One of the biggest mistakes people do when it comes to deer hunting is overlooking the kind of attire they have. Well, as it turns out, how you’re dressed greatly influences how your hunt is going to be.

The last thing you want is getting to a high traffic area only for you to freeze to death or be all sweaty and uncomfortable just because you did not consider to dress properly for the day.

However, …

Like all other hunting clothes, the best of these are not at all easy to come across and as such, you need a trusted source from which you can get the best deer hunting bibs which is where we come in. So, with this guide and reviews, we’ve published of the top hunting bibs, there’s no way you could go wrong.

Comparison chart

If you are looking for a good hunting bib for deer and want one really fast, then the comparison chart below will come in handy. Take a look at the side by side comparison of the very best in the market down below.

Picture Name Material design Product link
Walls Men's Big Men's Insulated Bib 100% cotton Heavyweight polyester insulation Diamod-quilted polyester lining Pricing
Berne Men's Original Camouflage Insulated Bib Insulated high-back 100%-inch double brushed inch cotton duck bib Pricing
Legendary Whitetails Men's HuntGuardReflextec Camo Hunting Bibs outer shell: 100% Polyester, polyurethane membrane, polyester lining inner shell: 100% nylon, polyester insulation, nylon lining Pricing

Top 5 tips on handling your deer hunting bib

  • Always put on the bib when you arrive at the hunting spot
  • Clean up your bib once in a while as per the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Always store your hunting bib properly and away from other clothes after a hunt
  • Ensure that all the harnesses and buckles are fitted enough for a snug fit
  • Before going out on a hunt, check for any compromised points on your bib such as lose buckles or tears

Top 10 best deer hunting bibs reviewed

On to today’s main agenda, it’s about time we take a look at the options you have at your disposal if you want the best hunting bibs.

Cold weather deer hunting bibs

The main reason as to why most hunters get a deer hunting bib is to keep them protected when the cold weather kicks in. Because of this, you’ll want a hunting bib that’ll hold up well enough throughout the winter season. Once you are done with either of these 7 hunting bibs, you sure are going to enjoy every bit of your hunt.

1. Gamehide Flatland Deer Hunting Bib

Gamehide Flatland Deer Hunting Bib

Starting us off with our reviews is one of the best cold weather hunting bibs you could get from your money- the Flatland Deer Hunting Bib from Gamehide. Available in 3 different camo options and 6 different sizes and most importantly, the build quality is top of the line. let’s take a closer look at how much it’s got, shall we?

Includes a 6 oz. insulation

The last thing you’d want is freezing up in the cold of winter, right? Well, there’s no better way to ensure this doesn’t happen besides having an insulated deer hunting bib, right?

With the 6 oz. insulation, there’s no better way to keep you warm since the insulation keeps the cold outside. Most importantly, this is a mid-weight bib and as such, you can count on it to get you through different hunting situations since the weight is fairly manageable.

Comes with a waterproof construction

Other than the 6-ounce insulation, it also does have a waterproof construction. With this being available in 3 different camouflaging options, you’ll use this equally as good on a rainy day and during the peak of winter with equally as good results.

As much as the waterproof nature of the bib will prevent water entry to some degree, there is also a fleece lining in the pockets. Considering the hands get cold first during the winter, you’ll definitely appreciate the warmth offered by the fleece lining.

Get a comfortable fit with the adjustable shoulder straps

Since the last thing you want is having a hard time moving around in your deer hunting bib, you’ll want something that is not compromised on the comfort whatsoever. To ensure this fits comfortably, there are wide enough shoulder straps that are adjustable as well such that it can have a snug fit each time you put it on

Allows for an on and off

In addition to the wide and adjustable shoulder straps, yet another feature worth looking forward to is the ease to put it on and off. There are leg zippers which make it easy to have the hunting bib on even with your shoes on.

Besides the leg zippers, there is rear zip security pocket in this, you can have your hunting gear that demands quick access and other accessories such as your car keys and your cell phone.

  • Features leg zippers to easily fit the hunting bib
  • Comes with wide and adjustable shoulder straps
  • Has got a waterproof design and fleece lined pockets
  • The bottom of the legs cannot be tightened in any way.

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2. Gamehide Deerhunter Blaze Orange Camo Bib

Gamehide Deerhunter Blaze Orange Camo BibYet another one from Gamehide is this amazing Blaze Orange Camo bib. Despite being present in only one camo option, the good news is that it is available in 6 different sizes. The fit is customizable and the insulation just perfect for the winter season. Here’s every reason this is one of the best cold weather deer hunting bibs.

Has got a weatherproof HunterHide fabric

Since we’re talking being outside in the cold of winter, you’ll definitely need as much protection from the cold as you can get. As it turns out, the HunterHide fabric sure does this well enough and sure does have a high enough level of water resistance

Comes with additional storage pockets

For a deer hunting bib, it does more than just keeping you protected from the elements. With the side slash pockets, you could either keep your hands warm and more so, they’ll come in handy just in case you need somewhere to keep hunting accessories at an easy reach or even your car keys and mobile phone.

Besides the two side slash pockets, there are also two rear pockets whereby one of them has got a zipper on it and the other one is open. You can always use the former when you need more security for your equipment and the latter for quick access when the need arises.

Features a heat insulation Technology

As much as weatherproofing is important, getting a hunting bib that keeps you warm in the winter should always come as a priority. To cover you on this, there is the High-loft Heat Tech insulation which, adding on to the weatherproofing property of the bib should get you through even the coldest of winters.

Include low profile buckles and detachable shoulder straps

There’s no way it can be a good cold weather hunting bib if the fit is compromised, don’t you agree? Well, with the detachable shoulder straps, it should be quite easy to put this on especially considering it’s got low profile buckles.

Adding ice to the cake, there’s also full leg zippers that should come in handy when you need to have your shoes on. There’s also a to way front zipper that ensures utmost security and an uncompromised fit each time you have this bad boy on out in the cold.

  • Comes with a weatherproof fabric to protect you from the winter cold
  • Has got full leg zippers for a quick and reliable fit
  • Includes detachable shoulder straps with low profile buckles
  • Be sure to hang dry it to minimize shrinkage

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3. Under Armour Men’s Stealth Fleece Bib

Under Armour Men's Stealth Fleece BibIf you know even the tiniest bit about outdoor attire, then Under Armour is undoubtedly a brand that’s familiar to you. Well, it’s not in vain that this is so. Available in five different camo options and five different sizes as well, there’s no way you could go wrong on this bad boy. Here’s what you should be looking forward to.

Includes a Sherpa inside for extreme warmth

One of the most amazing features on this hunting bib is that despite having a lightweight configuration, it’s amazingly warm for its size. On the inside is a soft fabric which will be really comfortable against your skin. In addition to this, however, it has got a high-loft Sherpa inside which makes it one of the warmest and most comfortable bibs in its class.

Also, on either side of the hunting bib are secure hand pockets which will keep your hands warm in the summer cold.

Features a water repellent design

Yet another amazing feature you’ll be getting from this bad boy is that it does feature water repellent design that is achieved with the aid of the UA storm technology. This basically deems it eligible for use both in the rainy or snowy conditions.

What’s even more interesting is that with the UA storm technology, breathability is not compromised as much as this is a water repellent hunting bib. It is also worth mentioning that the UA tech also serves as a scent control and as such, you’ll not be easily detectable by deer each time you’re out on a hunt.

Comes with adjustable suspenders

For the fit, there is a ½ front as well as adjustable suspenders. What these do is quite straightforward as there’s no better way to ensure a good fit when it comes to deer hunting bibs.

  • Features a lightweight 100% polyester construction
  • Has got secured hand pockets to keep your hands warm
  • Made with a water repellent and breathable UA storm technology
  • They are a little too tight

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4. Legendary Whitetails Men’s HuntGuard Reflextec Camo Hunting Bibs

Legendary Whitetails Men's HuntGuard Reflextec Camo Hunting BibsWant something that’s got a versatile fit? Well, here’s a hunting bib I would recommend for you. It is available in 6 different sizes from the small to the XXX-large. Regardless of whichever size you choose, you sure are going to enjoy the warmth and comfort that each one comes with.

Boasts a durable and comfortable design

Starting off the most important feature you’d want to pay close attention to if you really do want your hunting bib to last long, this bad boy features a blend of materials all of which will make each hunting experience better than the last,

First off, it features a 100% outer polyester shell which has got a 100% polyurethane membrane and a 100% polyester lining.

As for the inner shell, it does have a 100% nylon insulation that’s not susceptible to absorbing water in wet environments, in addition to this, it is also lightweight and it won’t be any hassle to have this bib on for long. You will also be getting a polyester inner shell as well as a 100% nylon lining on the inside.

Features full-length 2-way leg zippers

Putting on boots for the cold weather deer hunting season could be a little bit tricky with your bib on, right? Well, to save you from all this trouble, this pair of hunting bibs features 2-way leg zippers which come in handy as far as putting on and taking off your shoes is concerned.

Features a 4-way stretch micro-suede shell

The last thing you want is a hunting bib that’s going to give up your position during a hunt, right? To ensure this does not happen, this pair of deer hunting bibs come with a muted 4-way stretch micro-suede shell that’s also got a silent hook and loop fastening.

Yet another thing you should know about as far as the material construction is concerned is that the hunting bib features a Reflextec liner which gets you an amazing 100% water-resistance and breathability

Comes with adjustable straps for a universal fit

Yet another feature that makes this one of the best whitetail hunting bibs are the adjustable straps that get you a secure fit of up to 30”-34” inseams. Speaking of comfort, it also does come with Huntguard integrated padding which is exclusively designed to keep every hunter comfortable the whole time they’re outdoors.

  • Has got a 4-way stretch micro-suede shell with silent hook and loop fastening.
  • Enjoy a versatile fit with the adjustable straps
  • Features a water-resistant and breathable Reflextec fabric
  • The zippers are made of plastic and could break easily when tugged at

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5. Berne Men’s Original Camouflage Insulated Bib

Berne Men's Original Camouflage Insulated BibIt does come in 4 different colors plus a whole lot of different sizes and as such, you’re guaranteed to get a solid hunting bib for the cold of summer. Without much ado, let’s see what’s there to look forward to on this one.

Features anti-reflective hardware

Since the last thing you want is to give up your position, this bad boy not only has a camo pattern but it also includes anti-reflective hardware and zippers. As such, you won’t have to worry about hunting when it’s bright outside.

Includes a water repellent finish

Being a cold weather deer hunting bib, chances are that you could easily be exposed to moisture and there’s no better way to avoid getting wet on this bad boy other than with the water repellent finish. This, however, does not mean that the hunting bib will keep out water when you are completely submerged in water and as such, you should be watchful of where you go with this bib.

Features an insulated high-back design

In order to ensure that you are kept as warm as possible, its design is unlike any other you will get in the hunting bib market. With the high-back insulation, you will have the maximum coverage and in turn, be well protected from the cold of winter effectively.

Something else you will definitely appreciate on the design is the full-length leg zippers present which allows for an easy on/off of the hunting bib.


The fabric is machine washable and it won’t be too much trouble for you to get it sparkling clean. I’d however recommended that you be watchful of the detergents since the last thing you want is to give up your position with foreign scents.

  • Includes full-length leg zippers for easy on and off
  • Has got anti-reflective finish and zippers
  • It’s machine washable thus easy to clean up
  • It’s a little tight around the torso area

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6. Carhartt Men’s Big & Tall Quilt-Lined Camo Bib Overalls

Carhartt Men's Big & Tall Quilt Lined Camo Bib OverallsThe fit is comfy, it’s easy to clean up and designed to keep you warm in the cold of winter. So, is this deer hunting bib the perfect companion for you come winter? Let’s find out…

Feature an adjustable closure system

Despite being available in lots of different sizes, you can always adjust the fit in such a way that you have the bib as comfortable as possible.with the adjustable closure system, you will always have a snug fit each time you have this on.

It’s also worth mentioning that there is an ankle to knee zipper that makes it easy to put on your shoes and more so, the zippers have got wind flaps.

Includes a nylon quilted polyester insulation

To add on to the protection in cold weather, it does come with a 100% cotton duck material construction. In addition to this, there mid-weight polyester insulation that is nylon quilted and to add icing to the cake, it’s not really that heavy.

Features multiple tools and utility pockets

Everyone does appreciate the presence of as much storage space as they can get on a cold weather hunting bib, right? Considering there are utility pockets included on this one, you should have some of your accessories at an easy reach.

It’s also worth mentioning that there is a hammer loop present with which you can attach some hunting gear as well.

  • Has got double knees with cleanouts to accommodate knee pads
  • Features metal rivets at vital stress points
  • Features an adjustable closure system with a knee to ankle zippers
  • The zipper flaps don’t include buttons

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7. Walls Men’s Big Men’s Insulated Bib

Walls Men's Big Men's Insulated BibComing up second last, we’ve got yet another one from Walls. From the fit to the build quality and design, you sure are going to be getting a bang for your buck with this hunting bib. Here’s what makes it one of the best cold weather hunting bibs.

Includes a 2-way covered front zipper

Starting off with the fit, this bad boy has got a 2X fit and to ensure it won’t be much trouble putting it on, there is a 2-way zipper on the front that’s got a cover to keep out the wind. There are also ankle-to-thigh covered leg zippers that allow for easy entry and convenience.

Comes with convenient storage space

As far as storage is concerned, there is one right back hip pocket that’s got a concealed snap closure. There is also two deep front pockets ad to keep your hands warm, there are two hand warmer chest pockets that have got a brushed lining.

Designed for a snug fit and easy movement

For the fit, it features elastic inserts back waist for easy movement. There is also a heavy duty adjustable elastic bib straps which also do have quick release hardware for convenience.

As far as the material construction is concerned, I’m pretty sure you’ll appreciate the scuff guard at the back hem for durability as well as the heavyweight polyester insulation and diamond-quilted polyester lining.

  • Includes a scuff guard at the back for durability
  • Has got lots of storage options as well as handwarmer pockets
  • Features a 2-way front zipper and ankle-to-thigh covered leg zipper
  • For the right fit, you may want to have some layers underneath

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8. Under Armour Women’s Stealth Bib

Under Armour Women's Stealth BibFinishing up our reviews of the summer deer hunting bibs is one for the ladies from Under Armour. Other than being backed up by a really awesome brand, here’s more you should look forward to on this one.

Includes the UA storm water repellent technology

Since getting the best cold weather hunting bibs are all about keeping you warm, moisture repellence is one of the key features that ought to be paid attention to. Besides just making this possible, the UA storm technology, at the same time ensures that breathability is at its best.

Includes a warm high-pile Sherpa backed fleece

To keep you warm throughout, it does feature a high pile Sherpa backed fleece. Other than just having amazing insulation, fleece also does repel moisture and more so, it’s lightweight in nature and as such, you won’t be dragged behind each time you have this on.

Features adjustable straps

For the fit, it does come with fully adjustable straps that ensure you have a snug fit. Other than the straps, this cold weather deer hunting bib features full front and back zippers that make it easy to put on and take off without compromising the fit.

  • Includes a dual layer fabric with ultra-warmth
  • Has got a water repellent and breathable UA storm technology
  • Features a UA scent control feature
  • You might want to pick one size up.

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Warm weather deer hunting bibs

Whereas some prefer to go for deer late in the hunting season, others prefer to do the hunting early when it’s a little warm. As such, getting a warm weather hunting bib is preferable. With either of the hunting bibs reviewed below, you’re guaranteed to get the best of your hunt on any hot summer day.

9. Natural Gear Uninsulated Camouflage Bib Overall for Men

Natural Gear Uninsulated Camouflage Bib Overall for MenWith Natural Gear being one in the market for quite a long time, it’s reputed for providing not only some of the best-looking bibs but they also hold up quite well when in the field. If you want a dependable hunting bib for warm weather, you should definitely give this pair a try.

Features a 60/40 cotton poly blend

With the build quality being of utmost importance on a good deer hunting bib, this one features a cotton and polyester blend. As you will be using this during the summer, the last thing you’ll want is something that will retain the heat.

This being the case, the material blend on this bad boy renders the bib breathable and lightweight at the same time. As such, you’ll find it quite comfortable to move in and be in even when the sun is high up.

Yet another feature you’ll appreciate on this bad boy is that your range of motion won’t be restricted as it is the case when it comes to other bib materials.

Features a quiet configuration

In addition to being lightweight and durable, the fabric is designed for stealth in the sense that you can be able to move quietly during a hunt without scaring away potential game. Adding on to the fact that it’s a lightweight deer hunting bib, you’ll find it quite friendly for any summer day.

Still, on stealth, it’s worth pointing out that it has got a camo design that ensures you don’t blow your cover which cutting through vegetation.

Comes with button-adjustable sides

Regarding the fit, the button on either side ensures that you do get a snug fit. To add icing to the cake, considering it’s not insulated, you won’t have to worry about it weighing you down while you move.

For a versatile fit, this bib does have adjustable shoulder straps and as such, you’ll be having a snug fit at all times.

Also, …

To provide additional storage space for you, it comes with button closure cargo pockets that have got easy and quick access to your accessories. There is also a single large chest pocket that does add on to the storage space as well.

  • Features a breathable and lightweight cotton-poly design
  • Includes adjustable shoulder straps for a snug fit
  • Comes with two cargo pockets and a single large chest pocket
  • It runs big on the size

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10. Walls Men’s Hunting Big & Tall Non-Insulated Bib Overall

Walls Men's Hunting Big & Tall Non Insulated Bib OverallYet another bib that’s guaranteed to get you through even the hottest of summers, this bad boy is designed to give you an amazing fit and keep you comfortable at the same time. So, does it have what it takes to be a worthy companion for a deer hunt? Let’s find out, shall we?

Features a 100% cotton constriction

You’ll be using this in the heat of the summer and as such, the last thing you’ll want is having to put up with the summer heat while in it. In order to achieve this, it’s made of both a durable and comfortable 6-ounce cotton brushed twill.

Like any other cotton bib, however, you’ll want to keep off moisture since exposure to moisture would easily soak it up which would then result to you having to deal with a heavy bib.

Comes with reinforced stress points for utmost longevity

With durability being a priority while using any bib for hunting deer, the stress points on this bad boy have been reinforced with durable material. These include areas such as the bum or the knees and as such, you can always count on these to get you through any hunting situation.

Has got adjustable bib straps

As much as cotton is light enough material to have on your hunting bib, it’s not enough as far as the fit is concerned. To ensure you’ll be comfortable the whole time you have this one, there are adjustable bib straps with which you can have the big fit you perfectly well in your torso area.

In addition to the adjustable straps, you’ll also find the elastic inserts and button tabs quite handy as far as keeping you comfortable is concerned

  • Made of durable and comfortable cotton
  • Includes reinforce stress points for utmost longevity
  • Has got adjustable bib straps with comfortable inserts
  • Though comfortable, the sizing of this bib runs big

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Criteria upon which the best hunting bibs are evaluated

Whether you are looking for the cold weather deer hunting bibs or would like to get one for the summer, you need to know what defines the very best in whichever conditions you will be hunting in.

Below is a buying guide that should set you on the right path when it comes down to picking out the best

Construction and build quality

It’s no debate that this is the most important feature when it comes to choosing a hunting bib. Before we delve any deeper into what the build quality is all about when it comes down to picking the best hunting bib, you should bear in mind that cotton is not your friend whatsoever when it comes to these

The reason for this is that during the winter, cotton will soak up easily and leave you all shivery and when it comes to the summer, it will be too hot for you to be comfortable in.

Always go for fleece or nylon

Take it from an expert, it all comes down to two materials as far as hunting bibs are concerned. The first option you’ll want to go for is fleece. The reason for this is that fleece, besides having amazing insulation properties, fleece just so happens to be the best when it comes to repelling moisture.

Another additional advantage of fleece is that it’s quite silent and will allow you to sneak up on your prey quite easily.

If you are getting your very first hunting bib, you could go for a cotton/polyester fabric when the weather is not that cold. On the bright side, this will keep you warm when you have additional layers beneath the bib during the winter.

Stick to the rip-resistant fabric

Another thing you’ll want to pay attention to is whether or not the fabric is strong enough. In this case, you’ll want a rip-resistant fabric since a rip-proof would be virtually impossible to get.

Most manufacturers are making the hunting bibs with a material that has got a certain amount of ripstop material added to it such as nylon or polyester.

With either of these materials, it would be difficult for the bibs to tear and more so, they will hold up quite well as far as breathability is concerned and as such, they can conveniently be used during the summer. When reinforced with nylon or polyester, you’ll also have a flexible range of motion.

Water resistance

One of the toughest things you will have to do as a deer hunter is choosing the best cold weather deer hunting bibs. During the winter or in the rainy season, you’ll want to have utmost water protection and there’s quite a number of things that could be done in order to ensure this.

Here goes:

  • Ensure it’s got reinforced seams

The first and also greatly overlooked feature when it comes to choosing hinting bibs is the nature of the seams. You’ll want these to be reinforced such that they not only will come in handy when it comes to protecting the bib from tearing up but prevent the entry of water to some degree.

You’ll also want to go for the sealed seams if you’ll be hunting in wet environments. Some seams are also glued so that it will be difficult for moisture to get into the bib.

When choosing a hunting bib, I’d recommend that you choose one that is labeled as “all seams sealed” instead of “critical seam sealing” since the latter means that some parts of the bib might be compromised.

  • Water resistant vs water repellent fabric

Besides the seams, you’ll also want to consider getting either water resistant or water repellent fabric. For the latter, the hunting bib will normally come with a coating that is designed to keep out water when it is splashed on.

Though it’s not going to keep out any water when fully submerged, water repellent fabrics have got some breathability added to them and in addition to this, they are lightweight in nature as well.

When it comes to water-resistant fabric,these will keep out water even when fully submerged but, on the downside, the breathability is compromised and it can get a little hot in the summer.

The fit

Other than protecting you against the elements, yet another important thing worth paying attention to is the fit. The thing about all hunting bibs is that they run large on the size but even so, too large a bib will make it difficult for you to move around.

You also don’t want to go for something that is too tight or too loose such that it will be loud enough to give up your position as you move around. Instead, you want the hunting bib to have a snug fit around the waist, the seat, the thighs, and your torso.

Another reason for sticking to a hunting bib that has got a snug fit is that you won’t have to worry about branches grabbing on to it and end up restricting your motion or even worse rip the fabric.

Besides how it will feel when against your body, you also need to focus on the bib length; regarding this, the general rule of thumb that the bigger it is, the longer it will be.

Price factor

One of the most overrated things when it comes to choosing hunting bibs, the price you go for depends entirely on how much you’re into hunting.

If you’re just getting your first bib or are just doing it as a casual hobby that you indulge in once in a while, there’ll be no point in spending too much on a hunting bib. As such, to get the biggest bang for your buck, you’ll want to weigh out your options on what you really want before putting your hard-earned cash on the line.

If you’ll be hunting in extreme condition, you’ll also be forced to spend a little bit more as compared to what you’ll be spending on an average hunting bib.

The style and appearance

Deer stand out to be some of the most difficult prey to take down or even track. This being the case, you’ll want to pay attention to how the hunting bib looks.

With appropriate camouflaging, you’ll be at an advantage since you can sneak up on your prey without being detected. This also needs to be chosen depending on the surroundings- white camouflage for snow, and green or brown when in the forest.

Final verdict

We’ve come to the end of our reviews and it’s really been a good one. From the reviews and buying guide, I’m quite positive that getting a good deer hunting bib is much easier.

You’ll want to pay attention to everything we’ve mentioned on our buying guide but in addition to this, focus on other factors such as scent blocking and the noise levels. All in all, be sure to get a deer hunting bib that you can afford and most importantly, observe utmost care and maintenance when using your deer hunting bib.