Hunting is all about timing and as it turns out, hunting in the early hours of dawn or even staying out late in the evening proves to yield much better results than hunting during the day.

Whereas most prey comes out in the extreme hours, such times can be difficult to hunt in if you don’t have the best hunting flashlight. Well, other than needing one in order to see your prey, you might need one to look for a misplaced item and even for self-defense in some cases.

Either way, at the end of the day, a hunting flashlight is clearly an invaluable tool to have with you any day on a hunt regardless of the application. To make things easy for you, we’ve put together a list of the top flashlights in 2019 all of which are from the most reputed brands.

Let’s get to it then and have a look at the best expert-level hunting flashlights.

Bet hunting flashlight- top 5 tips

Before we proceed further, here are some tips that sure will come in handy when it comes down to getting the best out of your flashlight

  • For hunting, be sure to get a flashlight with different mode settings
  • Pay attention to the ANSI FL1 standards that the flashlight adheres to
  • The more compact it is, the better: don’t go for a flashlight that’s too much trouble to carry
  • Ensure you stick to a flashlight whose power source has a longer battery life
  • Consider getting a flashlight with a lockout feature to keep it from accidentally turning on

Comparison chart

We’re all about making things easy for you and there’s no better way to do this other than with the side by side comparison of the very best down below.

Best flashlight for hunting- the best picks of 2019

On to the main agenda, it’s time we take a look at what the best hunting flashlights are all about. With either of the flashlights listed down below, you sure are going to get the biggest kick for your buck.

1. Orion H30 Predator Red or Green Premium

Orion H30 Predator Red or Green Premium

The Orion H30 is not really the cheapest hunting flashlight you could get your hands on and there’s a very good reason for this. First things first, it is available in either the red or green variant and in addition to this, the durability is top of the line plus and plenty more. Here’s what you should be looking forward to…

It comes with an extended battery life

The last thing you’ll want is a hunting flashlight whose battery power will not take you for as long as you may want it to as you hunt, right? Well, what if I told you that with this bad boy, you will be able to optimize on this?

It does come with 4 different brightness settings each of which have got different runtimes, starting with the 300lm setting which will go for as long as 4 hours of continuous use, the 190lm that lasts for 5 hours, the 50lm that goes for 17 hours and the 6lm that goes for 120 hours. For the beam distance, it can light up for distances as far as 273 yards.

By switching between the various brightness levels, the flashlight should get you through the dark hours of your hunt.

As for the batteries, you’ll be needing the compact 2x CR123A or alternatively, you can go ahead and use a rechargeable battery which is included in the package.

Features a high-quality construction

On to the build quality, it features aviation-grade aluminum construction that also comes with a matte anodized resistant finish both of which allow it to hold up quite well against scratches or even impact. At the end of the day, you’ll find this quite useful for the outdoors.

Has got a waterproof construction

Other than just having a durable exterior, yet another thing you’ll appreciate on the construction is that it is able to stand up against moisture as well.

There’s more…

Yet another thing you’ll appreciate on this hunting flashlight is that it does come with a scope mount, a barrel mount, a remote pressure switch for convenience as well as a charger kit.

  • It’s got an IPX-8 water resistance rating
  • Comes in an aviation-grade aluminum construction
  • Features 4 brightness settings
  • It might take some practice to get the right setting.

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2. Odepro KL52Plus Zoomable Hunting Flashlight

Odepro KL52Plus Zoomable Hunting Flashlight

Whether you are looking for the best green flashlight for hunting or the red variant, the Odepro KL52Plusstands out to be the most versatile. Most importantly, it does come with convenient accessories, features quality construction and is at the same time functional for any form of hunting.

Has got a water-resistant and durable construction

It’s not always about the light beam and intensity when selecting a hunting flashlight. You’ll want the construction to be just as good as the performance.

In order to render this bad boy eligible for use when hunting, it does feature both an aluminum body that makes it hold up quite well against any impact hence protecting the integrity of the internal components. It also doe shave a matte black finish which is non-reflective and features a military grade type III anodization.

When it comes to the water resistance, it’s got an IP68 waterproof grade rating which is the best and you can count on this bad boy to get through rainy days or accidental drops in water bodies.

Includes a smart remote switch

Coming along with this high-powered flashlight is a smart remote switch. This uses intelligent pressure and as such, your hands will be free when holding your shotgun- simply press and hold the silent button to turn the light on and release it to turn off the light.

Usable in 4 different lighting modes

As far as versatility is concerned, this just so happens to be one of the best deals you could get. With 4 different LED modules that are easy to load and unload, you and switch between either the red, green, white and the IR850nm light.

With all of these at your disposal, you will find the flashlight quite handy for different hunting situations and for targeting various prey and varmint.

Features an adjustable focus

Depending on the hunting situation you are faced with, you can adjust the focus such that it can be used as a spotlight in the high mode to reach a distance as far as 1350 feet plus you can also zoom in using the floodlight option when searching for targets.s

Still, on that note, another added advantage of getting this flashlight is that it boasts an AR coating for anti-reflective performance that optimizes on the light it emits.

Powering it up

For the battery and charger, it utilizes two 18650 batteries which have got automatic protection against overcharge and discharge as well as short circuit protection.

  • Comes in a the AL6061-T6 aluminum with premium anodized finish
  • Features an AR coating toughened glass lens that is anti-reflective
  • It’s available in 4 different LED modules.
  • You’ll want to be keen on the installation to ensure it functions as needed

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3. A8Plus Cree Green Red White Osram Infrared 850nm IR Hunting Light Kit

A8Plus Cree Green Red White Osram Infrared 850nm IR Hunting Light Kit

Yet another amazing hunting flashlight deal, the A8Plus, will be an amazing addition to your hunting rifle as far as targeting different prey and varmint is concerned. With 4 different LED modules and plenty more, there’s no way you could go wrong with this one.

It includes an aluminum alloy housing

So as to make it the ultimate hinting flashlight, the exterior design of this bad boy is just as good as its performance. On the outside is an aviation-grade aluminum construction that also features a Matte anodized finish which is resistant to both strong impacts as well as scratches.

Something else you’ll definitely appreciate regarding the build quality is that it has got the IPX-6 water resistance rating. Even though this is not the highest level of water resistance one can get on a hunting flashlight, it should be enough to keep the flashlight protected from heavy rain.

Available in 4 different color beams

As far as functionality is concerned, the A8Plus can be used in either of 4 different LED modules. These include the green at 350 yards, red at 250 yards, white at 450 yards and infrared.

The best part about the different modules is that you won’t be needing any tools to switch between either of them. It is also possible to focus each of the different lights to a spot beam equipped with a glass convex lens

Features a reliable power source

Included with the flashlight is a home and car charger plus a pair of rechargeable 18650 2600mAh batteries. These should give you as long as 3-4 hours of constant runtime.

  • Features aluminum construction with IPX-6 waterproof rating
  • Comes along with 4 different LED modules
  • Offers up to 4 hours of continuous runtime
  • It only has got one brightness setting

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4. Primos Bloodhunter HD Shadow Free Blood Tracking Light

Primos Bloodhunter HD Shadow Free Blood Tracking Light

Tracking is a major part of hunting unless you get a perfect shot to the vitals and immobilize the animals, right. Considering that tracking can be quite cumbersome especially in low light situations, this blood tracking flashlight review of the Primos Bloodhunter should give you every reason to invest in it…

It comes in 2 different power settings

By now, I’m pretty sure you can agree to the fact that versatility is what getting the best flashlight for hunting is all about. So as to ensure you are able to get the biggest bang for your buck with this one, you can be able to switch between either the HD tracking mode or the low illumination mode.

Not only are the different power settings convenient in different lighting conditions but you’ll also find them useful when it comes to optimizing the battery power when necessary.

Has got a flat handle design

On to the design, the flat handle configuration it comes in makes it quite easy and comfortable to hold. Still, on that note, it’s also worth pointing out that with the Cardura holster that’s got belt straps included in the packaging, it can be carried with ease.

It’s powered by intense 600lm LEDs

On the functionality of this bad boy, it’s powered by 600lm CREE XM LEDs which are quite strong and use a custom optical filter that reduces select colors so as to amplify blood making it easy to track prey.

For the batteries, it utilizes the CR123 type that is lightweight and more importantly bound to last for a long time.

  • Features a flat handle design which makes it comfortable to carry
  • Includes 2 power settings- intense HD and dull tracking
  • Powered by the intense 600LM CREE XM LEDs
  • It also illuminates red vegetation cover

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5. X.YShine LED Hunting Flashlight, HS-802

X.YShine LED Hunting Flashlight, HS-802

From the construction to the functionality, the HS-802 from X-YShine does have it all. This green flashlight sure is going to give you a bang for your buck; it’s got a long-distance coverage, uses a rechargeable battery, features high intensity and plenty more. here’s a closer look.

Has got a 6061T aluminum housing

Being something that most manufacturers would overlook in the design of a flashlight in its class, the internal components of the HS-802 are housed by a high-end aluminum-alloy frame.

This makes it the perfect companion for use on a hunt since it’s integrity will be preserved in the event of any accidental drops. With the flashlight measuring only 176mm long and has a head diameter of 45.5mm with a weight of 234 grams with the batteries excluded, it won’t be any trouble whatsoever to carry it.

In order for you to mount it on your scope with ease, there is a single scope mount that comes along with the flashlight.

Features a high penetrating power

It’s not really a good enough hunting flashlight if it does not light up good enough on a low-lit hunting day, right? To give you the best time, the X.YShine features a green light which, despite animals being insensitive to it, has got a really strong penetrating power.

The light can shine as bright as 350 lumens and in addition to this, it can shine for a distance as far as 250 yards when the flashlight is on a full charge. This makes the flashlight convenient to use in low lighting and most importantly, it is healthy to our eyes

Designed with a versatile condenser cup

Included in this green hunting flashlight is a newly developed lengthened condenser cup which makes the reflective property of the flashlight highly efficient hence making the light spot perfect and no-black spots.


The flashlight also does feature a dual switch mechanism whereby the first one is the tail-cap switch for the on/off function and the second one is the momentary light switch that uses a pressure pad. In order to power it up, there is a single 18650 rechargeable battery which will keep the flashlight lit for a maximum of 4 hours

  • Has got a durable T6160 aluminum alloy construction
  • Has got a 250-yard lighting distance
  • Uses the 18650 rechargeable batteries with a maximum runtime of 4 hours
  • The mount and pressure switch are a little faulty

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6. Fyland Tactical Flashlight – 350 Lumens And Yards

Fyland Tactical Flashlight - 350 Lumens And Yards

Looking for the best flashlight for camping, hunting, and any other outdoor activities? I’d really recommend that you give this one a shot. With an aluminum body, the rechargeable batteries, bright and long-distance light casting plus plenty more, it sure is the best value flashlight one could get in its class. Here’s what you should look forward to.

Built with an IPX-6 water resistant rating

Starting off with one of the most appreciated features when it comes to using flashlights in the outdoors, the IPX-6 water resistance rating allows for the internal components of the flashlight to be well protected from heavy rainfall.

Alongside the water resistance feature, you will also appreciate the 6061-aluminum alloy design which should be enough to withstand any knocks or scratches which are quite common in standard flashlights.

Something else worth pointing out is that the flashlight features a slip-resistant grip and as such, it will have quite a comfortable feel in your hand.

Offers a 100-degree angle of illumination

On to the functionality of this bad boy, their wide-angle illumination makes it possible to locate prey at a long distance without distracting them whatsoever.

Unlike most wavelengths of light, most animals are actually insensitive to green light which basically gives you better odds of hitting your target. It’s also worth pointing out that the flashlight can emit a focused beam for a distance as far as 350 yards and it’s got a single high mode which makes it quite easy to work with

Comes with a remote pressure switch

Something else you’ll definitely appreciate upon mounting this on your hunting rifle is the remote pressure switch. After setting it up using the included ordinary offset mount, you can then use the remote pressure switch which doesn’t have any clicking sound that could give up your position to animals.

Besides the remote switch, there is also a tail cap clicky switch that will prove quite functional when you choose not to mount the flashlight on your rifle

  • Built with an aviation-grade anodized aluminum
  • Comes with a remote silent pressure switch
  • It’s got an IPX-6 water resistance rating
  • It only comes with one lighting mode

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7. Paragala Outdoor Handheld Tactical Flashlights

Paragala Outdoor Handheld Tactical Flashlights

Boasting to be one of the few hunting flashlights that can be used for hunting and general applications just as effectively, Paragala has designed it to give you more than just one LED lighting module and the build quality is just as good as the performance. Here’s what makes this one of the best value flashlights

Has got 3 different lighting modes

With versatility being the key factor when choosing hunting flashlight, this one has got quite a lot to offer to start with the 3 different lighting modes.

These include the Red, the green and the white light. Whereas the red and green light is useful for a hunt, you’ll find the white light mode quite reliable when camping, reading or just walking.

That’s not all…

The flashlight uses a 5MM LED bulb which has got a maximum output of 250 lumens and reaches a beam light as far as 10 meters

Boasts the IPX7 water resistance rating

On to the water resistance, the IPX7 sating ensures that the internal components are well protected both on rainy days or when you accidentally drop the flashlight in water. As such, you sure are going to enjoy using this high-powered flashlight despite then prevailing hunting conditions

Features an aluminum alloy casting construction

Alongside the water resistance IPX7 rating, this outdoor flashlight also comes with a high-quality aluminum alloy casting.

As it turns out, this is one of the best materials one could get on a flashlight as far as drop protection is concerned and in the case of this one, it should be able to withstand a drop of up to 1.5 meters which is quite impressive for a flashlight in its class. In addition to being well-protected against drop protection, it also features a slip-resistant grip which makes it quite comfortable to hold even with wet or sweaty hands.

As for the weight, it’s only 0.19 kilograms heavy which makes it no trouble to carry outdoors.

  • Has got a 5MM LED bulb with 250 lumens max and a 10M light beam
  • It’s got an IPX7 water resistance rating
  • with 3 different lighting modes for the utmost versatility
  • It’s a little cumbersome to switch between the different lighting modes.

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8. J5 Tactical Hyper V Ultra Bright Tactical Flashlight

J5 Tactical Hyper V Ultra Bright Tactical Flashlight

We’re way past halfway with our reviews and we’re doing great so far. Despite the simple design, this 400lm tactical flashlight from J5 Tactical will be giving you solid hours of bright lighting and more so, it features a portable design which makes it easy to carry along anywhere. Here’s every reason you should check it out.

It comes with an adjustable focus

Without doubt, versatility stands out to be the most desirable features on a flashlight which, I’ve got to say, is greatly paid attention to as far as the functionality of this one is concerned.

With the ability to be able to adjust the focus between either of the 3 different modes available (the high, medium and strove setting), you will be able to light up your surroundings conveniently. It is also possible to alter between the narrow-to-wide beam which is yet another feature that makes this bad boy convenient for use in different applications.

Features a portable yet sturdy construction

Second to how well a hunting flashlight functions, you’ll also want to pay close attention to how well the flashlight is built.

Despite being portable enough to take with you almost anywhere, it is sturdy enough to withstand drops that are as high as 9-feet. Alongside the drop protection, you should also find it quite reliable when using it in wet or cold conditions

Has got a high intensity LED light

Despite being small in size, it is able to deliver a beam of light that is as strong as 400 lumens and should be strong enough to light over 2 football fields on a clear night. So as to power it up, you’ll be needing 3 AAA batteries which should be all you need to get solid hours of bright lighting and a few weeks for standard lighting.

  • Features a compact and portable design
  • Comes with an adjustable focus and different lighting modes
  • Has got a water resistance and high-quality indestructible design
  • The spotlight mode casts a square light

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9. MsForce Brightest & Best LED Tactical Flashlights

MsForce Brightest & Best LED Tactical Flashlights

For anyone who’s looking for the best flashlight to walk at night, this package will surely come in handy. It’s available in either a two pack of a pair of smallhigh powered flashlightsor a small one and a large one. In addition to the versatile options one can choose from, they’ll hold up quite well during a hunt. Here’s what makes this pack worth every dime.

Has got lots of brightness settings

Whereas you may be quite comfortable to use a flashlight with static brightness for general applications, the same does not hold when using hunting or tactical flashlights.

In order to make this package the ultimate outdoor flashlight, you’ll able to switch between either of 5 different levels of brightness intensities. These include the high, medium, low, strobe and SOS brightness intensity all of which can be switched at in a breeze.

There’s more…

To add icing to the cake, the brightness levels on both the small one and the big flashlight are quite mind-blowing. Whereas the larger one has got as much as 2000 lumens, the smaller one will provide an amazing 1000 lumens making this package the brightest hunting flashlight

More on the flashlight’s functionality, you can be able to zoom in or out so as to get the right focus

Comes in a water resistant and rugged design

It does have to be all-around in order to serve you well enough in the outdoors, right? Well, in the case of these ones, you’ll have the quality ABS rugged construction and the IPX4 water resistance rating to thank for making these flashlights the number one choice for outdoor enthusiasts.

With the ABS housing, you can count on this flashlight to remain intact even when accidentally dropped whereas the IPX4 rating deems it eligible for use when exposed to water.

Besides having the IPX4 protection from water, you can also count on this flashlight to function flawlessly even in areas of temperatures as low as -4 degrees Fahrenheit and as high as 158 degrees Fahrenheit

Feature a drop-free design

Last but not least, this stands out to be one of the few flashlights that’ll prove easy enough to carry while on the move and this can be credited to both the skid-proof design and string loops. For the string loops, you can hang the flashlight on your belt clip or hold it in your hand.

  • Features 5 different levels of intensity
  • Has got a rugged ABS and IPX4 water-resistant design
  • Built with a string loop and anti-skid texture for drop prevention
  • The charger’s build quality is a little fragile

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10. WINDFIRE Green LED Light 300 Yards Tactical Flashlight

WINDFIRE Green LED Light 300 Yards Tactical Flashlight

Other than the fact that this hunting flashlight will be able to light up as far as 300 yards on the path ahead of you, there’s plenty more to look forward to ranging from the long-lasting LED to the amazing build quality and multiple lighting options. Check out below what it does pack under the hood.

Comes with a riflescope mount

It’s not every day that you’ll come across an LED flashlight for hunting that does have a high-quality mount for use on your riflescope. As compared to others in its class, the mount on this tactical flashlight is made of high-quality plastic and is compatible with riflescopes that have got large objective lenses.

The scope mount also sports an anti-shaking design which deems it eligible for use when you have to move fast and prevents the flashlight from falling off the riflescope in the event of heavy recoils.

Made with a high-quality aluminum housing

On to the flashlight itself, it boats a top of the line aluminum housing. What makes this stand out from other materials is that with the high-quality aluminum alloy, the solid constructions qualify it as one of the best when protection against accidental drops or impacts is a priority.

At the same time, aluminum is quite light and you won’t have to worry about adding too much weight on to your hunting rifle.

Alongside a sturdy housing, you’ll also find the waterproof exterior quite handy when hunting in rainy conditions. You should, however, be careful not to submerge it under water

Features two lighting options

On to the functionality of this green flashlight for hunting, you can switch between either a spot beam when lighting the path ahead of you or alternatively switch to the flood beam that will come in handy when finding game in the distance without disturbing them. Speaking of distance, it is able to shine at a minimum of 150 yards and as far ahead as 300 yards depending on the selected beam mode.

There’s still more…

You’ll also appreciate the dial light switch mechanism whereby you can use either the tail cap that allows for the on/off or alternatively uses the pressure pad that’ll switch the light on momentarily.

Powering up the batteries is either a pair of 18650 3.7V rechargeable batteries or alternatively, one could use three AAA batteries.

  • Includes a top of the line aluminum-alloy construction
  • Enjoy utmost nighttime illumination of up to 150-300-yard distance
  • Comes with a focus function for different hunting situations
  • The pressure switch is inconsistent

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11. ULTRAFIRE Green Hunting Flashlight, XP-E2

ULTRAFIRE Green Hunting Flashlight, XP-E2

If you are looking for an affordable green light tactical flashlight, you’ve hit the jackpot with this one. Behind the simple design, it’s got a really amazing build quality that’s designed to work perfectly well in the outdoors and here is every reason why…

Boasts an aviation-grade aluminum housing

Starting off with one of the most critical features when it comes to the design of an ideal flashlight for the outdoors, the build quality of this one holds up pretty well.

Being an aviation-grade aluminum housing that features a matte anodized finish which is resistant to strong impacts as well as scratches. This renders it quite durable and reliable since you don’t have to worry about the internal components being compromised.

It’s IPX-6 rated for water resistance

So as to make it a hunting flashlight that can be counted on fully in the outdoors, it adheres to the IPX-6 water resistance rating. This, despite not being really the highest there is on a tactical flashlight, it should keep the internal components of the flashlight well protected against heavy rain and as such, you should be able to use it in all kinds of weather.

Provides a wide-angle beam

Last but not least, the flashlight produces one of the brightest green beams and this is credited to the latest XP-E2 green LED which shines for a lighting distance of up to 256 yards ahead of you.

Since most animals are insensitive to green light, you sure are going to appreciate this on the field considering it’s got a maximum brightness of an amazing 650 lumens and a beam angle of 100 degrees. As for the modes available, it’s only usable in the high lighting mode and it is designed to provide 100% pure green light without any loss from filtering.

Regarding the service life, the flashlight should be able to run for as long as 100,000 hours and it is powered by a single 18650 3.7v battery that should give you a bright light long enough.

  • Built with an IPX6 water-resistant rating and aviation-grade aluminum
  • Shines a 256-yard lighting distance and features a 100-degree wide angle light
  • Has got a maximum brightness of 650 lumens
  • Comes with only the high lighting mode

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What defines the best hunting flashlight? An expert’s definitive guide

Before we look deeper into this, it’s worth pointing out that there are quite a few flashlights that have it all.

As such, it’s important that you pick one depending on the kind of prey you are after and the hunting environment you are in. That being said, here’s everything you need to know about choosing the best hunting flashlight.

Red vs green hunting lights

Normally, when choosing a general-purpose flashlight, it’s always about the brightness but this does not hold when it comes to hunting flashlights.

It all comes down to choosing between the red and the green light flashlights for hunting. For the former, the maximum brightness capacity is about 320 lumens which may not seem to be enough but on the flip side of the coin, when you want to see your prey, lights that are too bright could easily spook them away. Besides just spooking your prey, red lights seem dim to human vision as compared to the green lights.

The green light

Though human beings see the green lights as brighter, it’s not the case with animals. This being the case, you should always pay attention to the wavelength when choosing a light since the lower it is, the whiter the hue which makes the light much easier for the animals to see. You should, therefore, choose a green light for anything but seeing the animals during a hunt.

The build quality and design

Other than how bright the flashlight is, you should pay attention to how it is constructed. When it comes to the quality, it’s basically a combination of lots of features from the construction to the longevity.

Pay attention to the following and you’ll be good to go:

The lifespan and runtime

We all know that animals prefer to reside in places that have got minimal human interference and such areas will be devoid of electric power. It’s because of this that you’ll want to have a flashlight as you hunt. Well, not just any flashlight will be good enough for this- it’s all about looking for one that is able to retain power for the whole time you’ll be out hunting.

The construction

Other than being able to light up throughout your hunt, it should also come as a priority to select a hunting flashlight that is able to withstand drops and bumps.

It won’t come as a surprise that you’ll drop some of your accessories during a hunt especially when stalking a prey. It’s therefore important that you get a hunting flashlight with a high level of integrity so that it won’t come apart upon falling down. I’d recommend that you go for a hunting flashlight that is designed from hard-anodized aluminum that is both lightweight and durable.

Other than being shock resistant, consider getting a flashlight that is weatherproof. It goes without saying that most hunting locations are prone to weather extremities especially heavy rains.

Regarding the waterproofing on you hunting flashlight, there is the IPX4, IPX7, and the IPX8 ratings. For light rains, I’d recommend that you go for the IPX4 rating.If, on the other hand, you’ll be hunting in areas that got heavy downpour or close to a large water source, I’d recommend that you go for either an IPX7 or IPX8 since both of these can be submerged in water and still maintain their functionality

The type of beam

Depending on the nature of the lens reflector that is around the bulb, light can be dispersed in lots of different ways which is why you can end up with either of 3 different beam types which include the spot, the fixed or the flood beam.

For the fixed or the flood type, you could use these for multiple applications such as when you are just walking or camping. The spot type beam, on the other hand, is produced when a single beam is condensed as a spotlight and as such can be used for long distance coverage.

As much as all of the above-mentioned beam types are important when it comes to hunting, the best flashlight would be one with an adjustable beam. You’ll find such a flashlight more versatile as compared to one with just one type of beam.

There’s more…

I’d also recommend that you consider getting a hunting flashlight that comes with regulated output. The reason for this is that throughout the lifetime of the flashlight, it will be able to maintain a near peak level instead of dropping when the batteries are almost drained.

Focus on the different mode settings

Alongside the beam produced by the hunting flashlight, it’s also important that you do focus on the modes that the flashlight comes with.

If you are just getting started with hunting in low light conditions, it would be a good idea that you get a model with at least two operating modes. These could be either of high, low or medium modes and if you’re lucky, you could get a flashlight that has got a boost level that allows the casting of extra bright light.

Bottom line…

It’s all about prioritizing different factors when it comes to choosing the mode. The best deer hunting flashlight, for instance, would not need the same mode as that of hunting another kind of prey.

Which type of bulb should you go for?

Since the use of the LED technology in the manufacture of bulbs, other types have been rendered somewhat obsolete though some manufacturers still adopt the use of incandescent bulbs in their flashlights.

The reason as to why LED bulbs are recommended as opposed to other types is basically due to the high brightness level and the amazing lifetime that they come with. After all, these are the two major things that hunting flashlights are all about, right?

The power sources

Alongside the bulb type, yet another thing you’ll want to consider is the power source it’ll be running on. The most common batteries are the AA and AAA types which, despite being popular, are not really going to give you a bang for your buck.

An alternative to the AAA and AA batteries is the CR123A which, despite being more expensive and difficult to come across, has got a longer battery life and most importantly are smaller in size and obviously lighter. There are also the D batteries which are common in a pocket flashlight and will be just as good during a hunt as far as security and lighting are concerned.

Last but not least, the final type of power source and probably the most reliable option you could get is a rechargeable variant. These normally come with built-in Li-Ion batteries that basically need a USB connection to charge up and this could be anything from your PC to a solar panel. Though more expensive as compared to the ones that are run on disposable batteries, rechargeable flashlights are quite convenient.


The last thing I’d like to talk about when choosing a flashlight for hunting is whether or not you can be able to use it in other scenarios other than just hunting.

The truth of the matter is that you won’t really be optimizing in the hunting flashlight you’ve invested in just by using it on the hunting days. It’s important that you get one that’ll also be good enough for home use, camping, hiking, etc. After all, it won’t be a really good idea for you to get lots of different hunting flashlights for different tasks, would it?

Finals verdict

Well, I guess this is the end of the road for us as far as hunting flashlights is concerned. As we’ve already seen it’s all about getting what you really need. So, whether you want one mounted on your hunting rifle, need a pocket flashlight or one that’s versatile for whichever task in during your hunt, we’ve got it all.

Regardless of how simple it may seem to use, it’s best that you find out how everything works before taking it out on the field to avoid spooking the animals as you switch between different settings.

I’d also like to emphasize the importance of utmost care and maintenance of your flashlight- pay attention to the storage recommendations and the power specifications as instructed by the manufacturer.