At some point, all we all we yearn for is some fresh air and some time away from all the city noise. Spending a few days out camping with friends and families can be a lot of fun. Well, assuming that a heavy downpour won’t cut short your sleep by taking down your sleeping shelter or your shelter won’t be letting in any mosquitoes or any cold.

Though it comes as a priority to get the best shelter out there, there are lots of options one could choose from and unfortunately and it’s quite hard to tell apart the good from the bad.

Besides just choosing a camping shelter or rather tent that will hold up well in the outdoors, knowing which type of camping shelter is best for you should also come as a priority. That being said, it’s time to take a look at some of the best camping shelters in 2019 and a buying guide of the same as well- no better way to get your home away from home.

Here goes…


Comparison chart

How about you first take a look at the side by side comparison of the camping shelters below. They’re the best of the best that you won’t have to break the bank for.

Best camping Shelters reviews

We’ve reviewed the top 10 best camping shelters you can get your hands on in 2019. Only choose from an expert’s recommended picks- whether you need a 4-season or a 3-season camping shelter, you’re in the right place.

  1. SPRINGBAR Highline 6

SPRINGBAR Highline 6For anyone who’s all about getting the best of the best, this shelter ought to do the trick. It’s got a 6-person capacity, high enough for anyone to stand up straight, the set up is quite simple and lots more to look forward to.

Features 100% cotton duck canvas

With the material being one of the most important features on a camping shelter, this one boasts a 100% cotton duck canvas. In addition to being durable for the outdoors, it is also watertight even in heavy rain and mold resistant.

For the floor, there is heavy duty and waterproof floor which prevents it from wicking water from beneath. You can count on this for all seasons.

Includes heavy-duty galvanized poles

The shelter includes durable galvanized steel poles, steel wire stake loops and steel nail stakes all of which hold it up even in strong winds and any other harsh weather conditions

Large capacity and ample space

The camping shelter measures 10×10 feet which makes it suitable for accommodating up to 6 average sized people. Other than this, it also does have a 6.5-foot standing height that is comfortable and guaranteed for most people.

The camping shelter has got one door and large windows as well that let in enough light.

The shelter should also be easy to set up since you have most equipment included; however, you should have another person helping you- it’s quite a large camping shelter after all, isn’t it?


  • 100% cotton duck canvas construction
  • Includes durable galvanized steel poles
  • 100 square meters and 6.5-foot standing height


  • The canvas is quite heavy and hard to move around

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2. Nemo Wagontop Camping Tent

Nemo Wagontop Camping TentIf you’re looking for something that’ll accommodate more than one person, this should do the trick. It comes in four variants. The 3 person, 4-person, 6-person, and 8-person. Other than just it’s good looks, there is more to it than meets the eye.

It’s got a standing height ceiling

As far as comfort is concerned, you don’t have to be worried about crouching down each time you get into the tent. It has a comfortable ceiling height throughout. This makes it easy to move and when it comes to dressing up and packing up, the extra space will come in handy quite well.

Features a quick set-up design

It only needs 2 hubbed poles and there is no need for a separate rain fly. At the end of the day, the set-up process will be quite simple. It also has a single wall design that makes use of taped seams which spares you the use of a fly.

Also, there is a front vestibule that can be removed in less than a minute hence freeing up the front entry for better aeration and lighting when the weather outside is nice. Speaking of lighting, it features large screen windows on all the sides which create both a well-ventilated interior and an attractive look.

Comes with a unique pole support technology

There is an intersection Hub that locks the poles together at a given intersection and connects them to the tent body. This makes the camping shelter stronger and resistant to wind forces

Utmost durability

The fabric used on this shelter is put through rigorous testing so as to give you a light, well-performing and durable camping shelter for lots of outdoor applications.


  • Intersection hub for optimal pole support
  • Comfortable standing height
  • 2-pole design and no separate rainfly for easy setup


  • You might have to stretch the camping shelter a little too much when opening up the windows

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  1. Gazelle 30400 T4 Pop-Up Portable Camping Hub Tent

Gazelle 30400 T4 Pop-Up Portable Camping Hub TentThough at first glance the design may seem a little bit complicated, it’s actually one of the quickest and easiest to set up and take down. It also does have lots of space for 4 people on the inside and comes with a convenient carry bag for portability.

Durable material construction

The tent is made of a 50+ UV material that is guaranteed to protect you from the elements at all times. In addition to this, it also keeps water and mildew out so you can count on it on a rainy or humid day.

It also comes with a detachable rainfly which will easily connect to the corners roof receptor poles and snaps on in a short time.

You’ll also be having durable YKK zippers which are rugged and prove dependable to use on the tent doors

Features a sturdy pop-up design

The tent comes fully assembled and you won’t have to put it together on your own. With the pop-up hub design, there are all metal hubs and the poles solid fiberglass which creates a structure that will resist any strong winds.

Removable floor

The floor is a rugged polyester which is securely held in place by a thick strip of a hook and loop tape all around the interior of the tent and this can be removed quickly for easy cleanup.


  • Features a pop-up hub design for easy setup
  • Made of a 50+ UV rated material
  • Has got a removable floor for an easy cleanup


  • It takes up a lot of space

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  1. Chillbo CABBINS Camping Tent

Chillbo CABBINS Camping TentLooking for something that’s got the looks and up to the task? This definitely does the trick. It’s a 3-season camping shelter with a durable design and ample space for you and your friend.

Quality construction for any camping day

The build quality is quite amazing for the price. It features a 2000mm waterproofing all through it, the seams are sealed and the floor is welded which makes it a dependable and stormproof camping shelter.

It also comes with a premium Oxford flooring which gives you a soft and more luxurious base. The camping shelter also has got enough space for 2 people though it’s large enough to accommodate as much as 3.

Easy entry and stable design

In addition to having a quality construction, it also does have amazing stability that is made possible by the cross-wound poles that are also durable.

Has got internal pockets

To keep the interior organized, there are internal pockets in which you can store your essentials which also makes packing up quite easy and fast.

Access should also be easy via either of the 2 large D-frame doors and it also has got 2 mesh window panels. Both the widow and the doors should make the interior quite breathable.

Also, it is available in 6 different colors all of which are at the same price.


  • It’s well-aerated with 2 doors and windows
  • Features a center hook and 2 internal pockets
  • Has a waterproof material with sealed seams and welded floor


  • The only way to open/close the window is to get out of the tent

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  1. ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1-Person Tent 

ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1-Person Tent Designed for anyone who’d like to spend some time alone on their camping trip, the ALPS MountaineeringLynx is compact in size, weatherproof and has a durable construction

Both water and UV resistant

With durability being a priority in all the best camping shelters, this one features a 75D 187T polyester fly that is resistant to UV rays hence keeping it taut at all times. Also, for the best weather protection, there are factory seals for both the fly and floor seams which give it the best weather protection.

For the floor, it’s got 75D 185T Taffeta which also includes a 2000mm coating and as for the zippers, these are extra-large #8 that are not only quick and easy to open up but are also durable.

Easy assembly and set up

It is a free-standing tent with a two-pole durable series 7000 aluminum design which is no trouble at all to set up. The base size is 2’8×7’6 and the center height is 36”. It includes pole clips that make it easy to attach to the aluminum poles.

Has got extra storage space

Considering it’s quite compact, there is an internal storage pocket that helps keep the interior of the camping shelter organized.

Also, the Lynx 1 includes stakes guy ropes and a gear loft as well. The walls, besides keeping out the water are mainly meshed which increases their ventilation.


  • It’s UV and water resistant
  • Easy to set up
  • Includes an interior storage pocket.


  • The windows are a little small for proper ventilation in hot areas

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  1. Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup

Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant SetupFrom the space it has to the build quality and design, the Coleman Cabin Tent probes to be the best you could get without spending too much. It also comes in 3 variants- the 10-person tent for large crowds, the 6-person for smaller crowds and the 4-person for even fewer people

Features a weatherproof design

Looking for something that’ll get you through high temperatures and rainfall? This is definitely it since for the rain, you have the WeatherTec system that features welded floors and has got inverted 150D/150D seams which help keep the water out.

If you’d like to keep a little cool, there is the Dark Room technology which blocks 90% of the sunlight getting into the tent and by doing so reduces the temperature inside by about 10%.

Easy and quick to set up

Putting it all together is also quite simple since the poles are preassembled for you right out of the box so that all that’s left for you to do is a simple unfolding, extending and securing.

Even with the quick set up, there is an integrated vented rainfly that improves the flow of air and you won’t have to do any assembly for this.

Also, there is an expandable carry bag included for when you want to transport it with ease.

Polyguard construction for longevity

For the material construction, it has got a rugged poly guard 2X double-thick fabric which will stand up quite well to the harsh outdoors and you can count on this to get you through any season.


  • Rugged poly guard 2X double-thick fabric for longevity
  • It’s got the WeatherTec system that keeps the moisture out
  • Easy and quick to set up


  • It’s heavy when packed up and not ideal for long distance travel

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  1. Hillman 3-4 Season 2 3 Person Lightweight Backpacking Tent

Hillman 3-4 Season 2 3 Person Lightweight Backpacking TentThis outdoor shelter is quite easy to set up and take down but even more importantly, it’s got one of the best build qualities you could get on a camping shelter. You can also choose between either the 2-person or the 3-person variant and get one for either 3 or 4 seasons.

High-quality material construction

For the inside, you’ll be getting a 210T breathable polymer plus a high-density fine nylon mesh fabric that improves air circulation. You can, therefore, count on it to get you through spring, summer, and fall

The floor material is a 210D PU5000MM Oxford fabric that has taped seams to keep the water out and the fly material is a PU3000mm polyester woven fabric with taped seams to prevent entry of moisture as well.

Now besides the fabric construction, there is also the pole and the stakes each of which are made of aluminum which create a stable frame in all kinds of weather.

Has an easy and quick set up

Setting the tent with the fly sheets is quick, easy and can be done by just one person in under 10 minutes. Their package includes the tent body, the flysheet, 8 aluminum pegs for the tent, 2 folding aluminum poles and 2 windproof ropes that are also reflective.

Just as it is easy to set it up, it is also easy to take down and upon doing so, you can store the whole package away in a large carry bag


  • Has got a large mesh section on the body for ventilation
  • It’s quick and easy to set it up
  • Has a waterproof fabric and double stitched design to keep out water


  • It might get cramped with 3 people and their gear inside it

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  1. Vitchelo2 Person Instant Automatic Pop Up Cabin Tent

Vitchelo2 Person Instant Automatic Pop Up Cabin TentWe’re now on the budget section of our best camping shelter reviews. Aimed at giving any camping enthusiast as much mobility as possible, this camping shelter could serve well for anyone looking for space and easy setup. Here’s what you should be expecting from it.

Easy to set up and carry

This camping shelter is specifically designed to be easy to set up even if you’re on your own. Being a pop-up shelter, it should be up and ready in only a few minutes hence sparing time for other activities.

Packing it up is also quite easy and you can have it in the carry bag included into a small unit for easy transportation

High-quality construction

The poles on this Vitchelo tent are high-quality fiberglass which also happens to be rustproof, water and rain resistant and to keep the interior completely dry, there is a waterproof camping tarp included with the camping shelter. The zippers on the camping shelter are nylon coil, noiseless, waterproof, rainproof and responsive for when you need to go outside quickly

It’s spacious and has got interior storage

The interior space of this camping shelter is 3.5 feet for the height and the floor area measures 9.5×6.5 feet which should be enough for both grownups and kids.

There is also an internal organizer pocket that’s easily accessible and you also have a lantern hook to keep the whole camping shelter lighted up at night.


  • Includes a waterproof camping tarp
  • Easy to set up, take down and transport
  • Has got internal storage space


  • You should be careful with the zipper bag it’s a little weak

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  1. Coleman Sundome 4-Person Tent

Coleman Sundome 4-Person TentSimple as it may seem, it’s too good a tent for the price. It has a lot of space on the inside, setting it up is a walk in the park, there’s lots of space on the inside, large enough ventilation for a consistent air-flow and much more to look forward to.

It’s got water and wind protection

Weatherproofing is at it’s best with this budget camping shelter since it has got inverted seams that hide the needle holes in the tent’s interior, the frame is strong enough to keep out the wind and it also has got redesigned poles and guy-out triangles.

There is also a zipper cuff that has a weather-resistant fabric that shields the door against the elements and with a welding technology on the floor, the needle holes are eliminated and the tent is strengthened as well

Durable material construction

For the build quality, there is a durable poly guard 2X double-thick fabric which is designed to hold off the elements through different seasons.

For the inside of the tent, there is a 68D polyester mesh, the fly is a polyester taffeta 75D and the floor is a durable 1000D polyethylene that’s 140g/m2

Quick and easy to set up

For a 4-person tent, it is amazingly easy to set up. It includes snag-free and continuous pole sleeves hence you get to feed the poles only once which cuts down on the setup time. Packing it up in a compact unit should also be as easy since there is a carry bag included.

Comes with an internal storage pocket

To keep the inside tidy, organized and make packing up your essentials easy, there is a storage pocket on the inside in which you can stash small necessities. For an easy reach, these are sewn to the side of the wall.

Besides the storage pockets, there’s also an E-port which allows you to conveniently run an extension cord through it for electric power in your tent.

Also, there is a lot of space on the inside since it has a 9 x 7-foot area and the center height is 4 feet and 11 inches.

Utmost ventilation

There’s the Variflow ventilation system that has an adjustable vented cool airport at the bottom that helps push the warm air up to keep you comfortable.


  • Has a durable poly guard 2X double-thick fabric& 11mm fiberglass poles
  • Features a waterproof and windproof design
  • Includes interior storage pockets


  • It’s a little small for 4 people with gear

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  1. Coleman Dome Tent for Camping

Coleman Dome Tent for CampingIt’s affordable, has an easy setup, and pack, the interior is stretchy, and there’s a pocket to keep everything organized on the inside. Here’s what you should be expecting from it…

Has the WeatherTec system to keep you dry

So as to keep water resistance at its best, this camping shelter comes with the WeatherTec system that utilizes patented corner welds and inverted seams to keep the water out.

There’s also the hooded rainfly that can be left open even as the rain falls to keep air circulation at it’s best. Speaking of air circulation there are two large windows and a ground vent to improve air circulation.

Quick to set up

Have it up in under 10 minutes. With a snag free and continuous pole sleeves, you only have to feed the poles once and that’s it. once it is up, it should have enough space for two people. The camping shelter measures 7 x 5 feet and it’s 4 feet high; there should also be enough room for a single queen size bed.

For the journey from the camping site, you can pack it up in a carry bag that’s included and has a rip-strip expansion for extra storage.

It’s got interior storage pockets

On the inside, there is a storage pocket in which you can have your small necessities easily within reach and off the floor to keep everything tidy


  • Quick and easy set up
  • Features the WeatherTec system to keep the inside dry
  • Well-ventilated for proper air circulation


  • It would barely fit two people but has enough space for one person and their gear

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Buying guide- what key camping shelter features should you look at?

You’ve probably settled your mind already on the camping shelter you’d like to have from the 10 above but even so, it’s equally as important to know what features you ought to always look for in the best camping shelter. Do pay attention to these and you’re guaranteed to get the best shelter in 2019

The shelter’s sleeping capacity

The most obvious thing to look into when choosing a sleeping shelter is the capacity. If you’ll be on your own, there’s no need to go big. On the other hand, if it’s a large crowd, you’ll want to go for a camping shelter that has additional space.

Despite tents varying in size, there are no standards that have defined sizes per-person and you’ll just have to count on the dimensions of the shelter.

I’d advice that just in case you may need more room, go one size up if you want to have more room in your sleep, wan to take your pets along with you are large in size.

The camping shelter’s seasonality

When to pick which camping shelter is also a key factor to always have in mind. There are basically three types of shelters you’ll get.

3-season shelters

This is the preferred choice for most since they are meant for spring, fall and summer which is when most people like to go camping and they’re also lightweight.

The air flow in these is good as they have mesh panels which also function to keep out insects at the same time. the best camping shelters for 3 seasons can withstand downpours but not heavy storms.

4-season shelters

These are specifically meant to take a beating. They hold up quite well in a heavy downpour and could work well for mountaineering. Their fabric is heavier and they’ve also got more support.

3-4 season shelters

This is an intermediate between the 3 and 4 season shelters. They are basically heavier as compared to the 3-season camping shelters and are intended to give you extended usage past the 3 seasons.

They’re better ventilated than 4-season shelters and at the same time have better warmth retention, more support and should hold up well to light snow.

Additional camping shelter features to look into

Other than the choosing a camping shelter based on the size and seasonality, here are a few other things to have in mind.

Loops and pockets

Whereas interior pockets provide storage for some of your accessories, interior loops, on the other hand, allow for the attachment of some equipment such as a lantern or a gear loft. They basically keep all the small items off the floor.

When to get a rainfly

Sold separately, a rainfly is a cover that would go well with the 3-season camping shelters that have higher chances of letting in moisture. There two kinds of rain-flies- the roof only and the full coverage. Whereas the latter gives ample protection against the rain and wind, the former is mainly aimed at giving you fair protection and at the same time lets in some sunlight.

The shelter poles

The hardness to set up a shelter depends on the nature of the pole. Most camping shelters nowadays do not need you to stake it up and you can basically pick up your shelter when it’s set up and move it.

Also, when using poles, if speed and ease are your priorities, go for a shelter that requires fewer poles. Attaching the poles to clips is also much easier than threading them on pole sleeves. However, for optimal balance, most camping shelters will have clips and short pole sleeves. I’d recommend that you go for poles and clips that are color-coded for easy setup

The shelter doors.

It’s important to consider the number, shape, and orientation you’ll want on your tent door. Multiple doors would be ideal for group camps and just a single one would do if you’re alone. At the same time, check the zipper quality and how fast or easy it opens up

Conclusion: Our final word on the best camping shelter

We’ve looked at quite a lot of things regarding camping shelters and I believe it’s much easier now to choose the best. At the end of the day, what we all want is one that’s large enough and easy to pack away while at the same time keeping us protected from the elements.

Depending on where you’re camping, you may or may not need additional accessories such as a footprint or a gear loft. Whatever the circumstances, it’s only best if you take your time when choosing a camping shelter- weigh out your options before deciding what really works best for you.