As it turns out, hunting is not all about the weapons that give you the best range and accuracy. As a matter of fact, from my years of experience as a hunter, selecting a weapon should be done once you have selected the best hunting clothes.

These include your hunting gloves, hunting hats, the best hunting bibs among others. With the best hunting clothes, you’ll have an easier time hunting than if it were otherwise.

As much as all hunting clothes are of utmost importance, I’d recommend you give a hunting bib twice as much attention. This is what will give you the protection that your hunting jacket or pants cannot as far as the elements are concerned. The best hunting bib can also be counted on to protect your other hunting clothes, give you a little bit of additional storage space and much more.

So, how can you really get the best?

Regarding choosing one, you should first realize that it’s a matter of personal preference. Bib selection depends on things such as the kinds of animals you are hunting, the weather you are hunting in, the amount of protection you desire, your budget and much more.

In this section, we’ll be covering all these and right at the end, we have a buying guide that’ll point you in the right direction when looking for the best hunting bibs on your own.


Comparison chart

To get moving fast, I’d recommend that you take a look at the hunting bibs listed below. With a combination of the best price, durability, and efficiency all in one, you couldn’t go wrong.

2019’s best hunting bibs selections

With lots of options for you to choose from, wouldn’t it be great if you had to pick your bib from only the best of the best? Well, here’s what we’ve got for you.

Warmest deer hunting bibs

Looking forward to a deer hunt, here are the three warmest bibs to get you through the coldest of winter hunts.

  1. Gamehide Flatland Deer Hunting Bib

Gamehide Flatland Deer Hunting BibWith the blaze orange camo, the Realtree Xtra and the Snow camo to choose from, you can use this in different surroundings and with its availability in different sizes from the X-Large to the 2X-Large, you couldn’t go wrong on the fit.

Here’s what makes it a perfect cold weather hunting bib

Includes wide and adjustable shoulder straps

Other than just being present in different sizes, you’ll have the added advantage of being able to adjust the shoulder straps as you please for a comfortable and snug fit.

Build with a waterproof fabric

In order to keep your dry underneath, the fabric used is waterproof. So, not only can this hunting bib be counted on for the winter but it should also be good enough when it’s a little rainy

Offers 6 oz of insulation

With comfort being a priority in any hunting bib regardless of the season in which it is being used, this one does have an amazing 6 ounces of insulation.

At the same time, it’s not at all too heavy for you to walk around in comfortably and this being the case, it should be suitable for both blind/tree stand hunting as well as moving from one spot to another.

Has got a rear zip security pocket.

Looking for something that should give you the biggest bang for your buck? This is definitely it since it features a zippered security pocket at the back where you can store away some hunting essentials.

There are also fleece lined pockets which should give a fair amount of insulation to protect your hands from the cold

Integrated leg zippers for easy on/off

Also included in the design are leg zippers. These allow for a quick and easy on/off if the bib; more so, you’ll have a much easier time putting on your boots while in these.


  • Build with 6 ounces of insulation
  • Has got wide adjustable shoulder straps
  • Features a waterproof design


  • The bottom of the bib are flappy

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  1. Rivers West Ambush bib

Rivers West Ambush bibThink of how amazing it would be to have a hunting bib good enough for the cold season, boasts a durable construction, has an amazing fit and comes in 5 different sizing options. From this hunting bib, you’ll be getting all these plus much more.

Includes a zippered chest pocket

For the sake of versatility and to be of assistance for anyone who prefers to hunt while moving from one spot to another, there is a zippered chest pocket. In this, you can keep some of your essential hunting gear that requires quick and frequent access.

Still, on the pockets, there is also interior Sherpa lined handwarmer pockets basically to warm your hands when it gets too cold.

You will also be getting cargo pockets with oversized D-rings just in case you’d want to attach some accessories.

Designed with a waterproof fleece

Being a feature that makes this bad boy stand out from the rest in its class, there’s both a waterproof and breathable fabric system that uses genuine fleece. In addition to being breathable, the fleece construction is also breathable so you’ll not be too hot in this bib and will be dry, warm and comfortable at the same time

As compared to other materials, fleece also boasts to be one of the best as far as stealth is concerned. The one on this one is brushed so as to make to as quiet as possible as you move

It’s easy to clean up

To add icing to the cake, yet another feature that makes this one of the best cold weather hunting bibs is that you can easily machine washable with cold water and once you are done washing it, all you have to do is hang it up for it to dry.

Offers a lateral stretch

Being one of the most overlooked features on a hunting bib, this one comes with a lateral stretch to it. with this, it should be easy to walk around in the hunting bib comfortably without compromising the fabric.

Also, for the sake of versatility, there is a reversed buckle suspender belt which makes it possible to use this as a pair of pants and as far as putting on and taking off your boots is concerned, the boot zipper should make this quite easy.


  • Features a waterproof and breathable fleece lining
  • Has got heavy duty boot zippers
  • Comes with a zippered chest pocket


  • They take longer to dry if wet from the inside

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  1.  Carhartt Men’s Big & Tall Quilt Lined Camo Bib

 Carhartt Men's Big & Tall Quilt Lined Camo BibWrapping up our list of the best winter hunting bibs is the Carhartt men’s exclusive bib which is available in a lot of different sizes and features two camouflaging options for the best hunting experience

It includes a polyester insulation

The more comfortable you are during a hunt, the greater the chances of being successful in the same. To ensure you’re warm throughout, this hunting bib comes with midweight polyester insulation which should be enough to conserve your body heat when it gets chilly.

To back up the polyester is a nylon quilt for added warmth. As for the materials, you’ll be getting a 12-ounce 100% cotton duck with the camouflaging on it.

Features utility pockets

As far as versatility and reliability is concerned, the hunting bib features a lot of utility pockets that are easy to access which should then get you through any kind of hunting situation

Comes with an adjustable closure

It’s not really a good enough hunting bib if the fit is not the best, is it? With this one there is an adjustable closure system. Considering there are multiple sizing options to choose from medium short to as big as XXX-large tall, you’re guaranteed to get a snug fit.

There is also the ankle to knee zippers that make the bibs easy to put on and take off and the same also do have protective wind flaps to keep you warm at all times.

Here’s more…

In addition to having a durable fabric construction, you’ll also be getting double knees with cleanout bottoms that will be able to accommodate knee pads hence making it comfortable for all kinds of hunting situations. It is also worth mentioning that there are metal rivets at all the vital stress points which are, even more, the reason to count on this bad boy during a hunt.


  • Has got an adjustable closure system
  • Features multiple utility pockets
  • Includes a nylon-quilted polyester insulation


  • The upper portion is not insulated

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Cold weather hunting bibs

It’s important to have the best hunting bib irrespective of the season. This being the case, how about we first take a look at the best cold weather hunting bibs?

  1. Legendary Whitetails Men’s HuntGuardReflextec Camo Hunting Bibs:

Legendary Whitetails Men's HuntGuardReflextec Camo Hunting Bibs:Starting off our reviews of the best winter hunting bib is this men’s hunting bib from Legendary Whitetails. With a top of the line material construction, camouflaging and being available in 6 different size options, it just might be the missing piece to you getting that trophy game.

Has a water-resistant and breathable design

Considering you’ll probably be using this in the winter, water resistance capability should be a priority. It features 100% water resistance which is made possible by the polyurethane membrane on the outside.

Other than just being dependable on the water resistance, it also features a completely breathable design. This way, you’ll be kept completely dry while at the same time not have to worry about being too warm in the bib.

It I also worth pointing out that it’s got enough insulation to get you through the cold hunting season

Includes additional HuntGuard padding

Hunting can get a little unpredictable right? Well, just in case things get a little rough and you have to crouch or get on your knees, there is the HuntGuard padding integrated on the areas that could be easily worn out such as your knees.

This way, you can use this bib with utmost confidence that its fabric will hold in all hunting situations.

Speaking of fabric, let’s see what you have to look forward to…

Durable material construction

The outer shell is made of 1005 polyester and the water-resistant membrane on the outside is 100% polyurethane. As for the lining, there’s 100% polyester as well as a 100% nylon lining on the inside. The insulation, on the other hand, is made possible by a 100% polyester and 100% nylon construction.

The liner present is also removable for when it gets a little too hot.

Gives a comfortable fit

Boasting to have one of the most comfortable fits you could get on a hunting bib, the bib is extra long and at the same time has got adjustable straps for a snug and universal fit.


  • Includes a removable liner
  • Features a water-resistant and breathable design
  • It delivers a universal fit


  • The leg zippers are a little weak

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  1. ScentLokHydrotherm Waterproof Insulated Bib

ScentLokHydrotherm Waterproof Insulated BibWell, as the name suggests, this one of the hunting bibs designed to get you to be the best hunter you can. With different sizes to choose from, two camouflaging patterns, warm design, and a quality fabric construction, it’s one of the best hunting bibs you could get.

Features ScentLok technology

Here’s something that you won’t get on just nay hunting bib. The ScentLok feature is basically composed of a carbon alloy technology. This is made of a combination of carbon and zeolite which is then concealed between the fabrics.

Considering the particles of this alloy have quite a large surface area, they’ll function to absorb any bad odors and upon doing so hold them till you reactivate your gear in the dryer.

Includesa water-resistant treatment

On the outside of the hunting bib is a durable water-repellent fabric finish. With this, snow and light rain will remain outside the hunting bib. By keeping out moisture, this can be counted on for most cold weather hunting situations.

On top of having a water-resistant treatment, it is also designed to keep out the wind while at the same time remaining completely breathable. This prevents sweat build up and keeps you warm at the same time.

Has got a Primaloft insulation

Yet another amazing feature on the design besides the waterproof and windproof design is the insulation which keeps you warm in cold weather. The garment seams are also secured with heat-sealed waterproof tapes, a feature that adds on to the insulation

On top of all the above-mentioned features, there are two-way full-length leg zippers with storm flaps, two covered zipped pockets, ribbed elastic sides for a better fit and articulated knee for better hunting.


  • Has got a DWR water resistant treatment and windproof design
  • Has got a scent blocking technology
  • Comes with two zip pockets


  • The buckles do not clamp on firmly

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  1. King’s Camo Weather Pro Insulated Bibs

King's Camo Weather Pro Insulated BibsWith one of the best camouflage you could get on the best hunting bibs for cold weather, this bib from King’s Camo is available in both the medium and the large size and designed to get you through any cold weather hunt.

Features a Sure-grip knee and seat

A hunt can go a little rough which is why the fabric on your bib should be at it’s best. With this one, there’s a reinforced material on both the seat and knee. Considering these are the high contact areas on a hunting bib, durability will be at it’s best.

Both the seat and knee are designed to keep out water for reliable performance.

Includes fleece lined handwarmer pockets

You’ll want to have all the warmth you can get during a winter hunt, right? One of the ways that this is achieved on this hunting bib is by the fleece-lined handwarmer pockets that keep your hands warm since these are the most exposed body parts during a hunt.

Has got waterproofing, breathability and wind proofing

With waterproof construction, moisture will be kept out at all times thus keeping you dry but even while preventing the entry of moisture, this hunting bib will allow the release of moisture from within hence keeping you cool. With the windproof feature, it’s going to keep you completely warm

There’s a two-way front zipper and buckles

On the front of the bib at the chest, there is a two-way zipper that makes it easy to put on and to get a better fit, there are low profile crush proof buckles on the shoulder straps.

In addition to the above, there are two full-length leg zippers so you can easily take it on and off.


  • Has got fleece-lined handwarmer pockets
  • There’s a waterproof and extra durable seat and knee
  • Includes crush proof, low profile buckles


  • The length is not good enough for tall people

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Best warm weather hunting bibs

We’ve taken a look at the warmest hunting bibs and it’s time to move on and see which ones should get us through the summer. Here are the best lightweight hunting bibs to get your through warm weather

  1. TREE SPIDER Ripstop SpiderWeb Hunting Bib

TREE SPIDER Ripstop SpiderWeb Hunting BibBoasting to have one of the most unique designs you could get on a hunting bib, you’ll be getting this in either of two camouflaging options and either the medium or the extra-large size. Other then the looks, here’s more you should look forward to:

Has got the S3 odor control technology

A feature that’s only found in the very best of hunting bibs is the ability to mask your scent. By getting the scent blocking technology right out of the box, this hunting bib will get you one step closer to catching your prey.

I’d however recommended that you be careful on cleaning it up with detergents and also put it on right after you get to your desired hunting grounds.

Comes in a waterproof design

Getting wet during a hunt can be quite frustrating, right? Now, to check on this, the bib is designed with complete waterproofing to it. this way, you’ll be completely dry in wet conditions.

As for the material construction, it is made of a 60% cotton and 40% polyester blend. This should be enough to give you a fair amount of insulation when it’s a little cold.

Constructed with comfortable harnesses

The bib comes with a fully integrated harness that is designed to give you utmost comfort with optimal adjustments.

There’s more…

The hunting bib also comes with zippered pockets for storing your accessories. As far as safety is concerned, there’s a removable tether carabiner suspension which should come in handy especially when you’re in your tree stand to protect you against accidental falls.

It is also a silent bib for hunting hence besides just masking your scent, you’ll not give away your presence as you stalk your prey- equally as good a hunting bib to use on your tree stand and while moving as well.


  • Features an odor control S3 technology
  • Has got a tree strap removable carabineer suspension
  • Easily adjustable shoulder straps for a comfortable fit


  • They fade a little too quick when washed

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  1. Walls Men’s Hunting Non-Insulated Bib Overall

Walls Men's Hunting Non-Insulated Bib OverallIt’s amazing how much you’ll be getting from this warm weather hunting bib without breaking the bank. Available in the Mossy Oak Breakup Country camouflaging, you sure will blend into the surroundings. By being available in the medium, large and extra-large sizes, you sure will get the perfect fit.

Includes multiple storage pockets

Since most people prefer to move to different hunting spots early in the hunting season, this hunting bib has got two cargo let pockets that have a button flap for the closure. These should allow for easy access to frequently used equipment such as our bow release among other things.

Besides the cargo let pockets, there are five compartment bib pockets that should keep your gear organized and easily accessible.

There’re also two square patch back hip pockets as well as two swing pockets on the front for additional storage space.

Easy and reliable adjustment options

As much as it is available in 3 different size options, you could get a more comfortable fit quite easily just with the aid of the adjustable bib straps. These also have got comfortable elastic inserts as well as button tabs

Durable and comfortable construction

For the build quality, it is made of 100% cotton and in addition to this, the fabric is brushed twill so as to give the wearer a high level of comfort. It is also worth pointing out that the stress points are reinforced hence you get added durability.


  • Features adjustable straps with comfortable elastic inserts and button tabs
  • Includes reinforced stress points for added durability
  • Comes with lots of storage pockets


  • The fabric rips too easily

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  1. Mossy Oak Men’s Cotton Mill 2.0 Hunting Bibs

Mossy Oak Men’s Cotton Mill 2Featuring a lightweight design that’s’ easily adjustable and also available in 6 different camo options each of which has multiple sizes from small to 3X-large, you sure will be getting a kick for your buck on this one. Here’s a closer look at what to look forward to…

Boasts a durable construction

It’s all about getting a lightweight yet durable hunting bib when it comes to hunting in the hot weather which is exactly what this bib has to offer.

It is made of 58% cotton, 39% polyester and 3% of this is spandex. What this combination does for you, in the long run, is that you get to hunt in a soft for comfort, quiet enough to stalk your prey and most importantly a durable enough hunting bib. With the spandex in the design, you’ll be getting a 2-way stretch hence additional comfort and the best range of mobility.

To make it a perfect companion for all of your hot weather hunts, it doesn’t have any insulation which keeps you cool and comfortable all through.


For the knees, there is a double-layered fabric that gives you extra comfort when walking through the bush, kneeling or crawling. As for the seams, all sizes have a standard 32” inseam which makes it hold up in every hunt.

Has got multiple storage pockets.

It would be great if you’d be able to get the biggest bang for your buck, right? Well, in addition to the durable and reliable material construction, there are multiple storage pockets present as well.

These include a single chest cargo pocket with snap closure, 2 cargo leg pockets that got buttons as well, 2 slash hand pockets and a single pocket at the back with button closure. These should in handy on any hunt.

Reliable adjustments

Regarding the fit, there’s more to this bad boy than just the multiple size options. It’s got shoulder straps that are adjustable and do have button lock tabs for better security.

As for the waist, it has got partial elasticity included in it which adds on to the comfort as you walk. On either side of the hunting, bib are 2 side buttons which give a better fit adjustment.


  • Includes a double layered knee fabric for durability
  • Has got lots of storage pockets
  • Includes an adjustable elastic shoulder strap for a snug fit


  • You should have additional clothes for late winter/fall hunting

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  1. Round House RealTree Non-Insulated Camo Overall

Round House RealTree Non-Insulated Camo OverallWrapping up our reviews of the best hunting bibs is one of the best budget summer hunting bibs you could get your hands on in 2019. It’s got lots of sizing options with a size chart, durable material construction, and a Realtree camo.

Includes elastic suspenders

With the fit being a priority on any ideal hunting bib, this one has got elastic suspenders for you. With these, even after picking one that fits you best, you’re guaranteed to have a snug fit for utmost comfort.

Features leg tie bottoms

Besides the elastic suspenders, there are also leg tie bottoms which give you additional comfort as theyprevent the bib from flapping around as you walk or when the wind blows.

Has got a cotton-polyester design

As for the design and build quality, 60% of this is made of cotton whereas the remaining 40% is polyester. With this combination, you’ll get one of the most durable and lightweight hunting bibs. Being non-insulated, it stands out as one of the best for hunting in warm weather.

There is also a bib pocket for accessory storage and the bib also features a button fly for utmost versatility.


  • Includes leg tie bottoms
  • Features elastic suspenders for a perfect fit
  • It’s non-insulated for comfortable use in the heat


  • The sizes run small and you’ll want to order one that’s a little bigger.

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Best hunting bib guide: the surest way to pick the best

Now that you already have the best of 2019 just a click away, how about you get to know what features really define the best hunting bib? Let’s get started with the buying guide, shall we?

What makes the best hunting bib?

Even though it’s all about personal preference on the type of hunting bib you should go for, there are some features that cut across all bibs regardless of the season for which they are intended or even how much you spend on them. So, let’s have a look at these briefly

  • Since it is always advised that you put on your hunting clothes once you have reached the hunting grounds, you’ll want a bib that is easy to put on while at the same time quite enough not to scare away your prey
  • You’ll also want a comfortable bib regardless of the hunting season. Either way, it should allow for free limb movement since by not doing this, it will be really hard to hit your target.
  • Though comfortable, your hunting bib should not compromise on durability in the hunting grounds.

So, with that out of the woods, let’s have a closer look at what you’ll want to pay attention to when you go out shopping for one.

The material construction

Like any other hunting clothes, the best hunting bib too is defined by the nature of the material used in the construction. Regarding this, you should prioritize only the hunting bibs that have the best level of rip and abrasion resistance.

The best of these will hold up quite well when it comes to withstanding wear and tear as you find your way in the wild. For such, I’d recommend that you go for either nylon or polyester construction. In addition to this, pay attention to the stress points since these should be reinforced.

You should also ensure the fabric on the knees; the seat and the elbows are reinforced. This should be able to stand up quite well to wear and tear.

Since you will want something that’s quite as you put it on or walk, I’d recommend that you go for fleece since it is renowned for providing the wearer with the highest level of stealth.For a waterproof hunting bib, these hold up quite well too.

The camouflaging should be perfect

Whether you’re looking for elk, duck or deer hunting bibs, the best of these will normally come with the best level of camouflage. In addition to being silent as you move, always ensure that they allow you to blend perfectly well into your surroundings.

With the right amount and type of camouflaging with respect to your surroundings, it will be easier to take your shots. If you are looking forward to hunting all year round, I’d recommend that you get more than just one hunting bibs since you’ll need different camouflaging for different seasons.

How is the scent blocking on it?

Yet another thing that will give you a huge advantage over your prey is a scent blocking feature. Game such as deer and elk could spot your presence from very far away just by the smell. Taking this into consideration, it would be wise to go for a deer hunting bib that’ll block your scent.

I’d also recommend not washing the same with any detergents and also putting it on only when you reach the hunting grounds. Though efficient and reliable, such hunting bibs are a little more expensive than what we’re used to.

Weatherproofing and waterproofing features

This is probably what we should have started off with first. How good either of these is basically determines whether or not the bib is dependable for the outdoors.


Similar to our regular clothes and those for other outdoor activities, hunting bibs also come in different variants and the most common difference is whether or not one will be able to keep out water. The last thing you’d want is to be soaked wet while hunting.

If you’re specifically looking forward to going for duck hunting, a waterproof bib should be a priority. The same goes for winter hunting or even when the weather is humid.

One thing you should know about this is that some hunting bibs have a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) coating. This is cheaper and less effective since it wears out over time and it will only have the water rolling off the surface when splashed on. for full, on the other hand, you can have utmost confidence even when part of your hunting bib is submerged in water.

It is also important to ensure the bib has got sealed seams. With waterproofing, their weight difference will be hardly noticeable which makes the best of these quite comfortable to be in.


Whereas waterproof hunting bibs will keep you protected from moisture, weatherproof ones are designed to either warm weather or keep you warm in cold weather.

  • Insulation for cold weather

For cold weather, always pay attention to the level of insulation. Polyester or nylon will not really do you any good when it comes to this since they are both quite thin. Instead, for cold weather hunting bibs, I’d recommend that you go for about 6+ ounces when it comes to the insulation and for the best performance, these should be backed up by a fleece lining

The downside to insulation is that the bibs will be heavier with a higher level of insulation so you have to weigh out your options and decide whether comfort is worth sacrificing over insulation or vice versa.

  • Warm weather hunting bibs

For summer hunting, lightweight hunting bibs would be a good idea. Polyester and nylon would do quite well in the warm hunting season. Between the two, I’d recommend settling with polyester since it is breathable and lighter than nylon. Polyester also does stand up quite well when it comes to humid weather.

What about cotton?

In either weather, cotton isn’t really the best thing to go with since it’ll absorb water easily and has got poor insulation. In addition to this, cotton, despite being cheap is not breathable. So, if you really have to go with cotton, it should be blended up with another material such as polyester or nylon.

Additional features

As much as watching out or the above-mentioned qualities is a priority and that you might have to spend more than you expected to get a perfect hunting bib, I’d recommend looking for some additional features so as to get a bang for your buck.


The first functional feature you’d want to watch out for on your hunting bib is a pocket. As a matter of fact, the bigger these are the better as they’ll accommodate lots of accessories if you like to hunt while on the go

Zippered legs

Other than pockets, you could also go for zippered legs which allow for additional breathability when it gets a little too hot and in addition to this, they make putting on and taking of your hunting boots really easy.

Final verdict

Well, there you have it- both the best cold weather hunting bibs and lightweight hunting bibs for warm weather. Coupling up the reviews with the buying guide, you’re guaranteed to get the best fitting, most durable and most comfortable hunting bib for all weathers and different types of hunting.

All in all, it’s always wise to exercise the utmost care for your bibs to keep them in the best condition possible for long-term use.