For centuries, it has been man’s priority to have as much advantage over the deer as possible and the same can be said about deer hunting. As it turns out, just having the most powerful and accurate rifle is not enough- taking down a huge buck takes more brain than braw

So, here’s the thing…

In order to better the chances of walking home with a kill, you’ll want to have the best deer call. There are lots of variants of the same ranging from the ground and bleat to the rattle and distress calls.

So as to make things easy for you, we’ll take a look at the new deer calls you can get in 2019 for guaranteed results and an expert guide to give you a head start.

Let’s get to it then, shall we?

Comparison chart

Whether it’s your first or you intend to add another to your deer call collection, we intend to make picking one as easy as possible for you. Here’s a comparison chart to help you get started.

Image Name Call noises Product link
Flextone Buck Collector Plus Call Snort wheeze, fawn and doe noise Pricing
Primos The Original Can Deer Estrus Bleat Call Estrus Bleat Pricing
Illusion Game Calls Extinguisher Deer Call Buck, doe and fawn noises Pricing
Nationwide Scents – Deer Hunting Grunt Call Buck grunts, estrus and fawn bleats Pricing
Hunters Specialties True Talker Deer Call Young fawn bleats to mature buck grunts Pricing

Top 5 deer call finding tips

Before delving into the reviews, here are the top deer calling tips you should pay attention to on every hunt:

  • Always start off soft- starting off loud could easily spook away deer; instead, build the call gradually to maximum volume
  • Ensure you have a weapon ready since if you’re lucky, a buck will respond instantly to your call.
  • Once the deer are coming in your direction, cease making the calls and ready your weapon.
  • Don’t always rely on just one deer call- mix things up instead
  • Unless you have to, don’t call in feeding areas since deer will come in the long run anyway

Best deer calls 2019: the top bestselling picks

Here’s what we came for- it’s time we take a look at how you could get the biggest bang for your buck and the best results from each deer call you to make with the #1 rated best deer call reviews.

1. Illusion Game Calls Extingusher Deer Call

Illusion Game Calls Extingusher Deer Call

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Looking for something that will give you the easiest time in mastering different der calls with utmost ease? This extinguisher deer call is definitely it. Boasting to have both amazing looks without compromising on the performance, the illusion has you covered on this bad boy.

Features an anti-freeze design

One of the biggest setbacks you can face when using a deer call is the call freezing up on the inside let alone the accumulation of moisture since this reduces the realism of the calls. So, in order to ensure that deer respond to every call you make, the mode slide on this bad boy frees the call from freezing up.

Speaking or realistic sounds, let’s see how much you can actually be able to do with this one.

Designed to adjust to different calls

With the patented ModiSlide of extinguisher deer calls, it should be able to mimic different deer sounds with an amazing level of accuracy- from the buck grunts and rattles to the fawn and doe mow, you can always count on this bad boy to get the job done.

The ModiSlide basically glides up and down the reed assembly so as to produce the desired deer calls and to add icing to the cake, the tone and volume levels can be varied for long and short-range calls.

Also featuring a throat tube with a dual-layered technology, the calls are output with an amazing level of realism and with the 99.6 approval rating by the NAHC field test, it’s possibly the best budget deer call you can buy

Easy to use

To ensure that you get to learn all the whitetail deer calls, it comes with a free instruction DVD which makes it a viable deer call for beginners and experts.

  • Learn all the deer calls with the instructional DVD
  • Guaranteed accuracy with the dual-layered technology for realistic sounds
  • Features the mode slide design that prevents freezing up
  • It’s a little difficult to use the O-ring reed in the cold weather

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2. Primos The Original Can Deer Estrus Bleat Call

Primos The Original Can Deer Estrus Bleat Call

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Primos deer calls boast to be some of the best in the market and as far as bleat calls are concerned, this call can handle anything you throw at it any day. So, how about we delve in and have a look at what’s there to look forward to?

Accurate sound reproduction

Rated as the top deer bleat call by most experts, this call is guaranteed to lure in any buck and the best part about it is that you’ll be able to do this with utmost ease.

The Estrus bleats from this call mimic a doe’s breeding call which then results to bucks that are close by being lured in. Whether you intend to use it pre-rut, at the peak of the rut and the post-rut period, you can always count on this to yield results.

It’s also not only a suitable whitetail deer call but just as good for the blacktail and the mule deer.

Features a raised thumb hole locator

At the end of the day, it all narrows down to consistency while using deer calls and in the case of this one, the thumb hole locator makes this possible. this ensures the seal and gives you consistent bleats with uncompromised accuracy throughout the hunt.

Allows for different sound variations

Though it is specifically designed to serve as the best rut call by luring in the buck, enough practice will have it producing some really amazing fawn noises to mature doe throughout the rut cycle. However, like all deer calls, this demands a little bit of practice in order to learn when it is necessary to produce softer or louder noises

  • Allows for different bleat variations for the whole rut cycle
  • Comes with a raised thumb hole locator for guaranteed consistency
  • Accurate sound reproductions
  • Tends to stick when used during the cold weather.

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3. Primos Buck Roar Call

Primos Buck Roar Deer Hunting Call

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It’s every hunter’s dream to get a deer hunting call that gets a big buck close enough for a clean shot, don’t you agree? Yet another one from Primos Hunting is the Buck Roar Call which, as the name suggests is intended to deliver the bucks right to you.

Includes a mounting strap

Just as important as the functionality of a call is, the same goes for the design. As far as deer snort wheeze calls are concerned, this one features one of the best designs you could ever get.

The wheeze is mounted right at the top but this aside, you also get a wrist mounting strap which makes it a viable deer call to use when on the go. The mounting strap also ensures that there is a minimal range of motion that could spook the deer if it were otherwise.

Depending on how much clothes you have on however, the efficiency of the strap might be limited as it is not adjustable.

Accurate sound reproduction

As much as a deer grunt call is effective and recommended by most, overdoing it might end up driving away the buck but blending it with other sounds, on the other hand, will get you one of the most successful deer hunting experiences.

As already mentioned, the wheeze is mounted at the top of the call in a low-profile design that is, at the same time loud.

The Buck Roar produces a deep and resonating aggressive grunt similar to what you are bound to hear during the rut as they try to stop an Estrus doe or warn other bucks to keep their distance. It’s however, recommended that you be watchful when to use this call, blend it with other calls and also do lots of practice before you can use it in the field

Features a tunable design

Another amazing feature that you’ll really appreciate on this buck wheeze call is the ability to alter the pitch in order to produce either a grunt or a wheeze

  • Features a wrist mounting strap
  • Variable sound reproduction for various grunt and wheeze levels
  • Has got a low profile yet a loud design
  • The wrist mounting strap is not long enough for when you have clothes on

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4. Flextone Buck Commander Rut Hunter Deer Call

Flextone Buck Commander Rut Hunter Deer Call

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Other than being backed up by one of the best brands as far as animal calls are concerned, the Buck Commander does boast an amazing design that does not overlook the functionality whatsoever. Constructed specifically to get you closer to your kill with each call, you couldn’t go wrong on this one whatsoever. Let’s find out what qualifies it among the top deer calls.

Comes with a variable tone

With lots of calls in the market, it’s somewhat difficult to get a one-does-all deer call. But here’s the thing- this is exactly what the Buck Commander Rut Hunter is designed to achieve.

Without having to carry lots of calls with you in the peak of the rut, this bad boy should be able to reproduce bleats that are just as amazing as the grunts. So how does it do this?

Inside the call is a large and ported bell which gets the calls neither too loud nor are they too low so you’re guaranteed to draw in the deer

Includes a spring-loaded lanyard

Who wouldn’t appreciate the convenience of a deer call that is easy to carry around? As good a feature as the lanyard is, you also get spring at the end which makes it even more convenient to carry with you during a hunt.

In addition to this, you won’t really have to go through the trouble of fiddling around in your pocket to get to it which, as a matter of fact, may easily spook away the deer.

Accurate and realistic sound production

There’s only one way to describe this as far as sound reproduction is concerned- amazing!

So, as it turns out, you can accurately reproduce the low-tone deer grunt calls and to lure in a buck even more during the rut, you can switch to the high high-pitch doe estrus bleats. Whether you want to use it pre-rut, in the peak of the rut or the post-rut, it’s equally as good a deer hunting call.

What makes it more amazing is that the different sound variations are achievable with ease and it could serve as the best beginner deer call as well.

  • It’s easy to carry around with the spring-loaded lanyard
  • The change between the grunts and bleat calls with ease
  • High volume and accurate sound production
  • The call gets stiff when exposed to cold

5. Flextone Buck Collector Plus Call

Flextone Buck Collector Plus deer Call

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Yet another top performance deer call from Flextone is the Buck Collector Plus which comes in 5 different units and despite the simple design, the performance will be worth every penny. Here’s every reason you should consider getting it.

Features a soft body design

Deer hunting is more of a mind game than it is about physical prowess and as such, you need to be careful how you handle everything.

So, starting with the design of the Flextone Buck Collector has got a soft body construction and with this, you’ll be able to conveniently fold it in your pack so that when you are stalking deer, they won’t be spooked even if it hits a solid surface.

Includes true touch button design

To make it easy for anyone to use, there are true touch buttons included on the call. With these, you’ll conveniently be able to reproduce a doe or fawn call which would be otherwise difficult to achieve were you to try and mimic the sounds without the aid of the buttons.

Other than mimicking the doe and fawn deer sounds, it’s also just as good a call for drawing in the bucks

Easy and dependable sound manipulation

Other than having a soft body design which makes stealth viable during a deer hunt, the soft body, being flexible in nature allows for perfect tonal variations and sound manipulations for higher accuracy as compared to other calls in its class.

  • Includes true-touch buttons for easy sound reproduction
  • Features a soft body design hence easy sound manipulation and tonal variation
  • The soft body is easily foldable and silent
  • The buck call is a little too loud

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6. Hunter’s Specialties Bucgrunter Deer Call

Flextone Buck Commander Rut Hunter Deer Call

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Boasting to have both the looks and good enough to reproduce some of the most accurate sounds, the Bucgrunter Deer Call could just be what you’ve been missing out on. Let’s see what qualifies it as one of the top deer calls of 2019.

Has got a flexible ribbed tube

Anyone who’s serious about getting an ideal call for deer hunter will agree to the fact that the call quality is just as good as the construction. In order to ensure this holds, the Bucgrunter features the flexible ribbed tube design which will then send the sound going in any direction so you double your chances of luring in a catch.

Easy and reliable tone variation

Other than the fact that you get instructions to come along with this just in case it’s your first time using a call for deer, it is, all in all, a simple one to use, all you have to do to change the tone is cup your hand over the end and that’s pretty much it. Like all calls, however, this one too demands practice in order to master perfectly well.

Have it easily accessible with the convenient lanyard

Think of how convenient it would be if you don’t have to reach into your pocket every time you want to make a call. Well, this is pretty much what Hunter’s Specialties Bucgrunter have to offer with the lanyard- minimal movement, fewer chances of spooking a nearby buck and better chances of walking home with a kill

Authentic sound reproduction

Rated to be one of the best whitetail calls for drawing in even the most alert, you can get the best of grunts, snorts, and wheezes from this bad boy. As a matter of fact, when properly combined, you’ll lure in deer within shooting range earlier than expected.

  • Flexible and ribbed tube channels for multi-directional sound production
  • Carry it comfortably with the included lanyard
  • The design makes tone variation easy and there’s included instructions
  • The O-ring may be missing in some units

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7. Hunters Specialties True Talker Deer Call

Hunters Specialties True Talker Deer Call

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Yet another amazing product on our list is one of 2019’s top-rated deer calls from Hunters Specialties- the True Talker Deer Call. As the name suggests, the call quality is amazing and bound to bring in a deer plus it’s perfect for anyone who’s getting one for their first time.

Here’s a closer look…

Includes an easy to use fingertip control

The easier it is to use, the better off of a deer hunting call it is, right? In the case of this one, the fingertip control basically entails raised marks that indicate where you should hold the call in order to get the different sounds produced.

This way, you’ll be able to produce any sound ranging from the distress call of a lost fawn to the wheezes and grunts of a dominant buck. At the end of the day, it saves you from all the trouble of having to carry with you additional calls.

So, if you want to get a call that does it all, I’d recommend trying out this one whether you’re just getting a first one or want o upgrade to a high-performance deer hunting call.

Durable and functional construction

Other than reproducing a wide range of deer calls at an amazing level of accuracy, yet another feature you’ll appreciate on this bad boy is the build quality.

Simple as it may appear, the interior of the call has got a balanced hardwood reed system which persists even in cold weather. When you need to take it apart for adjustments or clean-ups, this can be done without any trouble at all.

On the outside of the call is a protective rubber coating that renders the mouthpiece one of the most comfortable. Other than being one of the most comfortable deer calls, the rubber also functions to deaden the noise just in case the call hits a hard surface when you’re stalking deer.

Features a lanyard for easy carrying

Of all the new deer calls you could get, this one ought to do you some justice since besides just reproducing the calls accurately, it features a lanyard on it.

With this, you should have it around your neck quite comfortably and it can also be adjusted to have just as good a fit around your arm for hands-free operation in either case

  • Fingertip control for easy and authentic calling
  • Enjoy the comfortable to use and protective rubber design
  • Consistent sound reproduction with the anti-freeze hardwood reed system
  • It’s a little difficult to get consistent sounds

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8. Nationwide Scents – Deer Hunting Grunt Call

Nationwide Scents – Deer Hunting Grunt Call

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We’re already halfway through with the best deer call reviews and it’s a good one so far. Equally as good for the fawn bleat call as it is for the grunt calls, Nationwide Scents has nailed it on this one. Get to enjoy the high-quality call reproduction, a durable design and an easy operation all in one. Here’s a closer look.

Comes in an anti-freeze design

As it turns out, most deer calls are not really usable during the winter as they tend to freeze up during the cold. In the case of this one, there is a durable freeze proof tip which ensures consistency is not compromised even in the harshest conditions

Accurate sound reproduction

Well, you’ll be getting more than just the grunt calls from this one. It’s designed to mimic deer sounds from all phases growth ranging from a young buck call and the rutting buck grunt to that of a fawn bleat and an estrus doe.

The best part about this call is that there is a ring on the reed with which you can adjust the call easily from low to high volumes.

By just the gentle flick of your wrist, you should conveniently switch between the gentle and loud sounds when covering either the small or large hole at the bottom of the call. The call is also laser engraved which results in accurate deer noises

Has got a durable lanyard

For easy portability, there is a durable lanyard which will come in handy to anyone who loves still deer hunting as it allows for hands-free use. With a minimal movement as compared to reaching for the call in your pocket each time you want to take a shot, there are fewer chances of you spooking the deer away.

  • Includes a laser engraving that adds on to accurate call production
  • Take it with you anywhere comfortably with the long-lasting lanyard
  • Enjoy utmost consistency with the durable freeze-proof tip
  • Though accurate, the call loosens at the joint after being used for sometime

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9. Flextone Headhunter Extractor

Flextone Headhunter Extractor Deer hunting call

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Reputed as having some of the best calls in the market, Flextone has done it again with the Flextone Headhunter Extractor. Boasting to have the latest deer call technology and amazing design and build quality, you sure will be getting a huge bargain on this one.

Has got an X-glide adjustment

Since a deer call is all about how good the sound produced is. On that note, there is an X-glide button slide adjustment on this one which results to you being able to switch easily from buck grunts to the doe bleats as well as the fawn bawls.

Ideal for both beginners and experts, there’s no way you could go wrong on this one.

Rubber hose for tonal variations

Besides utilizing the X-glide adjustment, you will also appreciate the rubber hose design. The molded throat tube is flexible in nature and guarantees accurate sound production by simply squeezing the corrugated hose in order to change the tone

Comes in an anti-freeze design

Whereas you should be able to switch between the different sounds with t=the X-glide system, it also functions to prevent the reed from freezing. This is achieved by sliding the button back and forth so as to remove any ice build ups.

That’s not everything…

There is a snort wheeze chamber included as well so when the grunt calls are not enough to draw in a buck, you could blend different calls up with the snort wheeze to get the bucks closer. In order to carry it comfortably with ease, there is a nylon lanyard included as well to make this possible.

  • Use it in the harshest conditions with the anti-freeze X-glide
  • Switch between different tones conveniently with the X-glide adjustment
  • Features a snort-wheeze chamber for the utmost versatility
  • Takes some practice to get the sound produced accurately

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10. Knight & Hale Death Chamber Deer Grunt Call

Knight & Hale Death Chamber Deer Grunt Call

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We’re nearly done with our reviews of the best deer calls and with this one from Knight & Hale, you will indeed be getting an amazing buck grunt call. The design is easy to use and it is able to produce multiple deer sounds accurately. Here’s why you should go for it…

Accurate sound production

It’s not every day that you get a realistic sounding deer call bound to lure in all deer from the young fawns to the matured bucks. Well, this is exactly what the Knight & Hale Death Chamber delivers.

With utmost ease, you should be able to customize the different calls and have them as realistic as possible

It comes with a snort wheeze chamber

Whereas a buck grunt call is known to yield amazing results, it’s not always a guarantee that you’ll end up with deer in your property.

To heighten your chances with the buck, there is a snort-wheeze chamber included from which you can produce the most aggressive wheeze calls of the meanest and maddest bucks during the rut.

Boasts an easy to use lever design

The best deer call is not always all about the sounds but also whether it’s an easy to use call. So, besides getting some really accurate deer noises from this one, it features a lever design.

By switching between different levels, you can vary the sound from the fawn bleats to the deer grunts in different situations by altering the pitch with the lever

  • Has got a snort wheeze chamber for the aggressive buck calls
  • Alter the tone with the easy to use lever design
  • Accurate sound production for different situations
  • It tends to freeze up when used in the cold

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Choosing a deer call: the ultimate guide

Want to know what deer calls are all about? Here’s a buying guide that covers all the different types you’ll get out there and how each of them should be put to use.

Types of deer calls

So, which type of deer call works best and when should you use it? Here are the most common calls you should consider getting when shopping for one.

Grunt call

Deer grunt calls are the most commonly sought-after calls people go for and there’s a good reason for this as well.

First, getting a buck is normally the largest of all deer and the grunt is the most common call they make- whether it’s chasing a doe or fighting another buck. Depending on the model, you can get a call that lures in either the young or mature buck.

The best time to use this call is would be in the pre-rut and during the rut season since its during this time that deer want to defend their territory.


Being the second most common call, deer rattle calls should come after the grunt calls as they are aimed at stimulating two deer to take part in a fight.

Like the grunt call, the best time to utilize the rattle calls is in the rut cycle since fights spur up pre-rut, during the peak and post-rut. The best time to use this more frequently would be during the peak since in pre-rut, the fights are not as heated up and the same goes for the post-rut.

Here’s the catch…

Whereas the grunt may be somewhat easy to produce, the same cannot be said for the rattle deer calls since they demand some bit of practice before they can be perfected

The snort wheezes

Grunts could in some cases be ignored and since it’s not wise to overdo a call, switching to the snort wheezes could do the trick. This is basically a call for dominance and it is exclusively meant to target the big bucks and it is normally meant to intimidate the younger bucks.

Something to bear in mind…

This is not a call that’s used often and it’s all about timing since it can either drive away or lure in a buck that is ready for the rut. You should also be sure to learn different variations of the call before using it and it shouldn’t be your first priority but rather a complement to either the deer rattle call or the buck grunt call.


If you are just starting off with deer hunting, and you’re not sure which type of call to stick to at what time, I’d recommend that you stick to the fawn bleats.

Bleats are produced by the does and fawns. The fans produce a higher pitch to communicate with the does whose bleat has a lower pitch. As much as they can yield amazing results when used on their own, combining them with grunt calls give the impression that a doe is being pursued by a mature buck hence provoking other bucks to respond to the calls.

Final verdict

For anyone who is determined to have the best deer hunting experiences, you have the top deer calls in the market just a click away. With each one designed with utmost precision to offer utmost versatility, a high level of durability and give some of the best sounds, you’re guaranteed to have a catch with either of these.

All in all, to have a flawless hunting season, ensure you do enough practice with your call and be sure to observe extreme care and maintenance for consistently accurate sound reproduction.

So, that being said, weigh out your options to get an ideal call for you. All the best and happy hunting.