Clearing branches, splitting wood, cutting firewood are among the many activities we must do in any camping trip. When it comes to choosing an axe, you’ll want something that should cover all the basics and much more but then, there’s a lot to consider before getting yourself the best camping axe.

Lime most camping equipment, camping axes also come in different variations and more so, there are a lot of them in the market which makes it difficult and time-consuming to get the very best camping axe.

Even though it all comes down to our different preferences, one has to be really keen on choosing the best camping axe and this is where we come in. We’ve assembled some of the best camping axes of 2019 with regard to performance, versatility and affordability and put together a list of the top 10 reviews.

To make things friendlier, we also have some of the most appreciated tips that will give you a whole new experience. That being said, how about we get you the very best camping axe of 2019?

Let’s get things started!

Comparison chart

Want to know which the best axe for you is right away? Here’s a chart with a side by side comparison of the best of the best among our top 10



The 10 camping axe reviews: only the expert recommended picks

Each of the camping axes you will be taking a look at has ben put through a series of our rigorous tests of durability& performance and they all come at affordable prices to give you the best hunting experience ever.

  1. Morakniv Steel Camping Axe

Morakniv Steel Camping AxeWilling to do whatever it takes for the best of the best? Though it’s got quite a simple design, the Morakniv Steel Camping has got enough power to get you through any camping trip. It’s well-balanced and you get a knife along with it as well.

Includes a high friction grip handle

For the handle, the Morakniv Steel Camping Axe has got a patterned handle with a high friction grip. This ensures that the axe is in your palms at all times- no need to worry about accidental slips. The handle is also reinforced plastic so despite being secure, it’s also lightweight to ensure long periods of use.

Quality axe head design

For the axe head, it is made of black epoxy coated baron steel for high performance in all kinds of camping activities from clearing branches to splitting pine for kindling.

Also, the handle is pretty light reinforced plastic and easy to wrap your hand around for a consistent stable grip.

Includes a leather sheath for safety

For safety purposes, there is a sheath included along with the axe which prevents it from causing any accidental injury and also keeps the axe blade safe when not in use hence preventing unnecessary wear.

Also, the knife features a uniquely designed fixed-blade that is profile-ground and 4.3 inches in size. As for the thickness, it is 2.5mm and the total length of the blade is 8.8 inches with an overall weight of only 5.0 ounces. It also has a plastic sheath included for safety and durability.

Key features

  • Includes a leather sheath for safe keeping
  • Features a black epoxy coated baron steel axe head
  • Has got a reinforced plastic handle
  • Lightweight design for easy handling

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  1. CAMAQUI Hatchet 15″ Hand axe: Most versatile camping axe

CAMAQUI Hatchet 15 Hand axeFeaturing a wooden handle, this 15” camping ae from CAMAQUIboasts to have one of the most durable constructions in the market. It’s also comfortable to use and packs a lot of power to get the job done. You can also choose between either the eastern style or the northern style.

Has got an ideal power to weight ratio

Looking for a hatchet that’s portable for any day out camping but at the same time packs the right amount of power to deliver a powerful swing? This is definitely it. it has got the perfect power to weight ratio such that the swing while splitting or chopping is increased hence perfect for any outdoor activity.

Comfortable grip handle

For the handle, both the eastern and the northern style are made of ergonomic wood which gives quite a strong grip and upon doing so minimizes any chances of accidents that could occur were the axe to slip away from your grip accidentally. With a strong grip, you also get to have more power in your swing.

Features a heavy-duty sheath

For the user’s safety and the longevity of the axe, it comes with a heavy-duty sheath. This, being pure cow leather should last for quite a long time before giving in to wear and tear.

Utmost versatility

Depending on your preference, you can choose between either of the two variants present. Both of the styles have an overall length of 15 inches, the eastern has a 2.9-inch blade while the northern has a 3.4-inch blade, the handle length for the eastern is 13.5” and it’s 12.9” for the northern, the eastern weighs 1.88 lbs. and the northern weighs 2.10 lbs.

Both are made of high carbon steel but the handle on the eastern style is rosewood whereas that on the northern style is hickory wood. For a portable feel, you should go with the eastern style whereas the northern style gives a more powerful swing.

Key features

  • High carbon steel construction
  • Has got a perfect power to weight ratio
  • Includes an ergonomic handmade wood handle
  • There’s a protective leather sheath included

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  1. Estwing Special Edition Camper’s Axe: our recommendation

Estwing Special Edition Camper's AxeThe grip is amazing, it has a durable construction, has a sheath included and it’s quite user-friendly for all kinds of camping activities. From the handle to the axe head, this is definitely an axe you won’t want to let go of.

Features a genuine leather grip

Featuring a 2 in one combination, the grip on the Estwing Special Edition has got a patented rugged shock reduction grip which is intended to virtually reduce the vibrations from impact by as much as 70%.

Besides reducing any discomfort and fatigue from vibrations, the grip is also sanded and lacquered so that it stays bonded to your hand for a durable, secure and comfortable feel.

Durable construction

Built to last, the axe is constructed via a drop forging and tempering process which makes the axe one of the most durable in its class for longevity and performance.

From chopping logs to cutting branches and small trees or splitting firewood, it’s got the power since there is a 4-inch tempered cutting edge to make this possible. For precision, the handle and the blade are both hand polished

Includes a protective sheath

To keep the blade from causing any harm, there’s also a ballistic nylon sheath that comes along with the camping axe. The rugged sheath also has got a belt loop so that you can always have it close to you at all times for easy access

Key features

  • Features a rugged handle for a firm grip
  • Shock reduction grip minimizes vibrations by 70%
  • Drop forged and tempered for durability.
  • Includes a protective ballistic nylon sheath

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  1. Estwing Special Edition Sportsman’s Axe – 14″ Camping Hatchet: Best portable camping axe

Estwing Special Edition Sportsman's Axe - 14 Camping HatchetYet another special edition camping axe from Estwing is the Sportsman’s Axe. It’s small in size for easy portability, constructed with one of the best grips, forged with precision and has a hand polished design plus much more.

Quality construction with utmost precision

Though only 14” in size with a 3-1/4 inch cutting edge, the Sportsman’s Axe does not compromise on the performance whatsoever. It is drop forged in one piece which creates a single continuous piece for longevity and performance even in extreme outdoors.

In addition to being drop forged, the sportsman axe has got a hand polished head and neck that add on to the aesthetics of the axe- looks good and performs just as well.

Features a firm handle

Speaking of the aesthetics, the axe features a beautiful handle that is has got genuine leather grips which are sanded and lacquered to add on to its durability. This allows you to use the axe comfortably and with confidence as far as safety is concerned.

Includes a protective sheath

The sportsman’s axe includes a rugged ballistic nylon sheath that keeps the sharp blade from causing any accidental injury and also functions to boost its longevity when it’s not in use. On the leather strap is also a belt loop with which you can have the camping axe close to you for easy access

Key features

  • Features a rugged ballistic nylon sheath for safety and protection
  • Has got sanded and lacquered leather grips for performance and easy usage
  • Drop forged in one piece for a durable and long-lasting performance
  • The sheath has a belt loop to keep the axe close.

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  1. CRKT Woods Chogan Tomahawk Axe runners up

CRKT Woods Chogan Tomahawk Axe runners upEven though the design is quite simple, the CRKT Woods Chogan Tomahawk Axe will get the job done. Both the axe head and the handle are aimed at giving you a smooth camping experience and with the overall durability, you’ll be enjoying this axe for quite some time

Features a premium steel construction

With the blade being the important part of an axe, it is made with premium 1055 carbon steel. The same is forged into a rock-solid blade head which will get the axe cutting through timber with ease without threatening to break whatsoever.

for the performance of the blade, the primary and secondary edge bevels are ground flat to improve their cutting.

Features a versatile axe head

Featuring a 2-in-one design, the CRKT Woods Chogan Tomahawk Axe will give you a whole new level of versatility in camping.

Whereas most manufacturers tend to focus only on the blade in a camping axe, this one has got a hammer finish on the opposite side which is just as good as an ordinary hammer when driving in nails and pounding in stakes hence saving you the space and hassle of having to carry one along with you.

Durable handle construction

The handle on the axe is made from Tennessee hickory wood and it also features a lacquered coating that increases the durability.

Though durable, it would be best to have a grip tape around the handle or sand it off as it may get slippery over time.

Key features

  • Features a 1055 premium carbon steel construction
  • Has got both a blade and a hammer head
  • Features a durable Tennessee hickory and lacquered handle
  • Flat ground primary and secondary edge bevels for a rewarding performance

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  1. Estwing Camper’s Axe 26” E45A

Estwing Camper's Axe 26inc E45AIf you’d like to get a little bit more from your camping axe, this 26” camper’s axe from Estwing ought to do the trick. it’s larger in size but has got a well-balanced design. The build quality throughout the axe is meant to last and should be totally comfortable to use.

Features a shock-reduction grip

As it should be the case on the best camping axe, the handle is made of a patented shock reduction grip that is intended to reduce impact and vibrations by as much as 70%.

Even better, the shock reduction handle has an amazing grip. This is a patented rugged and shock reduction grip which is bonded to the handle firmly in such a way that it won’t slip no matter how hard you swing the axe hence it’s a much safer tool to rely on as compared to most axes present in the market.

Includes a heavy-duty sheath

Besides having an amazing build quality, it also comes along with a heavy-duty sheath which is a ballistic nylon sheath that protects the sharpened edge of the blade. This leaves it safe and also by being covered up increases its longevity

Drop forged and tempered designed

With the detail paid attention to in the construction, you couldn’t go wrong. It’s a drop forged and tempered axe from the axe head to the handle which creates both a durable and long-lasting axe. No matter how much fore you use, it’ll still remain intact. Also, both the head and the neck of the axe feature a precise hand polished design

From chopping logs to cutting down trees and splitting firewood, it’s the perfect camping companion.

Key features

  • It’s got a genuine leather grip that’s sanded and lacquered
  • Includes a heavy-duty sheath for safety and durability
  • Features a shock-reduction handle for comfortable usage
  • Drop-forged and hand-polished design for durability

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  1. Schrade SCAXE2 11.8in Stainless Steel Small Axe: best budget camping axe

Schrade SCAXE2 11.8in Stainless Steel Small AxeAs the name suggests, this camping axe is meant for anyone whose first priority is portability. Featuring a handle that is only 11.8 inches long, it does have a lot to look forward to. The build quality is decent and the same goes for the performance.

It’s got a high-quality grip handle

To ensure the axe is both easy and safe enough for anyone to use, the handle has been made with a glass fiber PA and TPR rubber. The rubber functions to give you a sure grip and the glass fiber, on the other hand, gives the axe a sturdy and lightweight configuration at the same time. the handle also has got a cold resistance flexibilizer that makes it dependable when the weather is a little cold.

With such a combination of features for the handle, the weight distribution is good for easy and safe performance.

Durable blade construction

To complement the amazing handle on this bad boy, there’s a 3Cr13 blade that is titanium coated as well for both durability and strength

It’s got quick and easy access

Standing out to be one of the most dependable camping axes in the market presently, the Schrade SCAXE2 comes with a convenient black thermoplastic sheath. You can have the axe on your belt at all times for all kinds of camping activities demanding the use of an axe.

Lightweight and conveniently portable

The overall dimensions of the axe are 11 inches and the blade weighs 3.8 inches. As for the weight, you’ll only have 6.4 inches to carry around with you.

Key features

  • The blade is made of a durable 3Cr13 with a titanium coating
  • Includes a thermoplastic belt sheath for easy access
  • Has got a secure ergonomic rubber grip
  • The handle is durable glass fiber PA

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  1. Iunio Camping Axe

Iunio Camping Axeit’s easy to carry, amazingly versatile and has one of the most durable designs for a budget camping axe. It also features a versatile design for tactical applications. Let’s find out what it’s got.

Sturdy and durable material construction

With the build quality being the most important features on any camping axe, this one features an axe head that is made of steel for durability and performance. For the handle, you’ll be getting a thick and sturdy aluminum alloy which also goes for the extension hence also leaving you with a strong and corrosion resistant camping axe.

With the presence of extension bars, you can set the handle to your preferred length depending on how you intend to use it

Easy to carry outdoors

Unlike most camping axes, you won’t have to worry about how to carry your full-length axe when it comes to this one.

All you have to do is remove the extensions and since it comes in a sheath, you can have it in a compact and portable unit that’s easy to carry around. This makes it ideal for emergency use and travels.

Offers utmost versatility for outdoor applications

How much you’ll be doing with it is what sets this apart from most of the other camping axes. Not only does it boast a foldable design with extension bars but it includes a whistle, a fish scaler tool, a safety hammer, a compass, a fire starter, a bottle opener, and a hand rope. This greatly cuts down on the load that you’ll have to carry with you on your hunting trip.

Key features

  • It’s got a durable construction
  • It comes in a foldable and compact design
  • Offers multifunctional use
  • Features a steel axe head and a thick, sturdy aluminum handle

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  1. LIANTRAL Camping Stainless Axe

LIANTRAL Camping Stainless AxeWhat if you could get more than just a hunting axe from your axe? Meant to give you utmost versatility is the LIANTRAL Camping Axe. It has got multipurpose applications, easily adjustable and it is conveniently portable as well. Here’s what makes it the best camping axe.

It’s got a sheath included

Coming along with the axe is a protective sheath. The sheath covers up the blade hence you can carry it anywhere without the risk of hurting yourself and at the same time, you can store away the axe within it when it’s not in use.

Has an adjustable length

Depending on how you want to use the axe, you can adjust the handle to suit your demands. All you got to do is add or remove the extension bars and you’re good to go.

The head of the axe is made of stainless steel whereas the handle and the extension rods are made of a high-quality thick aluminum alloy that is durable. The handle of the axe is skid proof which keeps it from falling while in use

It’s more than just a camping axe

In addition to being an axe, you will also be equipped with a survival knife, a magnesium bar flint for lighting fires, a whistle, a window breaker, and a compass. The best part about all these is that they’re all easy to put together for the outdoors.

Key features

  • Features a skid-proof handle for safety
  • The axe head is made of stainless steel for durability
  • The axe has got extension bars for different applications
  • There’s a sheath included for safety when carrying the axe

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  1. TABOR TOOLS J60A Chopping Axe, Hand Axe, Camp Hatchet

TABOR TOOLS J60A Chopping Axe, Hand Axe, Camp HatchetSharpening the TABOR TOOLS J60A will be quick and easy, it is easy to use and at the same time sharp enough to cut through firewood with ease. The J6A is also only 14 inches (for the handle and axe head) in size which makes it perfect for a camping trip and many other outdoor activities.

It has got an easy storage

For the sake of both safety and easy transportation, you will be getting a protective rubber band along with the blade. Once you are done using it, put on the sleeve which will protect the blade even with the axe among other tools. There is also a hole on the handle of the axe with which you can hang it up while out on a camping trip to save on space

The blade can easily be sharpened

Since you’ll be using it outdoors, you’ll probably want to have it in the best shape at all times. To cover for this the steel axe head has got a protective coating whose cutting blade features a fully polished finished edge. This being the case, you can have it sharp with just the use of a file and no other special equipment.

It’s got a strong and comfortable handle design

In addition to the handle is only 12 inches in size, it has got comfortable and ergonomic grips which ensure the weight throughout the axe is well balanced from the axe head to throughout the handle.

The handle is also cushioned to minimize imminent vibrations upon impact so there is a reduction in strain while using it. the handle also features a rubber non-slip grip. It is a fiberglass handle which makes it sturdy and lightweight hence reliable to use for a long time.

Features a low-friction non-stick blade

The TABOR TOOLS J60A features a blade that has been designed with a proprietary blade-grinding technique which gives a sharper edge for more contacts and cleaner cuts

Key features

  • It’s got a rubber protective band for storage
  • Features a fiberglass handle that’s light and strong
  • A fully polished finished blade edge that’s easily sharpened
  • Shock absorbent, rubberized handle

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The blueprint to getting the best camping axe in 2019

Presenting to you the ultimate guide to getting the best camping axe in 2019, here’s every tip and trick in the book that’ll get you to choose the best of the best.

The build quality

Like every other camping equipment, the build quality of a camping axe should be given twice as much attention. How effective the camping axe and its performance mainly depends on the manufacturers. Whether you are looking for a camping axe for splitting firewood for a campfire or clearing your campsite, always go for a camping axe that’s sturdy, sharp and easy to handle.

The trick here is going for a camping axe that even though has short-term wear, it has got anticipated longevity and the cutting accuracy and productivity is great.

You should consider getting an axe that won’t give in to rust or any form of corrosion. Also, some axes give in in low temperatures and may break whereas others are persistent which makes it a priority to also consider when you’re going to use your axe

Ease of sharpening and safety

Speaking of short-term wear, it is quite common for the blade on any cutting equipment to go blunt after some time and we all know the frustration and disappointment that comes with a dull blade.

For a camping axe, go for a blade that’ll be easy to sharpen and for a short period of time to get you using it once again.

For the safety, it’s all about the handle and the blade being intact as you use the axe even when you have to use too much force. The long-term safety of an axe depends on the nature of the timber that is in contact with the axe head such that it the timber won’t shrink and leave the axe head loose.

Along with the best camping axe, you should also get a sheath guard. Some come with this while in other circumstances, you will have to buy one separately. Either way, the importance of a sheath guard cannot be ignored

The grip and vibration intensity

With the best security, you will have the utmost confidence in your axe and there is no better way to guarantee this other than having a good grip on the handle.

The best camping axe should give you a good grip with or without gloves on but having gloves on is the safest way to go just in case your palms get a little sweaty. Going for a rugged handle should allow you to use the camping axe for long periods without the axe slipping from your hands.

Cutting through a log is hard enough a task on its own and what’s even more annoying is having to put up with vibrations. Vibrations will normally happen if the axe’s material construction does not pack enough power to deliver a lean cut through the wood. It’s always best that you ensure the axe is sharp enough before using it.

Final verdict: wrapping things up

We’ve taken a look at both the buying guide and the product listing and I’m pretty sure that you’ve got a stand on the kind of axe you want for your hunting situation. Choosing one obviously isn’t easy so it calls for you to be patient and keen in making your selection which is why we have the buying guide for you.

At the end of the day, all you’ll want to consider narrows down to durability, penetration, utility, agility, the size and overall weight distribution; perhaps you could get started by taking a look at our reviews.

Simply weigh out your options and narrowing down everything to performance, budget, and preferences. All the best in picking out the ultimate axe for any camping day.