you can switch between the red and green variant and alter the brightness to whichever level you are comfortable with depending on the lighting.

Reading ranging information is made easy with the first focal plane

For the reticles, this riflescope comes in the first focal plane range finder reticle. As it turns out, this is quite easy to read since the ranging information remains constant even at a high magnification power. This then allows for a faster range estimation as well as holdover correction.

Has got an adjustable objective for sharper image focusing

So as for you to be able to get the best view for the best shorts of your target, it does include an adjustable objective lens. You can alter the magnification from 6-24x and upon doing so get a sharper focus of your target. For added accuracy, it does come with a range estimation feature as well as a parallax elimination.

It’s also worth mentioning that the eye relief is 4-4.5 inches which should be long enough to guarantee your safety during a recoil.

  • Get a better low light performance with the illuminated reticle
  • Sharper image focusing is achieved with the adjustable objective lens
  • Utilizes the first focal reticle that is easy to read
  • The magnification knob is a little too stiff

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15. Leupold VX-3i 3.5x10x40mm Rifle Scope

Leupold VX-3i 3.5x10x40mm Rifle ScopeWinding up our reviews of the best riflescope under 500, we have the VX-3i from Leupold which is available in either in 4 different options. Regardless of the rather simple design, light transmission and outdoor use are both quite amazing. Here’s what it packs under the hood.

Boasts a high-quality 6061-T6 aluminum exterior

For the build quality, it has got an amazing aircraft-grade aluminum which is punisher tested for guaranteed longevity even in the harshest recoils.

To add icing to the cake, it is also rated to be 100% waterproof, fog proof and shockproof which further enhances the outdoor performance of the Leupold VX-3i

Better low light performance with the Twilight Max management system

For all-around usage, this feature allows you to get an additional 20 minutes of shooting light and in addition to this, there is also reduced glare for better edge to edge image quality.

To add icing to the cake, it does have the Diamond Coat 2-Ion-assist lens coating for higher light transmission and better abrasion resistance. With both of these, you get to have a better image quality in different lighting conditions and since you might prefer to use it on a hunt, the abrasion resistance will ensure the clarity of the lens is not compromised whatsoever.

As much as the light optimization is enough to make it an amazing riflescope for hunting, yet another feature you’ll appreciate is the matte-finish which makes this a really amazing scope when stealth is a priority

Convenient windage and elevation adjustments

For utmost convenience, it comes with a precise ¼ MOA finger click adjustment for both windage and elevation and as such, you get to have absolute repeatability for a long time.

  • Build with a high-quality 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum
  • Has got Twilight Max light management for better low light performance.
  • Includes the Diamond Coat 2 lens coating for durability and high light transmission
  • The turrets can’t be reset to zero

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Final verdict

Wrapping up our reviews, I’m pretty sure that choosing the best riflescope under 500 is much easier unlike ever before. With the top 15 picks just a click away, you’re definitely going to take your hunting experience to a whole new level.

As much as you’ll be working with one of the best, it’s recommended that you do observe utmost care on your riflescope and most importantly, ensure that it’ll fit before spending your hard-earned cash on one. All the best and happy hunting!