With warmer hands, a better fit and a dexterous design not only give you extreme comfort but also the best weapon control which is the trick to the best hunting experience.

Gloves are the perfect solution to the cold but then, it’s not all about protecting you from the cold when it comes to the best hunting gloves. You’ll also want something that’s comfortable enough and at the same time capable enough to protect you from any accidental injuries in the field.

Most manufacturers nowadays do not pay attention to the tiny details while manufacturing the hunting gloves which makes finding an all-around hunting glove much harder since this means you have to do a lot of looking.

To save you the time and the trouble, we’ve put together a list of the top 10 reviews of the best hunting gloves so it should be easy to get the perfect glove. Depending on what your preferences are, our buying guide should give you a head start on which glove works best for you.

Comparison chart

Below is a side by side comparison of the best of the best in 2018 so you won’t have to read all the way to the end- easily get the most durable and the best-priced hunting gloves for the money.



Reviews and top picks of the 10 best hunting gloves in 2019

For consistency, warmth, and comfort, here’s a review of some of the best hunting gloves you could get your hands on in 2019. Only choose from an expert’s recommended picks.

1. SITKA Gear Pantanal GTX Glove

SITKA Gear Pantanal GTX GloveStarting off our reviews of the best hunting gloves is the SITKA GTX which is available in 4 different sizes. In addition to the attractive looks, it’s also quite a comfortable glove and will get you through most hunting situations

Features the GORE-TEX 3-layer hard shell

As far as keeping the elements off your hands is concerned, the 3-layer hard shell is guaranteed to do just fine. Featuring a waterproof, breathable and windproof laminate, you get to have your hands warm and dry at all times for maximum comfort and stability.

There is also the gore Windstopper technology which will protect your hands from stronger winds. This membrane works with the layer underneath it to prevent overheating and sweat build up hence releasing moisture easily. At the same time, the fabric is soft and lightweight for versatility and durability.Click to See More Images

It has got articulated fingers

With the articulated patterning of the GTX, there is minimized bulk which means you get more dexterity. At the same time, there is a backhand absorbent pad that functions to wick away moisture off your forehead or keep a running nose in check.

Features an odor control technology

In order to neutralize odor from sweating, there is the polygiene odor control technology that permanently and safely gets rid of odor by the use of a natural antimicrobial silver salt

Utmost insulation

For ultimate insulation, the GTX has got the Primaloft technology. This makes use of ultra-fine fibers that are designed to keep maximum warmth even when it is wet hence creating a product that is well insulated, quiet and less bulky.


  • It has got the polygiene odor control technology
  • Features the Gore-Tex technology that is weatherproof
  • It has got PrimaLoft insulation for warmth retention


  • It doesn’t offer much feel.

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2. Under Armour Men’s ColdGear Infrared Scent Control 2.0

Under Armour Men's ColdGear Infrared Scent Control 2 0Standing out as one of the most credited brands out there in the making of some of the best hunting gloves, Under Armour ColdGear, as the name suggests will keep you warm and at the same time is lightweight and can be counted on to handle your weapon.

Features a scent control technology

Aimed at making you less detectable and in the long run increase your chances of getting your kill, the ColdGear features a scent control technology which works by trapping and suppressing odors which then makes you less detectable hence making it easy to stalk your prey.

Features a thermo-conductive inner coating

As you can already tell from the name, the ColdGear is aimed at keeping you as warm as possible out in the elements. It uses a thermo-conductive inner coating which basically absorbs and retains most of your body heat hence keeping your hands warm for a more stable shot each time you pull the trigger.

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Includes the PrimaLoft insulation

You’ll be getting 6 ounces of the PrimaLoft insulation which is not only light but at the same time it’s water resistant, breathable and also adds on to the warmth. This basically keeps you warm, dry and comfortable

Features a silicone palm for extra grip

To make it the ultimate hunting glove, the ColdGear includes a silicone print on the palm. This is intended to give you extra grip such that you can always have your weapon at hand at all times even in wet conditions.

Also, it is worth mentioning that the fingertips are touch screen compatible so you won’t have to take them off each time you’d like to make a call or capture a moment during your hunt.


  • Includes a scent control technology
  • Features touch screen compatible fingertips
  • It has a silicone grip palm for a firm grip at all times.


  • They may give in and crack if the temperatures are in the negatives

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3. Under Armour Mens SC Af Glove 2.0: our recommendation

Under Armour Mens SC Af Glove 2 0Yet another one from Under Armour is the Mens SC Af Glove. Intended to get you the most out of your hunting trip, the glove features durable construction, it is comfortable and it is also available in 4 different sizes.

Features a silicone palm design

When it comes to handling your weapon, this hunting gloves just so happens to be one of the best. It features a palm with a silicone printing that is aimed at giving you an extra grip. This should come in handy especially in wet conditions when the weapon could easily slip off your hand

Has got the Armour Fleece construction

Intended to give you the best performance in this glove is the Armour Fleece construction. It is a combination of a lightweight material that makes the glove comfortable to have on, a quick-drying fabric that is quite convenient and most importantly warm to keep the cold off your fingers.

Speaking of warmth, the wrist cuffs on these gloves are extended which gives you extra warmth while at the same time offering a snug and comfortable fit.

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Includes a Tech Touch print

You won’t have to take the gloves off so as to use your touch screen devices as the thumbs and fingers have a Tech Touch print for utmost convenience.

Features a scent control technology

Yet another amazing feature about this men’s glove is the scent control technology which basically traps and suppresses the odors which make it hard for animals to pick up your scent so it should be easy to stalk your prey.


  • It has extended wrist cuffs for comfort and added warmth
  • Includes a tech touch print on thumbs and fingers
  • Features a silicone palm for additional grip


  • They might wear out fast depending on how you use them.

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  1. Under Armour Men’s Scent Control 2 Hunting Gloves

Under Armour Men's Scent Control 2 Hunting GlovesBesides coming in two different colors, it is also available in the medium, large and extra-large size. It allows for the smooth handling of your weapon in addition to giving you an amazing fit. So, is it really worth it? let’s find out…

Features a soft fleece nose wipe

Even the tiniest distraction while out hunting can cost you your kill. Yes, that includes a running nose too. Mostly in cold conditions, we often have to put up with the discomfort of a running nose which can be quite annoying and distracting if you have to reach out to your handkerchief every few minutes.

To ensure that you always have your eyes on your target, there is a soft fleece nose wipe at the back of the thumb.

Has got a silicone printed palm

The hunting glove is made of 88% polyester and 12% spandex which is durable but for the palm, you’ll be getting a silicone print which gives you additional grip.

Even in wet conditions, the palm will ensure your weapon always stays in your hand.

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The fingertips are touch screen compatible

Meant to make things easier for you is the fingertip touch compatibility. No need to take off your hunting gloves any more with the fingertip touch compatibility- make that phone call, send that text message or capture that beautiful moment at any time.

Features the Under Armour scent control

To keep you at a low profile, the Under Armour scent control traps and suppresses any odors which makes it difficult for animals to pick up your scent


  • Includes a soft fleece nose wipe at the back of your thumb
  • Features a silicone printed palm for additional grip
  • Their fingertips are touch screen compatible


  • It’s a little thin
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  1. FRDM Outdoor Gloves

FRDM Outdoor GlovesIf you like to use your smartphone during a hunt and want a glove that’s also going to keep your palm fully covered, the FRDM Outdoor Gloves are definitely meant for you. They’re comfortable, have got a high-quality construction and are present in 4 different sizes

Features a convertible design

When it comes to flexibility of use, this hunting glove is suitable for hunting in environments that are warmer than 40 degrees while at the same time keeping your hands completely covered for protection.

In addition to this, the index finger and the thumb are designed with hidden magnets which make it possible to free your fingers for the operation of your camera or mobile phone just in case the weather gets a little cold

High-quality material construction

For the build quality, you’ll be getting a 3-layer material. This includes a breathable, water-resistant and windproof softshell that repels water and at the same time keeps out snow.

The backing is fleece insulated to keep you fairly warm and there is a wicking tricot lining which you could use to wick moisture off your forehead.

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Offers an outstanding grip

On the palm is a silicone screen-printed topographic pattern which allows you to have a firm grip of your weapon at all times.

Also, considering they are mid-weight gloves, there is a zipper mesh bag included for carrying or storing them and if you’re in between sizes, sizing down will give you a snug fit.


  • Features a backflip index finger and thumb design for dexterity
  • Has got a silicone screen-printed palm for an amazing grip
  • Features a breathable, water resistant and windproof softshell


  • The magnet on the flaps is not that strong

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  1. Huntworth Men’s Long Pile Fleece Stealth Hunting Gloves: runner’s up

Huntworth Men's Long Pile Fleece Stealth Hunting GlovesAvailable in the medium, large and the extra-large sizes, this men’s glove will give you everything you need for one of the best hunting experiences. They’re warm, they’re safe and will definitely be one of the best fitting hunting gloves you’ve ever come across.

Features a 4-way stretch fabric

In order to ensure you get to have a snug fit in all the 3 different sizes, the hunting glove has been constructed with a 4-way stretch fleece shell which is also smooth and soft so as far as comfort goes, you can have these gloves on for as long as you want. At the back of the inside fabric is also a long pile fleece that adds on to the comfort.

Has got a scent’-reducing feature

Considering odors are the main setback as far as hunting is concerned, this one has got a Microban antimicrobial treated Tricot on the palm that functions to reduce the scent hence keeping you comfortable throughout your hunt and also reducing chances of detection.

The gloves are also ultra-quiet for minimal disruption and also considering that they have digital camo, you’ll remain hidden as you pull the trigger.

Designed to lock in your body heat

When it gets a little cold, the gloves will keep you warm with the tricot lining on the inside that is also printed with a reflective ceramic ink hence locking in your body heat for continuous warmth

Secure palm grip

Handling your weapon will be quite easy with these gloves. There is a layered patch present on the palm which ensures you have a secure grip that is further enhanced by a tacky silicone print.

Also, the gloves have got touch screen enabled fingertips which make it easy and reliable to use your phone and other mobile devices.


  • They have a scent-reducing feature for comfort
  • There’s a layered palm grip for better weapon handling
  • It’s designed to keep in your body heat


  • Unclipping them might be a little bit of a problem at times

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  1. Men’s Huntsman Pop-Top Glove: most versatile hunting glove

Men's Huntsman Pop-Top GloveWhen the temperatures get unbearably low, you might have to compromise comfort for warmth but what if I told you this pair of gloves can actually give you the best of both? Featuring a hybrid of the mittens and full fingered gloves, there’s no way you could go wrong with this pair

Offers a fair amount of insulation

Being the key feature on this bad boy, it comes with a lining of 80 grams f a 3M Thinsulate insulation which at the same time is not at all bulky so you won’t be tempted to take them off and sacrifice safety for comfort.

There is also a zippered heater pack pocket at the back of the pop top which is meant for hand warmers for additional warmth.

Includes an anti-microbial lining

The Odor-XCHANGE anti-microbial lining basically targets the bacteria which cause bad odor and at the same time wicks away moisture off your hands this keeping you dry, warm and comfortable.

Has got touch screen fingertip

Whereas you can have the pop-top keeping you amazingly warm, you can take them off and switch to the full-fingered design with which you will be able to better handle your weapon and at the same time enjoy maximum dexterity for other tasks.

In addition to this, the fingertip on the index finger is lined with a Touch PU material that features the PRO-TEXT technology which incorporates a touch-sensitive material for handling touch screen devices.

Features a Realtree edge pattern

The anti-microbial lining functions to eliminate odors that would make you detectable but the gloves also have a Realtree Edge pattern which makes you blend into the hunting environment for better hunting results.


  • Features an anti-microbial lining which reduces odor and keeps your hands dry
  • Includes a pop-top and is lined with 80g of 3M Thinsulate for warmth
  • Features a touch-sensitive index finger


  • They’re a little noisy during a hunt.

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  1. Wroxx Hunting Gloves

Wroxx Hunting GlovesAvailable in the small, medium, large and extra-large sizes. For a budget hunting glove, they’ve got quite a durable material construction. The fit is outstanding on all sizes and they’re also designed to offer you optimal versatility.

Features touchscreen compatibility

The gloves give you the convenience of being able to use your touch screen device with them on. The touch screen is compatible with the thumb and forefinger each of which has a rubberized pattern in order to make this possible

Has got a perfect fit

Featuring a lightweight and non-insulated design, they’ll be quite comfortable to have on especially when the temperatures spike.

To add on to the comfort, the gloves also have a stretch fit design which makes it possible to fit different sizes. There is also an extended cuff on the gloves that have a sports utility grip so you get to have a snug and fit with the best grip.

More than just hunting gloves

The gloves feature a camo pattern and are made of a high-quality material which should work well with most hunting situations.

In addition to using them in a hunt only, you can use these gloves also as a liner to increase the longevity of your gloves.


  • Smartphone touchscreen compatible
  • Lightweight in nature for unlimited comfort
  • Have a stretch fit design for an ideal fit


  • Not ideal as gloves for low temperatures

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  1. SPIKA Hunting Glove: best budget hunting glove

SPIKA Hunting GloveStanding out to be one of the most affordable gloves for hunting for shooting, the SPIKA Hunting glove features a camouflage print. It also comes in a comfortable fit and should be perfect for any hunting situation.

Features a durable MICRO FUSE fabric

For both durability and stealth, this pair of gloves comes with both a quiet and durable material construction that’s bound to get you through any hunting situation.

The design of the SPIKA hunting glove also features a Velcro adjustable wrist strap that gives you a snug and comfortable fit throughout the hunt.

Touch screen compatibility

Unlike most hunting gloves, you won’t have to take this one off every time you’d want to use your touchscreen devices. This saves you from any inconveniences when it comes to making that urgent phone call or taking a quick picture of your catch.

Water resistant design

The SPIKA hunting glove features a treatment that functions to repel the rain while at the same time reduces moisture absorbency. You can, therefore, count on the SPIKA hunting glovefor use in wet conditions.


There is also beaded palm protection which gives you a better grip which when working hand in hand with the moisture repellent fabric makes it possible for you to use your weapon comfortably even with your hands wet.

Includes a camouflage print

So as to blend into the surrounding environment and to make it much easier for you to take your shot without being detected, it comes with a Realtree Xtra camouflage.


  • Features a Velcro adjustable wrist strap for a snug fit.
  • Has got touchscreen compatibility
  • Features a moisture repellent treatment that also minimizes moisture absorbency


  • Always ensure the Velcro strap is adjusted before a hunt since it’s a little noisy
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  1. Eamber Camouflage Hunting Gloves

Eamber Camouflage Hunting GlovesThough it only comes in the medium, large and extra-large variants, the Eamber Camouflage Hunting Glove has got plenty more you’ll be getting from it. the build quality is amazing for a budget hunting glove, the fit is good and there’s a Camo Realtree which should keep your hands hidden as you aim at your target

Features a fingerless design

Boasting to be one of the best hunting gloves that come at an affordable price but at the same time offer utmost dexterity, the Eamber Camouflage has got optional fingerless access for the thumb, the index and the middle finger.

You can cover up your fingers when handling hunting equipment or when it gets too cold or alternatively take them off to use your hand which is more flexible and available for any hand movement as compared to taking the whole glove off.

Includes a unique buckle design

The buckle design makes it difficult to lose the gloves when you’re not using them since it allows you to connect them together.

Durable material construction

For the build quality, the gloves come with a polyester + fleece construction. The fleece is thin to ensure your hands are kept warm while at the same time allows for flexible hand movement


  • Has got an optional fingerless design for dexterity
  • Includes a buckle that connects the pair together making them hard to lose
  • Features a polyester and fleece design for warmth and flexibility


  • The Velcro on the fingerless holes gets stuff stuck on them easily

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Best hunting gloves buying Guide

Depending on what time in the hunting season it is and what your goals are, here’s a buying guide that will ensure you get the best

Cold weather hunting gloves

As a hunter, the most difficult thing you may have to do is keeping your hands warm reason being that your extremities (hands and feet) give in to the cold much faster as compared to other body parts. What’s even more difficult is getting a glove that’ll be comfortable enough to keep your trigger finger active.

A warm glove for cold weather will have a thicker liver than might compromise dexterity and mobility. Also, I’d recommend that you go for gloves that are breathable and windproof (if necessary) as well. It’s also best not to get gloves that are too tight since this might cut blood flow to your fingers.

What about mittens?

This might seem like a poor choice to go for but the thing is, they give you more warmth and since they’re hunting gloves, they are not your typical mittens. Hunting mittens can always be folded up to free your fingers quick without having to take off the whole thing.

Full fingered gloves vs fingerless gloves

Whereas cold weather gloves will compromise on dexterity and mobility over warmth, these to variants are the preferred choice for most hunters. Let’s see what each of them has

Full fingered gloves

These are the kind you would also call the general-purpose gloves. The full-fingered gloves mostly come with complete insulation and the difference in their performance entirely depends on the materials from which they are made.

The best of them, however, features a breathable design and have the utmost insulation and windproofing. At the same time, they do give the wearer complete dexterity and mobility for utmost comfort. With these on, you’ll be able to feel things which makes it easy to reach to your trigger and load up your weapon.

Fingerless gloves

For even better dexterity, I’d recommend that you go for this type of glove. The fingerless gloves are intended to make shooting friendlier and they are best for use when it’s a little warm in the hunting season. On the downside, as dexterous and breathable as they are, you will have to put up with a little bit of cold.

Riding gloves

Now here’s where material design is a priority. Some hunters prefer to track down their prey while riding on a horseback and an ordinary glove just doesn’t have what it takes to get things going.

Gloves meant exclusively for riding are constructed with a thick material most preferably leather which allows for finger movement while at the same time guarding you against any injury from your fingers rubbing against the reins.

Falconry gloves

Whereas others use horses, other hunters will use falcons to track down their prey and cover more ground. Falconry gloves cover up most of your forearm and are made of a tough material such as leather.

They mostly come with a D-ring near the palm as well as a tassle close to the wrist which makes it easier to handle the birds.

Always watch out for the glove scent

If the scent of your kill rubs off on your gloves, it would mean that your chances of getting close to other potential prey, later on, are minimal. To take care of this, go for gloves that have an odor-eliminator and also consider using odorless anti-microbial treatments when cleaning them up.


Getting the ideal hunting glove is much easier now, right? There are many different types of hunting gloves and different scenarios in which you should best use a given type of glove. At the end of the day, it’s all about getting a hunting glove that will be up to the task, comfortable and durable.

Even with the best glove, it would be great to exercise utmost care and maintenance to keep them in good condition and always clean up to avoid risking infections or compromising your hunt the following day you’re out hunting.

Most importantly, don’t be hasty when choosing a hunting glove, get your priorities straight and you’ll be good to go.