Hunting from an aerial view is fun and resourceful. Well, at least until your safety is compromised while you are on your tree stand. It’s quite unfortunate that each year, hunters end up in the hospital due to tree stand accidents and it would be really sad if the same happened to you.

So, instead of or taking that leap of faith and heading on to your tree stand why not get the best hunting safety harness? Even though modern tree stands are safer than the ones used in the past and you could hardly fall from them, most accidents occur while you get into or out of the tree stand.

To avoid accidents such as paralysis, spinal injuries or even death, it’s important that you do get a decent tree harness. With the ones we have reviewed in this post, you’ll be working with a lightweight, comfortable, versatile and safe harness which won’t interfere with your shooting whatsoever.

So, that being said, let’s see what these bad boys are all about, shall we?

Hunting safety harness reviews


Perhaps you have already made your choice on what will work best for you from the comparison chart above. Nonetheless, it would be worth your time if you do have a look at the reviews below.

our overall best pick

Want a hunting safety harness that comes with a little bit of everything? Well, here’s the way to go and the best part about it’s good enough for use if you are getting your first one or want an upgrade

Hunter Safety System Hybrid Flex Safety Harness (Editor’s Choice)

Hunter Safety System Hybrid Flex Safety Harness

Hunter Safety System Hybrid Flex Safety Harness

It’s not in vain that this hunting harness comes at the top of our reviews. Being a feature-packed model that does more than just protect you from accidental falls adding on to its availability in different sizes, you couldn’t go wrong on this one. Here’s a closer look.

Comfort is ensured by the lightweight design

One of the most important things to a hunter is the comfort and, in this case, considering the hunting gear you have on could already be too heavy, it would make no sense to add onto this, right? So, to ensure your comfort is at its best, it weighs only 2.5 lbs. which you will hardly feel each time you have it on.

Additionally, the harness features a 1.25” webbing for your upper body plus there is also a shock-absorbing tether and a waist buckle both of which function to reduce weight and bulk.

To add on to the comfort, it comes with padded hexagons which also ensure maximum flexibility while you’re in or out of your tree stand

Constructed to keep you hidden via scent elimination

With the included ElimiShield technology included in this bad boy, I did have one of the best experiences all the time I had it on. Whereas other manufacturers may overlook scent blocking tech, this nanotechnology design eradicated human scent quite well and as such, I remained undetected all the time I had it on

Have your accessories organized with the convenient storage spaces

Last but not least, the harness comes with additional binoculars and accessory straps. To add icing on the cake, there are also six convenient pockets which you will find versatile as far as storing your gear is concerned. Also included in the package is a climbing belt, adjustable tree straps, suspension relief and an instruction DVD on how to go about using this

  • Features padded hexagons for an unmatched comfort
  • Comes with a scent eliminating technology
  • Has got accessory straps and six convenient storage pockets
  • The leg adjustment buckle rests under your leg

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Hunter Safety System Ultra-Lite Tree Stand Safety Harness

Hunter Safety System Ultra-Lite Tree Stand Safety Harness

Yet another one from Hunter Safety System is one that’s got a simpler yet functional design. It is also available in different sizes from the 3X-large to the small size. With everything designed to meet what you’d expect to get from an ideal HSS, here’s what made it stand out from most safety harnesses.

Designed to ensure user flexibility and comfort

One of the areas I watch out for most when choosing hinting accessories is whether or not it’s going to interfere with my hunting and as it turns out, this bad boy held up well on the comfort.

With the inclusion of individual padded hexagons, my movement wasn’t compromised and I had no discomfort whatsoever at any section of the straps

Get longevity and strength at their best

Boasting to have a functional patented Hunting Safety System design, I found this to be one of the most viable safety harnesses. It comes with an amazing 1.25″ upper-body webbing as well as a tether and waist buckle all of which will keep you safe without adding too much weight. Speaking of weight, it’s worth mentioning that the harness weighs only 2 lbs. which I could hardly feel each time I had it on. With the elimination of dangerous dangling straps and weave through buckles, it certainly is the best

Also included in the package are Lineman’s climbing straps, adjustable tree straps, and a suspension relief.

Features storage compartments

Last but not least, though Hunter Safety System could’ve done better, is a secure mesh cell phone pocket which did its job well.

  • It comes with individual padded hexagons for comfort
  • The upper body webbing, tether, and waist buckles ensure safety
  • Weighs only 2 lbs. for added comfort during movement
  • Though secure, it’s a little cumbersome to put on and take off

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Hunter Safety System X-1 Treestand Hunting Harness

Hunter Safety System X-1 Treestand Hunting Harness

It had a lightweight that gave me an all-day comfort plus it comes with an easy to use safety system that didn’t compromise on my mobility whatsoever. Meant for all-season hunters, this will be a worthy addition to your hunting accessories and here’s every reason why.

Comes in an all-season design for the utmost versatility

Unlike any other hunting harness, I have used in the past, this one could be a worthy companion for use in the cold season as well as during the warm weather. It did put it on over lightweight clothes as well as under cold-weather gear and in either case, it was equally snug.

Speaking of the fit, the only downsized I did find with it is that the sizes are combined which makes it a little difficult to get something that’ll give you a snug fit.

The easy to use design makes it dependable enough on your stand

When it comes to ease of use, I was impressed with the X-1 Treestand Hunting Harness. To ensure that it’s eligible for use as a hunting safety system, it doesn’t include dangerous dangling straps or any weave through buckles that could be a little confusing to use.

Additionally, besides the hunting harness, there was a tree strap, suspension relief strap and a safe-use instruction DVD in the package all of which makes this much easier to use.

Constructed to ensure you get all-day comfort and mobility

Like any other hunting apparel, I have used in the past, I did test this one well enough to ensure I would be comfortable all the time I had it on and I’ve got to say that I was impressed. First off, the 2.5 lb. weight was light considering the high level of safety I got from it. To add icing on the cake, it didn’t restrict my movement in any direction.

  • It can be used during the winter and the summer
  • Weighs only 2.5 lbs. for all-day comfort and mobility
  • Has got dependable and easy to use harnesses
  • The shoulder pads are a little too noisy

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Hunter Safety System HSS Lil’ Treestalker Youth Tree-Stand Safety Harness

Hunter Safety System HSS Lil' Treestalker Youth Tree-Stand Safety Harness

Designed for the young who are just getting into hunting, this youth tree-stand safety harness features an easy to put on and to use design plus the comfort is just as dependable as the safety. Let’s take a closer look at what it packs under the hood.

The custom-fit design makes it usable by most

One of the hardest things to do is getting a youth hunting safety harness since there are no set standard sizes when it comes to this category. With this one, however, the adjustable chest and waist straps ensure that you get a snug fit.

It does have a quick-snap as well as the belt style buckles which make it easy to put it on and take it off quickly.

Enjoy all-day use from the lightweight design

Besides the easy to use design, yet another feature that stood out on this hunting harness was the lightweight construction. Despite the high safety level that comes with it, it is light enough to make mobility easy throughout the day.

Has got a dependable life-saving suspension relief system

On to what’s most important when choosing a hunting harness, the suspensions on this safety harness are functional. Besides the safety system, it comes with deer drag anchor points and with these, it’s going to be easier to drag your kill back home

  • Has got adjustable waist and chest straps for a custom fit
  • Comes in lightweight construction for utmost comfort
  • Features a deer drag anchor point
  • It doesn’t come with a carabiner for ladder stand application

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Summit Treestands Men’s Pro Safety Harness

Summit Treestands Men's Pro Safety Harness

We’re nearly halfway through with our reviews and it’s a good go so far. The fifth harness I tested is exclusively for the men so it won’t be any trouble to get the correct size. With the high weight capacity added on to the secure and comfortable straps and all-season use, you’ll be getting a bang for your buck on this one if.

Get functionality and comfort with the secure fit

First things first, safety is a priority especially if you are just starting with hunting. To achieve this, this harness features a secure fit with the included padded shoulder straps, a performance tether as well as the quick-lock buckles.

It doesn’t stop there. There is also an included lineman’s climbing rope to ensure safety while installing your tree stand by giving you continuous contact with the tree. Also, like all the summit safety harnesses, this one too adheres to the TMA safety regulations so you can have the utmost confidence in its efficiency.

It’s easy to put on and the adjustments are friendly

For both a comfortable and secure fit, it comes with a full-body fall arrest harness system which also functions to give you a comfortable fit. Additionally, the harness is tangle-resistant and it’s easy to put on even while in the dark.

There are also adjustable convenient adjustable slides with which I was easily able to adjust each of the straps on this bad boy. At the same time, my movement wasn’t impeded at all

Boasts a good enough construction for all-weather use

With comfort being a feature that’s overlooked in some harnesses, this one holds up quite well. To make it the best hunting safety harness for you, it was designed to be wearable over or under your hunting clothes which makes it the best choice for anyone who’d like to hunt all-year-round.

  • Comes with ultra-quiet design features
  • The convenient slides make it easy to adjust every strap
  • Has got a tangle-resistance design that’s easy to put on
  • Depending on what you are wearing, you need to be keen on choosing the size

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Hunter Safety System Pro-Series Harness with Elimishield Scent

Hunter Safety System Pro-Series Harness with Elimishield Scent Control Technology

If you have had some trouble in the past to get a hunting safety harness that fits, this should do the trick for you. Designed for anyone who’d like to have added additional space, this harness is also lighter than most with integrity just as great as you’d expect from an ideal hunting safety system.

Scent control is achieved by the Elimishield technology

First things first, this a feature that’s highly overlooked on most hunting harnesses. With the ElimiShield scent control feature however, even the odor of the fiber used in the design of the harness is taken care of. With the straps, liners, tethers and the rest of the harness being taken care of, you couldn’t go wrong with this bad boy.

Keep your gear organized with the convenient storage pockets

Other than eliminating the scent, it is feature-packed with convenient storage pockets. First off, it got the dual binocular and accessory straps and to add icing to the cake, there are 8 storage pockets included with which you’ll conveniently secure all your gear.

Additionally, it comes with a built-in USB port which allows for the connection of a USB compatible device to a USB battery pack that you’ll have to get separately. With this included, I didn’t have to worry about my phone being drained during a hunt.

Designed to give you a comfortable and safe experience

Despite the added storage pockets and an appearance that may look larger than most harnesses, the fabric used in its design is 40% lighter and has got a ventilating mesh as well. Most importantly, even in this pro-series, the safety harness features that made this a preferable choice are maintained.

  • Has got storage pockets and is compatible with USB devices
  • The fabric is 40% lighter and it includes a ventilating mesh
  • Comes with the ElimiShield scent control technology
  • The combined size options make it a little hard to pick one that fits

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Hunter Safety System Treestalker Safety Harness

Hunter Safety System Treestalker Safety Harness

Designed for the all-season hunters, the Treestalker Safety Harness will be a perfect match for the bigger hunters. Additionally, it’s got all the accessories included and it’s got the best blend for both safety and comfort. Here’s what made it stand out.

Includes a shock-absorbing design

Starting with what’s most important, the safety of this bad boy is amazing. The harness features a patented hunting safety system design which removes the use of dangling straps and weave-through buckles that could be dangerous. Even by absorbing such a high level of safety, the harness eliminates any unnecessary bulk so you don’t have to worry about any discomfort due to additional weight.

Designed to give you consistent comfort

Though it comes second to the safety, comfort is quite important when using a hunting safety harness. To observe this on the Treestalker Safety Harness, the tether is 1.25” thin while at the same time, it functions quite well in absorbing shock.

Additionally, it comes with saddle style leg straps that can be easily adjusted to fit over your clothing. Speaking of clothing, let’s see how good it is for different hunting seasons.

All season-design ensures you get versatility at its best

The fit was snug and it did hold up quite well in keeping me comfortable throughout the hunt. Now, when it comes to usability, it’s ideal for use in both cold and warm weather. It comes with a smart fabric which was able to keep me cold and dry all the time I had it on.

  • Designed to absorb more shock than before
  • Has got saddle style leg straps to fit over clothing
  • It’s got a smart fabric for all-season use
  • The straps tend to tangle in some cases as I move around

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TREE SPIDER Speed Harness (Large/X-Large)

Regardless of the simple design this tree stand has, it’s meant for the large hunters and it’s not in vain that this is so. Shock absorption is amazing, comfort is at it’s best and the adjustment straps are user-friendly. Here’s more on what it packs under the hood.

It exceeds the ANSI safety rating for ensured safety

Your life depends on it so it’s only fair that it has a safety level unlike any other. To achieve this, it comes with Venom buckles whereby two are on the legs and one on the chest. Both of these are also custom CNC machined aluminum to cut down the weight while at the same time allow for continued safety.

Additionally, it comes with a weight capacity of 115-300 lbs. so it’s ideal for large-sized persons. On the downside, however, it’s only available in the large sizes.

Designed to give you an all-season comfort

At the back of this harness is an Ario mesh with which I was able to have utmost comfort all the time I had it on. The shoulder straps and leg adjustments are also handled from a single point and putting it on was fast and straightforward.

There’s also a tether included with an optimum length that’ll reduce the fall distance without sacrificing shooting freedom.

The spider speed clips for versatile usage

Last but not least is a feature that I’ve only seen on this hunting harness. With the spider clips integration system, I could be able to clip it onto a scent blocker jacket to optimize my hunting experience.

  • Has got 2 leg buckles and one on the chest for a secure fit
  • Features a maximum of 300 lbs. weight capacity
  • The spider speed clips allow for the integration of scent blocker jackets
  • Though snug, it could feel a little too heavy

Summit Treestands Men’s Sport Safety Harness

Summit Treestands Men's Sport Safety Harness

Coming up second last is a men’s option from Summit Treestands. With its availability in the large, small, medium and youth size, it’ll be a worthy upgrade or starting point. Let’s check it out and see what it’s got, shall we?

Features a full body adjustment system

Whereas making adjustments could be a little difficult especially if it’s your first harness, it’s not the case with this one. With the adjustable full-body fall arrest harness system the fit is going to be comfortable plus the harness is tangle-resistant and easy to put on even in low light conditions.

Coming along with the package is a lineman’s climbing rope so you can hook up to a tree with ease and maintain continuous contact with the tree while setting your tree stand up.

Designed to ensure stealth at its best

Whereas other manufacturers tend to overlook the fact that stealth is of utmost importance in the design of hunting safety harnesses, this one held up well as far as stealth is concerned. Featuring an array of ultra-quiet design features from the buckles to the silent-slide Prusik knot and the safety line, I could move without spooking nearby prey.

Additionally, it can be worn over or under your hunting clothes for all-season convenience.

Constructed to adhere to and surpass the TMA standards

On to the safety, like most Summit harnesses, this one complies with the TMA set safety standards. The shoulder straps are padded to keep you comfortable and minimize injury during a fall, it’s got a high-quality tether and the buckles were secure.

Even with all these, the weight is greatly reduced which makes this the best hunting safety harness for men. The only downside, however, is that the buckles are far back which makes it a little hard to secure.

  • The slides included are convenient for quick strap adjustments
  • It features an ultra-quiet design to keep you concealed
  • Comes with padded shoulder pads for superior comfort
  • Buckle adjustments could be a little difficult

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Buying guide: the defining features of the best safety harness for hunting

On tot the second section of our reviews, it’s time you learned what to pay attention to when choosing the best safety hunting harness. Here goes…

Comfort: ideal for better shots

At the end of the day, you do want to get the best hunting experience and this involves being comfortable in what you wear, right? As such, comfort should be at its best- don’t go for something that’s too tight for you to breath or too lose that you’ll compromise your shots. Instead, a snug hunting harness should do. With a comfortable enough fit, it should be easy enough for you to move and make accurate shots.

The size: be keen on the weight and height

Going hand in hand with comfort, it should be a priority to get a perfectly sized hunting safety harness. Even though the straps on a harness are adjustable, one size won’t do for everyone. The sizes range from small to extra-large and are grouped depending on your height and weight.

Additionally, the harness should be easy to put on and take off and more so, you’ll want to have enough slack in the lifeline so you can sit, stand and move around comfortably.

Durability: stronger is always better

Besides comfort, yet another important feature to look into would be longevity. Since falls from your tree stand are unplanned for, you should go ahead and get a harness with integrity high enough to withstand sudden shock.

As much as the material construction is important, more attention should be paid to the stitching used on the harness- the more secure it is, the more durable and safer it is to have.

TMA certification

No matter how good it may seem to be, it’s not a good enough tree stand hunting harness if it has no compliance to the Treestand Manufacturers Association. By meeting the safety standards that are set by the TMA, you can have the utmost confidence that what you are using will be safe.

Tree stand harness safety tips

Last but not least, you must have basic knowledge on how you should go about when using a hunting safety harness while on your tree stand.

  • Always read the manual

It’s the goal of every manufacturer to stand out from their competition. Due to this, you must go through the user manual or video tutorials regarding the use of the hunting harness. This way, you’ll know how to secure it better and all the essential directions of use.

  • Don’t rush into a tree stand

As already mentioned, most accidents occur as you get into or out of the tree stand. As such, take your time while getting out and most importantly when climbing out of it. you should also have a sure footing as you move around it. After all, being careless could easily spook your prey.

  • Inspect the harness before use

Your life will be held by the harness so it’s important to ensure that everything is in the best condition before using it on the tree stand. Pay attention for any worn out areas, frayed section, stitches that may be damaged and even compromised buckles. If any of these sections are damaged, be sure to have them fixed before going out on a hunt.

  • Replace your harness in the event of a fall

Unlike most hunting accessories, safety harnesses are only meant for single usage. As such, if you happen to fall, go ahead and replace with a new one. Let me explain why.

During the fall, the harness panels could be ripped out, the fabric stretched and buckles could also give in. during the next fall, the compromised sections will hardly be of assistance as far as holding you up is concerned.

  • Have the tree belt above your head at all times

In the event of a fall, even with your harness on, a minor injury could occur as a result of the pressure the harnesses have against your body. With the tree belt well secured above your head, the chances of injury occurrence are greatly minimized.


There’s a lot of hunting harnesses you could choose from which makes it cumbersome to settle for what will work best for you. with this post however, I believe everything is easier now. In conclusion, paying attention to the basics should help- check for compromised parts, ensure it’s got a snug fit and the sizing is accurate among other things.

All in all, do take your time before spending your hard-earned cash on one. The top 9 reviews above should give you a good head start.