Hunting is not always all about having the best weapon you can afford or getting the largest collection of hunting gear with you; as important as these are, you also need to be in the right set of attire as you go out on a hunt.

Whereas you might be able to use the same hunting clothes through different seasons back to back, it’s completely different when it comes to getting hunting hats. As a matter of fact, small as it may seem, it is one of the most demanding hunting clothes.

Now whether you need a hat to protect you from the elements or you need one for the sake of camouflaging, you owe it to yourself to get the best-hunting hats. The thing is, however, that getting the best hat for all seasons is no easy task. With lots of options to choose from in the market, you’d want to have something that is comfortable, durable and has got a stylish touch to it.

Well, how about we make things easy for you. In this section, we’ll focus on guiding you on how you can get the best hunting hat but most importantly, take a look at 2019’s top picks.


Comparison chart

It would be worthwhile to have a look at the side by side comparison of the best of our top 10 picks, wouldn’t it? Save yourself the trouble of reading all the way to the end and have a quick look at the chart below.

The top 10 best hunting hats in 2019

Here’s what we all came for. Regardless of whichever choice you settle for in these reviews, you’ll be getting utmost comfort, the best fit, guaranteed durability and at the best prices.

Best winter hunting hats

In the cold of winter, you’ll need all the protection you can get from the elements during all hunts and there’s no better way to do this other than with the best winter hunting hats.

  1. SIGGI Aviator Hat Faux Leather Pilot Cap

SIGGI Aviator Hat Faux Leather Pilot CapWhereas the hat above is exclusively for the warm weather, this one should have you covered when the cold weather kicks in. Available in both the medium and large sizes, it should be easy to get a fitting one and enjoy the high-quality construction that SIGGI has incorporated into it.

Features a windproof and water-resistant design

Both wind and moisture will be a problem when the winter comes and since this hunting hat is best for use during the winter and the fall, it features a windproof and water-resistant design.

As a matter of fact, it is perfect for snowy conditions and should be able to protect you from the elements while at the same time keeping you comfortable as it won’t press on your glasses if you’ll have them on

High-quality fabric construction

For the material construction, it is made of 68% cotton, 32% of it is polyester and it, does a fur lining that’s 100% polyester and there is also a faux leather coating for durability.

The combination of all these materials on the SIGGI Aviator Hat should keep you protected from the cold while at the same time keep you comfortable.

Delivers utmost warmth

Whereas most manufacturers overlook versatility in the design, this one has got the best of this. In addition to the material design described above, you can also button down the earflaps so as to keep your face and chin warm.

Alternatively, when it’s not that chilly, you could roll them up and get some good airflow without taking off the hat but keep your ears covered up a little for warmth. It is also worth pointing out that the 2” long brim doesn’t have a stiffener inside it and could be a little floppy.


  • Has got earflaps that can be buttoned or rolled up for comfort or warmth
  • It’s both windproof and water resistant
  • Features a durable cotton & polyester design with a faux leather coating


  • Its floppy on the head

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  1. Odema Unisex Women Men Trooper Hat: best unisex winter hunting hat

Odema Unisex Women Men Trooper HatYet another one for the winter is probably one of the best unisex hunting hats you’ll get your hands on. it’s available in the large and extra-large sizes, durably constructed, available in different colors and it is just as warm as it is comfortable.

Features a polyester construction

As far as durability is concerned, this hunting hat is 100% polyester which makes it quite dependable for the outdoors. As much as it is a polyester hunting hat, it’s unfortunately not waterproof but on the bright side, it will keep most of your head covered up and should be easy to clean after a messy hunt

Comes with buckle closure for security

Sine sometimes things could get a little dough during a hunt and you may need to secure your hat better, there is a buckle closure right at the bottom of the hat.

With this, you can secure the hat much better on your head when need be and for added warmth or release this when it’s not that chilly

Has got both the front flap and earflap for utmost protection

The hat also comes with a front flap and an ear flap all of which are lined with Faux fur for warmth. The former should keep your ears and cheeks well protected from the wind and with front flap, you should be well protected from the wind.

It’s also worth mentioning that the chin strap is separate from the hat and you can always take it off when you don’t need it. the ear flaps can also be buttoned up or down for different weather situations


  • Features a durable polyester construction that’s easy to clean
  • Faux fur lined earflaps and front flaps for warmth
  • Has got a bottom buckle closure for a snug fit and security


  • Though warm, It’s not waterproof

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  1. Winter Wool Baseball Cap Earflap Hats: most versatile winter hunting hat

Winter Wool Baseball Cap Earflap HatsAvailable in either the medium (22.4”-23.2”) or large size (23.2”-24”), this winter hat from Comhats might just be one of the most versatile hats you can get in its class. With warmth and comfort all in one, you couldn’t go wrong on this one.

Includes earflaps and a neck warmer

For a winter hat, it’s definitely going to function as expected. It comes with earflaps as well as a neck warmer which should be enough to give you utmost protection from the wind.

The best part about this design is that the ear flaps can always be flipped up when it’s not so cold to prevent sweating or have them down for utmost warmth. This is made possible by the snap button design on either side which besides being functional is also stylish.

Comes with a long and stiff visor

Other than the warmth, it also does have a stiff sun visor at the front which will keep your eyes well shielded from the sunlight while taking your shots. Being basically a baseball cap with ear warmers blended into one, it’s sure is quite versatile

For the build quality, it is a combination of 50% wool and 50% polyester for the fabric, the lining is 100% polyester and the fur is composed of an acrylic and polyester blend 80% and 20% of each respectively. This way, you get to stay warm and comfortable.

This blend of material also makes it easy to wash as it is recommended that you simply hand wash it with cool water, air dry or spot clean.


  • Has got a long and stiff visor for protection from the sun
  • Comes with ear flaps and a neck warmer
  • Has got snap button design to keep the flaps up when need be


  • It doesn’t have an interior lining

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  1. High-quality constructionLETHMIK Camo Winter Hunting Hat

High-quality constructionLETHMIK Camo Winter Hunting HatAs far as keeping the old out is concerned, this winter hunting hat from LETHMIK is absolutely up to the task. For a winter hat, the fit is quite outstanding and so is the protection from the cold. Not to forget the camouflaging, you’re going to blend in really well with this bad boy.

Feature one size fits most design

When it comes to the winter hunting hats, the fit is normally a priority and it’s not every day that you’ll get the best fitting one. With this one, however, it’s equally as good for the men as it is for the ladies and the hat is available from 22-24 inches which is bound to fit most people quite snugly.

Still, on the fit, there is a chin strap that can be buckled up to have it sit in your head more comfortably especially when the wind is blowing.

High-quality material construction

In addition to the fit, yet another thing that makes this one of the best hunting hats is the high-quality construction. The outer shell is made of 100% polyester whereas, for warmth and comfort, the inner lining is purely faux fur.

In addition to giving you utmost warmth and comfort, this material design is also easy to clean up- no need for machine washing or brushing plus you’ll only need to hang dry it in the shade once you are done cleaning it up.

Delivers enough warmth and comfort

Featuring a classic aviator design, this hunting hat has got a high-quality faux fur stitching. There are Ushanka ear flaps, a chin strap, and a windproof mask all of which keep you comfortable and warm while at the same time keeping out the wind.


  • Has got super warm faux ear flaps for warmth
  • Features one size fits most design
  • Includes a buckle chin strap for a snug fit


  • Though warm, it’s a little too heavy

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  1. Best Winter Hats Adult Tree Camouflage Russian/Hunters Cap: best winter duck hunting hat

Best Winter Hats Adult Tree Camouflage Russian/Hunters CapWe’re already halfway done with our best hunting hats reviews and here’s yet another winter hunting hat for you. Available in 4 different designs, each of these are just as warm as they are comfortable, allow for some adjustment on the fit and even with all these, you won’t have to break the bank.

Features an adjustable chin strap

With the fit being a priority for anyone who wants to get the most out of their hunting hat, this bad boy from Best Winter Hats comes with a lock chin strap that is also adjustable for a snug fit. Its best for fit from 22 ¼” to 23 ½ inches head circumference sizes or between the 7 1/8-7 ½ hat sizes.

Comes in a cotton and polyester blend

Besides the fit, the build quality is also amazing. It is a blend of 65% cotton while the remaining 35% is polyester- a combination that is bound to hold up quite well on both comfort and warmth. On the inside is a polyester lining that functions to add on to the warmth.

To keep both your ears and forehead covered up, there is a warm faux fur lining on either of these two locations that are warm and comfortable as well.

Has got a camouflaged design

Besides all the warmth, adjustments and a dependable fit, it is available in the maple, forest, and autumn and depending on your surroundings. There is also the pink option if you want to add a little bit of style to your hunting clothes. I’d recommend that you match up your hat to the rest of your hunting clothes for consistency as far as blending in is concerned.


  • Comes with an adjustable slide lock chin strap
  • Has got war faux fur to cover up both your forehead and ears
  • Has got durable cotton and polyester design that is warm and durable


  • It runs big on the sizing.

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Best summer hunting hats

Looking forward to the summer hunt, either of these should get you through more than just one hunting season regardless of the style of hunting you prefer.

  1. Horn Gear Trucker Hat – Hunters Series: Best hiking hat

Horn Gear Trucker Hat - Hunters SeriesLooking for one of the most comfortable hunting hats for the summer? This one has it all. Despite the simple design, it’s build quality is top of the line, the fit is perfect and has got the looks as well in which case you can choose from either of 5 different options.

Has got a cotton-poly/nylon mesh fabric

With durability being a priority on all hunting clothes, this one’s got a mesh fabric that is made of a cotton-poly/nylon fabric which is designed for the outdoors especially during the summer.

With the rear of the hat having a high-airflow mesh design, you won’t have to worry about getting uncomfortably warm or sweating too much since the air circulation is optimal.

Still, on the design, it’s worth pointing out that there’s a large enough visor on the front that’ll protect your eyes from the sunbeams which could really mess with taking your shots. Right above the visor on the front panel is an artful embroidery that adds on to the aesthetics on all the 5 different designs you can choose from.

Comes with a snap closure

Besides the durable construction, the fit too holds up quite well considering it’s the snap closure design. you can, therefore, adjust it appropriately for a snug fit depending on the hunting conditions you’re in.

With comfort and a perfect fit all in one, it’s definitely worth every penny


  • Made of a high-quality cotton-nylon/poly fabric
  • Features a breathable mesh back panel for continuous airflow
  • Has got a snap closure that delivers a snug fit


  • It’s not ideal for cold weather conditions

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Mossy Oak Hunting Cap, Infinity with Tree LogoOther than the convenience of getting a mossy oak camouflage on this hunting hat, it’s a 6-panel cap that boasts a really amazing fit. At the same time, should be ideal for a summer hunt and the best part about it is that you won’t have to break the bank for it.

It comes with a tuck-away closure

The fit is quite important with any hunting hat, don’t you agree? Well, in the case of this summer hunting hat, there’s a tuck-away closure at the rear.

This, being adjustable should get you a really snug fit in different hunting situations. Besides adjusting the fit to your preference, this hat has got a maximum head circumference of 58 centimeters making it a reliable one size fits all option.

It’s well camouflaged

For you to take your aim easily without being detected, it is well camouflaged for you to blend in easily to your surroundings. For the best results, you could go ahead and match it up with your other hunting clothes.

Comes in a low-profile design

As you will be using it in the summer, the low-profile design will really come in handy. Besides just freeing out your ear, face, and cheeks, you ought to be well-shielded against sunlight which could very much interfere with your aim.


  • It’s one size fits most with a tuck-away closure
  • Features a low-profile design
  • Camouflaged design


  • The visor weakens quickly when bent too much

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  1. MG Men’s Washed Cotton Twill Chin Cord Outdoor Hunting Hat: best duck hunting hat

MG Men's Washed Cotton Twill Chin Cord Outdoor Hunting HatComing in 5 different sizes with the smallest one being the medium and the largest the 2XL-3XL option, this is most probably the most comfortable men’s hunting hat to get you through the summer. Let’s have a closer look at what it packs under the hood, shall we?

It features a polyester and cotton design

It’s neither too light nor is it too heavy- not too light to wear out fast while at the same time not too heavy to feel too warm on your head. With 60% cotton and 40% polyester, you couldn’t go wrong with this hunting hat whatsoever.

With a cotton and polyester combo, you’re going to enjoy a high level of comfort while at the same time have your head cool and dry as you will be using this during the summer.

You will also have lots of different colors to choose from for optimal camouflaging based on our surroundings and your other hunting attire.

Has got a large enough brim and dependable crown height

Regarding the measurements, besides just being available in 5 different sizes, the crown measures 3 ¼ inches high for it to comfortably sit in your head without blocking your line of sight. The brim, on the other hand, is 2 ½ inches wide and should keep your eyes well shielded from the sun and upon doing so allowing you to get a better shot throughout the day.

Comes with an adjustable chin cord

Though you may not really need it at all times considering there is a size chart available from which you can get the most comfortable fit for you, there’s a bullet belt and self-fabric chin cord. With this, you will have the hat sit in your head more comfortably


  • Features polyester and cotton for comfort
  • Has got an adjustable chin strap for a better fit
  • Comes with a wide brim and just high enough crown height for the summer


  • The fabric does not keep a consistent form

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  1. Outdoor Cap Hunting Basics Tuck Strap Cap: best budget hunting hat

Outdoor Cap Hunting Basics Tuck Strap CapWith lots of different color options that you could choose from, here’s quite an affordable summer hunting hat for you. With lots of years of experience in the manufacture of hunting caps, both the fit and the design of this bad boy makes it ideal for the heat of summer.

Has got an adjustable tuck-away closure

It’s not every day that you can set the adjustment on a hat to just the way you’d want it for the heat of the summer and at the same time count on it to take you through your entire hunt.

With this one, however, there is an adjustable tuck-away closure at the back which can be tight or loose enough which makes this a reliable one size fits all option.

Features a polyester and cotton construction

Other than having an adjustable fit for most hunters, it’s a 60% cotton and 40% polyester composition on the material construction.

For a summer hunting hat, this should be a worthy companion since the materials will keep you both comfortable and at the same time be able to keep your head cool enough. It is also quite durable to get your through lots of hunting trips

It also does have a sun visor that’ll shield you from the sun throughout the day- you don’t have to worry about eye strains, the summer heat or struggling to see your target whatsoever.


  • Includes an adjustable tuck-away closure for a snug fit
  • Features a cotton-polyester blend material construction that’ll keep comfortable and cool
  • Includes a sun visor that’ll keep you shielded from the summer heat.


  • It is unstructured

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  1. Outdoor Cap Hunting Basics Cap: best summer deer hunting hat

Outdoor Cap Hunting Basics CapWith an adjustable closure system, lots of colors you could choose from and one of the best quality constructions you could get from a hunting cap, this is probably the best budget summer hunting cap you can get your hands on in 2019.

It comes with a cotton-polyester blend construction

Keeping out the heat while at the same time being comfortable is a priority during every summer hunt, right? Well, so as to achieve this with this hat, there is a 60/40 cotton/polyester material composition used in the design. this keeps you cool and comfortable.

There are also sewn eyelets on the hat which should allow for some air circulation in the summer heat. With a pre-curved visor on the hatand the green under visor at the bottom, you will have utmost protection from the sun for better shots and comfort.

The hat comes in a structured 6-panel design that prevents the hat from collapsing in when taken off.

Has got an adjustable fit

At the back of the hat is an adjustable Velcro closure which renders the hat adjustable for a snug fit ondifferent head sizes. Considering it is a Velcro strap closure, it’ll be quick and easy to have the adjustment right. The hat does sit mid-profile in your head thus low enough to keep you shielded from the sun while at the same time not to low to obstruct your view.


  • Features a comfortable and cool polyester-cotton construction
  • Has a structured design to maintain its shape
  • There’s an adjustable Velcro at the back for a snug fit


  • It sits tall on the head

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The ultimate guide for the best hunting hat

It’s not really a complete review without a buying guide, right? Here’s a detailed guide that should get you started on choosing the best hunting hats for all seasons.

Get a hat that is appropriate to the season

From my personal experience on hunting in different seasons, one hat cannot really take you through each season. Utmost attention should be paid when choosing a hat for the winter since you’ll want your head and ears covered from the cold.

Such a hat should also have enough padding and fur to provide the utmost insulation. Still, on that note, it would be quite easy for you all sweaty since breathability is not a priority on winter hunting hats, unlike the summer hunting hats. Winter hats also tend to be a little heavy depending on the type of material that is used and if this is a priority, do consider looking into it.

For the summer season, getting a lightweight hat that can absorb sweat or is breathable should be a priority

Ensure the fabric is durable enough

Durability is a must have on all your hunting clothes. In the case of hunting hats, the kind of fabric you get is highly dependent on your personal preferences.

Most of the hunting huts you will come across in the market are made of a combination of cotton and polyester.

Whereas cotton may be a priority during winter, the same does not hold during the summer since it might absorb lots of sweat. Instead, you should get one with mesh inserts with a polyester or cotton-polyester construction for the fabric.

The perfect fit is always the best

Besides the fabric, sizing up your hat is really important. The best way to go is for a snug fit regardless of the season you’re hunting in.

Just to be safe, going for one that offers different adjustments probably with a hook and loop closure would do you some justice. Even with the adjustments, it’s still best to take a look at the size chart offered by the manufacturer. This may especially be a priority if you opt to go for a hunting beanie.

Always go for a camouflaged hat

Not only does a hunting hat have to be of the best quality with the best fit, but it should also blend into the surroundings since the last thing you want during a hunt is to be detected easily by your prey.

Regarding this, the best way to go would be scrutinizing the environment in which you’ll be hunting then go ahead and pick out the hunting hat that blends in best. You should also match it to your other hunting clothes for the sake of consistency.

You might also want to look into some other features on a hunt. Such include the time of day for your hunt whereby you should go for one with a lighting system if you prefer to hunt at dusk or after dawn. Also, consider the size of the visor to keep your eyes shielded from the sun and at the same time be easily flexible.

Final verdict

Everyone knows how challenging it could be to start off looking for the best hunting hats from scratch and with the buying guide and product reviews above, you got all the hard work done for you. All that you need to worry about is when and how you’ll need one all of which are your personal preferences.

I’d also recommend that in order to have the utmost certainty that your hat will last for as long as possible, you observe the utmost care and maintenance. Like any other hunting clothes, these too are subject to damage if mishandled.

With that, all the best in choosing the perfect hat for you and happy hunting.