Everyone does look forward to the hunting season and when it finally comes, you’ll want to be in complete hunting shape. This means your weapons cleaned up, your hunting blind set, everything packed up and finally got the right clothes for the season.

Speaking of clothes, one thing you’ll not want to miss out on is the best hunting jacket. Yes, there are quite a lot of these but it’s not about getting just any hunting jacket. You’ll want to narrow down your options to lots of things such as the price, the season and the features it comes such that all these are in line with your personal preference.

Now here’s the thing…

Unless you’re really lucky, you may spend lots of hours searching for one that’s going to get you through the hunt which is the last thing you want. So, what if I told you that we’ve got the very best of 2019 just a click away?

With our aid, not only will you be getting the best hunting jacket for you but there’s also a buying guide that should give you quite a good head start when shopping for one. Let’s get straight to it then, shall we?

Comparison chart

It would be much better to get a side by side comparison of our top 3 recommended picks before taking a look at the in-depth reviews, wouldn’t it? Here’s a comparison chart inclusive of all the important features that make the best hunting jacket.


Top 10 hunting jackets in 2019

Well, here’s what we came for. Let’s have a look at what the 10 best hunting jackets of 2019 have in store for us. Only choose the most durable and comfortable jackets from the best brands and at the best prices.

Best deer hunting jacket

With deer hunting being one of the most popular sports as far as hunting is concerned, you’ll be needing the best jacket you can afford and each one of these should suit you quite well.

1. Legendary Whitetails Men’s HuntGuard Reflextec Hunting Jacket

Legendary Whitetails Men's HuntGuard Reflextec Big Game Camo Hunting JacketWhen the price is not that big of a deal and you would be willing to go to whichever lengths in order to get the perfect companion for every hunt, this bad boy should be perfect. Available in 4 different sizes and with the Big Game 360 camo, you really couldn’t go wrong on this one.

Features a quality material construction

The better the quality, the better of a hunting jacket it is, right? In the case of this bad boy, you’ll be getting an outer shell that is 100% polyester and with a 100% polyurethane membrane. There’s also a zip-in inner liner shell that’s 100% nylon and to keep the warmth in, you’ll also be getting a 100% polyester and nylon lining.

With this much insulation, you can count on the hunting jacket to get you through the coldest of hunting seasons. The interesting thing about this jacket is that it comes with a removable liner system and could get you through different seasons as well.

Well, other than the liner, there’s also a removable hood that includes two-way zippers which makes it easy to take on and off. It also does have a rain visor that allows you to get better shots every time.

Has got a reliable closure system

For the main zipper, it comes in a two-way design which is quite convenient for the outdoors. Other than the zipper, it also does have a unique hunter’s cuffs that utilize the Velcro closures. These are also quite silent for hunting situations so as not to compromise your position in a hunt.

There’re also double cuffs with thumb holes which keep you warm, give you a better fit and at the same time allow you to get the best grip of your weapon

Includes an integrated padding

For hunting applications, it does have HuntGuard integrated padding on both the shoulder and at the back while at the same time not being too heavy on you in a hunt

Water resistant and breathable construction

Finally, as far as keeping you comfortable and protected from the elements is concerned, the water-resistant design should keep you dry during the rainy season. Besides this, the fabric is also breathable so you won’t be all sweaty as you move around.

The fabric also does have a 4-way stretch for the perfect fit on all sizes

  • Includes a removable hood design
  • Features HuntGuard integrated padding
  • A removable liner system for hot weather situations
  • The thread on the stress areas is not so strong

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2. Huntworth Men’s Heavy Weight Soft Shell Jacket: our recommendation

Huntworth Men's Heavy Weight Soft Shell JacketComing up second, you’ll be getting a men’s exclusive hunting jacket from Huntworth. It’s got multiple sizes you could choose from, keeps out the water, warm design and one of the best concealments you could get on a deer hunting jacket.

Features a double layer fabric

As far as warmth is concerned, it features a 100% polyester construction and this is then bonded to a thick Sherpa fleece hence resulting in a combined weight of 300g.

With this material blending, you’ll not only be getting utmost durability but quite a fair amount of warmth at the same time. It is also worth mentioning that with the Sherpa fleece lining, comfort is also enhanced from the next-to-skin contact.

Has got a DWR finish on the outside

The last thing you’d want is to be soaking wet in the middle of your hunt and to keep you dry at all times, there is a durable water-resistant finish that repels light rain and snow.

To add on to this, there is an inner storm flap, the collar has a high stand and the back hem is long all of which function to keep out both the wind and rain.

Comes with a scent-reducing technology

It’s all about being ahead of your prey during any hunt, right? Well, by having the scent control treatment that is bonded with the Sherpa fleece, it will be much easier for you to sneak up on your prey.

Other than the scent control tech, this bad boy also boasts a Disruption camo and with this, your cover will not be blown whatsoever as you stalk your prey.

Storage options

Included in the design of this deer hunting jacket are 6 spacious pockets that’ll be offering multiple storage options. Other than the pockets, there is a back-access hold right below the collar which you can wear your tree stand harness under the jacket.

  • Features a scent control technology to keep you hidden
  • Includes a harness access hole at the back
  • Has got a 300g polyester and Sherpa fleece combination for ultimate warmth
  • The collar is too long

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3. Krumba Men’s Camouflage Hunting Jacket

YKrumba Men's Camouflage Hunting Windproof Waterproof Seam Sealed Jacketet another men’s exclusive hunting jacket is one that is good enough to be used on other outdoor activities as well. There is also a size chart available against which you can get one that fits you best. How about we take a look at what it’s got for us?

Features both a windproof and waterproof design

Starting off with the material construction, this hunting jacket comes with 86% polyester and 14% elastane. In addition to being durable and giving you a comfortable fit, the hunting jacket will also keep out the water and wind from your skin.

To add on to either of these two features, the seams are also sealed which prevents the entry of both water and wind. With the elastic strings at the hem, the jacket will work quite well in trapping most of your body heat while at the same time giving you a snug fit without letting in any cold air.

With the detachable hood design, versatility will be at its best as you can use this in most hunting situations for both protection and camouflage.

Has got storage pockets

Other than wind and waterproofing, you’ll also be enjoying the storage pockets that come with this hunting jacket. These include 2 chest pockets which have got waterproof zippers and a single inside zipper pocket on the inside that could be used to keep small items such as your keys.

Easy to clean up

It’s quite obvious that you’ll always need your jacket clean and in order to achieve this, it is recommended that you wash it with dark colors- either gentle machine washing or hand washing. Once it’s cleaned up, simply air dry it and refrain from tumble drying, dry cleaning or ironing it.

  • Features a detachable hood
  • Has got both a waterproof and windproof construction
  • Multiple storage pockets for complete reliability
  • The brushed fabric is a little too loud

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4. UDRES Men’s Fleece Liner Outerwear Hooded Softshell Tactical Jacket

UDRES Men's Fleece Liner Outerwear Hooded Water Resistant Softshell Tactical JacketWith 4 size variants ranging from small to extra-large, a quality material construction and one of the best camouflages, this boy might just be the best deer hunting jacket in the mid-range price category. Here’s what you should look forward to

Features top of the line material construction

Being the most critical part in the design of any hunting jacket, this bad boy comes with a 94% polyester construction, 6% spandex and has also got 100% polyester fiber. With the combination of these three, you’ll be getting utmost durability and reliability for most hunting situations and also a perfect fit.

The jacket also does have a softshell fabric that is water resistant and wind resistant which is exactly all you need to get through a full day of hunting comfortably.

In addition to keeping out the wind and water, it also features a fleece liner on the inside that keeps you warm. In addition to keeping you warm, it is also anti-piling which means it will last for quite a long time. The jacket is also breathable and anti-shrink for utmost comfort.

Still, on the design, there are 2 shoulder patch panels that add on to the durability even when you strap your rifle.

Includes a big hood with Velcro

Still, on the protection, there’s a big enough hood to keep your face shielded from the rain. In addition to this, there’s a Velcro with which you can roll it up when need be- quite handy, right?

Versatile storage options

Now for the storage, there are 2 high chest pockets, two shoulder-high pockets, a single forearm pocket on the left-hand side and a zipper back pocket. With all these, you’ll have enough room to store some of your essentials and hunting accessories.

  • Features a warm fleece liner
  • Includes a big hood for utmost protection
  • Has got a waterproof, windproof and breathable design
  • The sizes run small.

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5.Camo Coll Men’s Outdoor Soft Shell Hooded Tactical Jacket

Camo Coll Men's Outdoor Soft Shell Hooded Tactical JacketWell, it’s a good review so far and we’re almost halfway done. So, if you’re looking for some really amazing features without breaking the bank, this should be amazing for you. The fabric is of high quality, multiple sizes to choose from and hold up quite well in the outdoors.

Features a quality and functional fabric design

Starting off with the build quality, this jacket comes with 94% polyester and 6% spandex combination which just so happen to be the best you could get as far as durability and protection is concerned.

Speaking of protection, the jacket is also designed to keep out both water and wind., this means that you could go through a whole day of the late hunting seasons. As for the warmth, there is a 100% polyester lining on the inside that should trap enough of your body heat.

Includes an adjustable fit

When it comes to the fit, you could compare your size in the provided size chart. Even after doing so, the jacket includes a drawstring waist that also prevents the entry of cold air; then there are the elastic hook & loop adjustable cuffs that ensure you’re comfortable at all times and are kept warm as well.

Comes with a protective hood

Yet another feature that makes it the best hunting jacket is the hood. This should not only keep you protected but also allow add on to the camouflage if you prefer to stalk your prey. Also included on the hood is a Velcro with which you can roll it up and tie it down when need be.

That’s not all…

On either side are storage pockets that ought to come in handy when storing some of your hunting gear and other equipment for easy access.

  • Has got a drawstring waist and adjustable cuffs
  • Features a durable windproof and waterproof fabric
  • Includes a foldable hood design
  • The zipper is left handed

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6. ReFire Gear Men’s Soft Shell Military Tactical Jacket

ReFire Gear Men's Soft Shell Military Tactical Jacket Outdoor Camouflage Hunting Fleece Hooded CoatIn addition to coming in different colors and sizes, this hunting jacket will be giving quite a bang for the buck considering all that it packs under the hood. From the fabric construction to the comfort, you sure are going to get the best.

Features a reliable closure system

Considering this is meant to keep you warm, you’ll want the closure system to be at it’s best, right? Well in order to do this, there’s a 2-way zipper with which the jacket can be opened or closed.

In addition to the zipper on the front, there is also a hook and loop wrist cuff that is adjustable such that you can have it as tight as you want to depend on your level of comfort and how much warmth you need. As for the waist, there is a drawstring cord for a comfortable fit.

On either arm, there are Velcro patches for morale patches which adds on to the aesthetics of the jacket.

Has got a dependable and high-quality construction

With 94% of polyester, 6% spandex and a 100% polyester lining on the inside, both durability and performance are uncompromised.

Alongside this, material construction is an outstanding 7 zipper pockets in which you can have most of your essentials ranging from EDC gear and gloves to maps and your flashlight. Also included in the design are underarm vent zippers which keep you comfortable.

Waterproof and windproof design

When it comes to the functionality, the jacket features complete waterproofing and you could count on it while out on a rainy hunting day to keep you dry. Other than the rain, it will also keep you protected from the wind. As a matter of fact, it works well in 45mph of sustained wind.

As for the warmth, there is a polar fleece lining on the inside that’s going to give you enough of this during the winter season.

Yet another that adds on to the protection, as well as camouflage, is the hood which has got a drawstring as well. It’s huge enough to completely cover you up and more so, it can be rolled up when not in use.

  • Has got a large hood that can be rolled up
  • Designed to offer utmost wind and water protection
  • Features underarm vent zippers
  • The dimensions are a little snug

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7.Huntworth Men’s Micro Fiber Lined Hunting Jacket

Huntworth Men's Heavy Weight Soft Shell JacketComing up second last on the best deer hunting jackets is yet another one from Huntworth that comes in the extra-large size, has got the Marshland Camo and is designed to keep you warm and dry. Here’s what you should be looking forward to on this one.

Has got a DWR coating

The outside of the jacket is made of a durable microfiber shell that also has got a durable water-resistant treatment. With this, you should get a fair amount of protection when using it in light rain or snowy conditions

Comes with an adjustable hood

For the sake of convenience, there is an adjustable hood built into the jacket. This also does have Velcro, storm flaps and Velcro cuffs to keep you well protected from the elements and allow you to blend in even more.

Features a barrier PU coating

As far as durability is concerned, the polyurethane coating ought to do the trick. In addition to holding up quite well in the outdoors, the PU coating also offers 100% waterproof seams that should keep you dry at all times. Yet another thing that adds on to the protection is the storm flap on the front zipper which prevents wind and water from getting in through these.

Still, on the design, it is worth pointing out that it also comes with elastic cuffs on the wrist which hold up quite well as far as weather protection is concerned. The interior is also roomy and you can wear this over other clothes.

As or the seams, these are waterproof and 100% taped to ensure you stay dry in all conditions.

  • Has got a waterproof polyurethane coating
  • Includes 100% taped waterproof seams
  • Comes with an adjustable hood for convenience and protection
  • Though warm, the fleece is lightweight and can easily tear

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8. Legendary Whitetails Men’s Timber Line Insulated Softshell Camo Jacket: best budget

Legendary Whitetails Men's Timber Line Insulated Softshell Camo JacketBeing one of the most affordable deer hunting gear, you’ll also be getting a comfortable fit, some of the best aesthetics, multiple storage options, and enough insulation. Here’s a closer look

Features a 100% polyester construction

For the build quality, it is exclusively made of polyester which also features an amazing 100 grams of insulation to trap more body heat and keep the cold out. It is also breathable to keep you cool as you move around. At the same time, it won’t weigh you down which makes it easy to move in

There is also an insulated zip-off hood for when it gets colder than usual

Includes an adjustable and comfortable fit

For the fit, it has got extended cuffs with thumbholes as well as an elastic drawcord for the hood. On the waist is also an adjustable drawcord that protects you from the elements and fits the jacket better at the same time.


The jacket features zippered pockets for added security and an interior pocket as well for enough storage space.

  • Has got thumb holes on the cuffs
  • Features a removable and adjustable hood design
  • Offers 100 grams of lightweight insulation
  • The center zipper is tough to pull

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Best waterfowl hunting jackets

We’ve taken a look at some of the best deer hunting jackets and its now time to see what’s in store for the waterfowl hunters. Here are three of the very best in 2019.

9. Guide Gear Men’s Waterfowl Jacket: runners up

Guide Gear Men's Waterfowl JacketComing in the XX-large size, this waterfowl jacket from Guide Gear has every bit of it designed to keep the water out. You can count on this bad boy to keep you completely dry, comfortable and warm at the same time. Here’s a closer look at what we should look forward to.

Features a 150-gram Thinsulate insulation

Getting cold during your waterfowl hunt so, in order to take care of this, there’s an amazing 150-gram Thinsulate insulation. Well, other than just protecting you from the cold, the level of warmth you’ll be getting will be lightweight and bulk-free. This way, you get to stay warm and at the same time, your motion won’t be restricted.

The insulation also extends to the hood which comes with an extended visor for visibility and you can adjust it on the back for a custom fit but on the other hand, you can always remove it when it’s not needed.

To add on to the warmth, the cuffs have got thumb holes which keep the cold out but at the same time does not compromise on dexterity.

Includes lots of storage pockets

With a total of 9 pockets, there’ll be enough room to store away all your essentials. These include the 2 hidden pockets, two on the side, two vertical chest pockets, and an internal zip closure pocket. To add icing to the cake, the two front cargo pockets have got shell loops on the inside and they’re just topped by button flaps for easy access.

Still, on the pockets, there are drain holes at the bottom which eliminates the possibility of getting waterlogged

Features a waterproof and breathable membrane

In addition to the above, there’s the guide dry waterproof and breathable membrane which has got small enough holes to let out moisture from your body while at the same time preventing the entry of large water molecules. This way, you get to stay dry and comfortable.

  • Has got a removable and adjustable hood
  • Comes with a 150g Thinsulate insulation
  • Includes lots of storage options for versatility
  • They run on the large size

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10. Wildfowler Outfitter Camo Hunting Waterproof Parka

Wildfowler Outfitter Camo Hunting Waterproof ParkaWith different size options to choose from as well as different camouflaging options and the fact that it’s in the mid-range price, you couldn’t go wrong on this hunting jacket whatsoever. Here’s every reason you should look forward to getting it.

Includes a moisturewicking liner

For comfort as well as moisture management, there is a moisture wicking liner on this bad boy so you get to stay dry and comfortable

Has got 100% waterproof and windproof design

For protection against the elements, the jacket features taped seams that keep out water and more so, it’s got 100% waterproofing. The Velcro cuffs are sealed and the front zipper has got an overlap. All this is made possible by the Wild Tex technology which creates a 3-layer system for wind and water protection.

Features a quiet tricot material

To be best suited in hunting situations, it has got a soft tricot outer material that allows you to move silently without being detected.

There’s more on the design…

The front zipper, in addition to being durable, also has a button-down storm flap that adds on to the protection from the elements. For the fit, there are the Velcro cuffs as well as an elastic drawcord on the hem; the two of these also function to add on to the protection from the elements.

For storage, the jacket has got front pouch pockets in which you can have all the equipment you need as well as side handwarmer pockets. It also includes a hood with an elastic drawcord.

  • Features the Wild Tex technology for wind and water protection
  • Has got a removable hood with an elastic drawcord
  • Includes front pouch pockets and hand warmer pockets
  • The Velcro strap is not tight enough.

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How to Choosing the best hunting jacket

In addition to the reviews above, here are some features you should consider looking into if you want a hunting jacket that’s going to get you through the whole hunting season.

The material construction

Like any other hunting clothes, you’ll want to go for as durable a hunting jacket as you can get and the best way to get started on this is checking the material construction.


Since you’ll want a jacket that will give you utmost protection against the elements, you should probably get started by looking into polyester. This is renowned for its abrasion resistance which enables it to stay in one piece even as you go through vegetation.

Polyester is also recommended since it has got a really amazing warmth retention feature and at the same time has a fair amount of breathability as compared to most materials used in making hunting jackets


Whereas polyester is the best when it comes to keeping out water, warmth, and breathability, fleece is recommended for late hunting seasons.

As far as air circulation is concerned, you’ll want the most breathable material close to your skin and with a thin fleece lining on the inside, you’ll be good to go. Other than just being breathable, fleece is also flexible for free movement, cool and comfortable as well as it won’t come into contact with the outer layers of your clothes.

Still, on the materials, I’d also advise that you go for one with a removable liner for when it gets a little too hot for you

What about stealth?

Yet another important thing you should consider looking into is how good the material is for when you want to sneak up on your prey.

Before you pay for one, put it on and brush the arms to the sides and see whether or not your cover will be blown as you move. The right fabric to go for int his case would be a poly-tricot jacket shell which also holds up well in extreme conditions but you could also replace this with a micro-suede or microfiber material.

Some fabric is also brush faced which helps conceal the sound of water as it hits the jacket.

That’s not all…

For wet hunting situations, I’d recommend that you go for a jacket that has got the right amount of seals on the collar, the wrists, and the zippers- probably a hook and loop closure system.

The seam, hood& lining protection

For winter hunting, you’ll want to have as much protection as possible and as such, a hood should be a priority since it will not only keep you warm but allow you to blend in better. I’d however recommended that you get a jacket with a detachable hood for when the weather is a bit friendly.

The seams

As far as waterproofing and windproofing are concerned, taped seams are important and more specifically the inseams since they are more durable and less likely to let in water or wind.

For areas that could be compromised in the design such as the zippers, you should also ensure that the seams are taped so the warmth always remains locked in.

In order to protect the seams in really extreme conditions, go for a hunting jacket that has got flaps over these. With quality flaps, you’re sure to get the best level of protection even in the most extreme weather conditions.

The weight

Yet another factor that is worth looking into when choosing the best hunting jacket is the weight. This is basically based on your physical tolerance but here’s the idea behind choosing a hunting jacket based on the weight:

The heavier it is, the harder it will be to move and as such you might want to cut the hunt short or even end up spoking your prey. On the other hand, if you want the warmest jacket you can afford, you’ll then have to put up with the weight.

In addition to the level of insulation, other factors that may add on to the weight of a hunting jacket include the hood, pockets and the material used in the design.

For lightweight hunting jackets, you’ll have the least protection from the rain and they will be easier to move in even with pockets and a hood.

Depending on the hunting environment ant the season, you ought to be able to pick out what works best for you.


The last thing you’d want is being a few hours into your hunting and the weather gets unbearably cold and this could be even worse if it rains and you are all soaked.

Here’s how to go about as far as insulation is concerned:

First of all, it’s worth pointing out that there is some gear that does have an insulation layer and those that don’t have one at all so based on the season or environment, you should know what to go for. If you are uncertain, the best hunting jacket would be one with a removable liner.

A well-insulated hunting jacket should conserve your body heat as much as possible and I’d recommend fleece for this since it is lightweight and won’t get soaked up.

Though some manufacturers incorporate cotton, the insulation is not at its best and it would only serve for early in the hunting seasons. Yet another downside of going for cotton is that it soaks up quite fast even in humid environments and in the event of doing so gets a little heavy.

Sometimes the temperatures could get much colder than expected especially mid-winter season and in such a case I’d recommend that you get base layers. these should be sufficient enough to keep you warm especially if you are moving in the snow but if you’ll be waiting in your blind, there’s really no need for these.

Scent-blocking and camouflaging.

Possibly two of the most overlooked features on a hunting jacket, these, besides a silent fabric should keep you well hidden from your prey.


The sense of smell of wild animals such as deer is far much better than ours and for a deer hunting jacket, you’ll want to trap your scent as much as possible. This can easily be done with a scent blocking technology that prevents the replication of odor-causing bacteria as you sweat. This way, it will be much easier for you to stalk your prey


Besides scent blocking, the right type and amount of camouflaging should keep your presence well-hidden from your prey. Other than having a matching pattern tot hat of your surroundings, it should also allow you to blend in better with the shadows cast by the tree and bushes rather than standing out while among them.

I’d recommend that you also look for jackets whose camouflaging blurs where your body ends so that it has you fit into the environment

The fit

Finishing up our guide, you really shouldn’t forget the fit. If you’ll want to have additional layers underneath, go for a jacket that’s one size up. You should also pay attention to the closure system- ensure the zippers are durable, the Velcro is high quality and the wrists offer a comfortable and snug fit.

Final verdict

You got it all now…With the best of 2019 just a click away combined with a detailed guide on how you can get the best hunting jackets, it should be much easier to dress up for the hunting season, shouldn’t it?

However, …

For your hunting jacket to be in the best shape always, always observe utmost care- clean it as instructed, store it away safely and always put it on once you’re on the hunting grounds. That being said, I’d like to wish you the best on getting one and happy hunting!